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commercial airplane followed by oval object

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posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 01:25 AM
i have witnessed something highly unusual and disturbing this evening. let me start off by letting you know i have great eye sight and tend to be the one in a car reading all the street signs " the little green ones" before anyone else can when we are lost by our google map directions. i see better then most of my friends at night as well and i've never had or have cataracts.
i go outside to smoke and tonight is clear with a few clouds here and there but mostly clear. As i started my cigarette out back i heard a commercial plane coming over the hill as they due every now and again. i live 20 miles from Philadelphia.i happened to look up at the plane as it came into view and its flight pattern was right over my house." i hate that" which is rare but expected due to my location.what caught my eye "even in the dark of night" was something oval shaped following it from behind to the left wing. Have you ever stared at a light and then tuned it off and see a dark imprint in your vision? it felt like that so right away i looked around to see if the image stayed in my vision and it didn't. i looked indirectly at the plane from my perefrial vision and it was there with either eye i used. when the plane flew under a cloud " the clouds are really high tonight" i noticed whatever it is its transparent. i was seeing threw it and the dark sky was only slightly darker were it was. the clouds weren't much darker where it was at all. oh and the clouds were much higher then the plane so its not like this was in the clouds. by the time it flew over my house my spine was tingling an my mind was racing to come up with some logical explanation as to what this was. fumes, air pocket or am i smoking a tainted cigarette. i had to go out front to follow this plane and its shadow and i figured most likely this is some kind of unusual byproduct of the plane and its a mirage effect. then the plane tuned slightly and headed towards philly but the mystery oval stayed on a striaght heading and my gut got real tight as my reasoning just fell apart. if this was a visual phenomenon it would have stayed with the plane. it kept going for a few more seconds before also turning but now way behind and away from the plane.not much longer it was beyond the tree line and out of site. i was left there to ponder for some wasnt invisible but it almost was.this wasn't like those balck triangles i've heard of. this was like just slightly different then what ever it flew under... im at a loss for words at discribing this... thing.
i've never heard of this type of thing before. has anyone else ? im not saying its alien but it is an unidentified flying object. this thing has disturbed me to my core.i dont recall hearing any sounds other then the plane. a basic 747 type i guess. im not a real aviator type but i hope that gives a little indication as to the style plane. if i held my hand out with my thumb out sideways the plane would fit nicely in there to give an idea of how high the plane was. i'll be happy to answer any questions to describe it better to you and please let me know if you've ever heard of this before and if its written some where so i may read and compare what i've seen.

posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 01:43 AM
Its not unusuall for it to happen ...I know allot of pilots see things like that but eirther refuse to report them (due to them having to be evaluated by the shrink and possibly having their license suspended) or they are told not to by their officials..However as more and more pilots retiring they seem to be coming out with their storie...the Disclose Project has many retired pilots who have come forth..I suggest you check it is very interesting...

posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 01:58 AM
reply to post by mrRviewer

Hiyah MrRViewer...

Thanks for posting your experience on ATS!

I love to hear other people's interesting UFO experiences...but no I have never seen something like you described

posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 10:15 AM
well i did see one other thread in here that was similar to what i had witnessed last night and the idea seemed to point to military advancement in cloaking an aircraft. If thats what it is they have done a great job.
i asked my friend who is a pilot and flies regularly if he ever noticed anything up there while traveling. he of coarse said no but needed to know what i saw to ask such a question. he said its a question that is asked of him before they tell him of some object or craft that the asker has seen. i told him my story and all he seemed to do was look at me like a fool and tell me he's never seen that before. he told me if it was anyone else telling that account he would doubt the whole thing.
its day time now and i wonder if it flew by again would i notice it. atleast now im ready with my video camera and at night i have my night vision scope. i had no time last night for anything. it happened to fast and didn't want to leave to hunt down my stuff.
i guess thats the best i can expect to find out about this mystery with limited evidence and recourses.

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