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'Multi-dimensions' - extremist science - turned into 'Let's Change the world'

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posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 08:53 PM
The word dimension and the idea stem from an anomoly. We find something that happens that we can't explain and if theoretically there were other dimensions, then that would happen. Yet we never go to spirtiuality with is half of our brain folks. There are two halves to the brain, logical and spiritual. To try and explain the things farthest from our true objective, atoms and subatomic particles as well as galaxies and multi-dimensions/universes. It seems like an extremist science to me. To make up theoretical dimensions to explain anomalies instead of answering that question with the other half of your mind which is spiritual and gives our life meaning. Then we live it through the logical side. A balance is what we need.

Furthermore it must be understood that spirituality is in the eyes of the beholder. Whatever you choose to make spiritual. Just slow down and remember we are meant to enjoy the small things as well as the big things. But they all come in stride, you are not meant to want, only meant to experience. Enjoy this beautiful ride we've been given. Dont invest too much on this egoic way of life... it is not permanent. The spiritual life is permanent. And listen... for god sakes its not just my idea... or my thought or deluded hope that makes me feel this way. It is everything around me. Taking in an understanding from all that which is around you, your enemies as well as your friends. Seeing what is really there as opposed to the world that you have been let wrapped around you. Ever since you were very young you've been being conditioned. Why do you think its normal to do ANYTHING?? What is "Normal". Thats an easy question. Because someone had to have created normal. Who would want to create a "normal". Those who wish to control. How would they design their "normal" in a very easily controlled way. Death was never feared like it is today. We have given death a much bigger name. Beleive it, because it is true. Death is not permanent. Look around you... All you need you do is look. Death is not permanent. Cycles and patterns. Everywhere. In everything... we are so special as to defy these cycles and live only once and lose everything we worked for. Spiritually. Things like doing the right thing yet no one thanks you. No one hoists you up on their shoulders. You do it because you understand you need to grow. You are put here to learn and grow. And to deny that for any reason. Is to deny life itself. Perhaps those of you who would like to keep your right side of the brain dead as for fear of having to kill your ego. Your conciousness may contain nothing relevant to the overall conciousness and perhaps will just fade off like you never existed. Perhaps that is your role, which would explain why some of you can be so immpossibly ignorant to truth, because its not accepted by everyone and told on the news (9/11 was without a doubt an false flag attack. GET ANGRY PEOPLE). I can not make you understand what you yourself have made immpossible. Those of you out there( you know who you are) that like to argue for the sake of arguing. There is no need to respond to this post. This is for those searching truth. Know that I am one angry individual. The elites who have abused us for so long. Put flouride in our water! Codex Alimentarius! Income Tax! military coups world-wide! Every war that USA was involved in they funded both sides! This is fact people... wake up pleassseeee.

posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 08:55 PM
Think about it. You have 10 billion dollars, when the next richest man has 1 million. You have extreme power. Think about it. You find some radical guy that has a following, fund his campaign and then his weapons which you make and make profit on. Then you do the same with his enemy. If you are in control of both of their supplies you decide who wins and who loses. Think think think. You can do whatever you want whenever you want. After they win the war, who ever you choose to let win. You can get any laws passed you want, because they think you are their ally, when in reality you didnt care who got into power because both of them owed you big favors. This is how simple it is. This is how it works. It's time to get angry.

10 billion when the next richest man has 1 million. Money is no object. Understand this, it's the agenda that is important to them. Maybe you dont have a big agenda that can span past your lifetime, but I know I do. Therefore there are others with the same thoughts. Who else would be in power. It's time we get angry. This Iranian war is coming soon whether you beleive it or not and so is codex alimentarius. It's time to let that which does not matter (school, work, taxes) truly slide. You think chaos... and perhaps it will be for awhile. But school, work, and taxes are all means of control. They truly serve no purpose. Look at our schooling, getting increasingly worse. OPEN YOUR EYES. Work for 40 hrs pay about 15 hrs of your life to the tax man. Slavery? I would certainly think so. The atrocities have gone on long enough. Good luck in the years ahead all you warriors out there. Remember its not about violence anymore, they will use enough of that in the begining. Just say enough is enough. I wont live like this anymore. Find something that works for you best it can until we can change the world. It will happen, the elites are needed understand this. We are right on schedule for big change. The time for action is now. Change your life. Tell people, get groups together, meditate, research truth. DO SOMETHING. Dont post what do I do? SOMETHING ANYTHING. We are the smartest animal on the planet. PROVE IT. I rely on all of you very heavily. Let's change our world.

Here are some classes on enlightenment based on the book "A New Earth" by Eckart Tolle.
A New Earth

posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 09:19 PM
Some videos you can google with information

"The world according to Monsanto"
"Esoteric Agenda"
"The 2012 enigma"
"2012- The future of mankind"
"America: Freedom to Fascism"

The book - 'The atlantean conspiracy' (it has pictures!) = )

Don't stop watching the video has soon as it says something you don't agree with. Discern what is true and what is not to you personally. There is great truth out there if you look. There is no longer a need for the "Who knows?" mentality. You would know, if you look. Lets wake up people.

P.S. Thank you to all the very intelligent people who come here to share their wisdom. I have apreciated it very much. To see people who are like minded. Also, thank you to the ATS team. However im sure they are all well compencated for all the ads I see, but im not complain'. = )

posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 02:11 AM
The only weapon they have against us, is keeping our true nature from us.

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