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The Real Aushwitz

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posted on May, 24 2009 @ 04:21 PM

Originally posted by JanusFIN
I just look another researchers video, questioning Holocaust - and death camps evidence... I am still keeping my neutral mind in this issue, and thought this video deserves to publish here in ATS too.

For suitable existing thread, I search ATS with word "Aushwitz" --- I get as first findings result this old thread of mine
... For those who think I am dedicated "Holocaust Denier (tm)" - Sorry to make dissapointment - I question these days everything what is learned to be as our history.

In my eyes both sides are right in this issue of Holocaust -

"It did happen, and it didnt like they told us."


Although I commend you for trying, please do not think you can change anyone´s mind in here. It is just futile. You can bring up any technical evidence, which would be taken in any court of law over eyewitness testimony, and shove it in their faces, and they will still yell at you.

All reason and laws of science are abandoned it seems once the topic is "The Holocaust". Legitimate scientists get slandered, barred, assaulted and even jailed for even mentioning any opinion which differs from the official story. Any scientific evidence -even from sources used in other cases- is disallowed because the "Holocaust" is considered sacred.

I know you have started looking into this, going through with it and really getting to the bottom of "The Holocaust" (like I did) will take you places where you will wish you hadn´t gone and will make you angrier than you would have ever imagined possible. Send me a message when you have arrived at that point.

All the best with your research.


PS: You may want to start here: The last trial where evidence against the official story was allowed

You have been warned.

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posted on May, 24 2009 @ 04:21 PM

Originally posted by Power_Semi

Originally posted by DisInfo
They deny it because the hearts of these people are racist against Jews or something.

You know, I really, really hate that kind of statement. It is fallacious & completely devoid of any form of intellectual reasoning.

The notion that questioning whether some event in history occured or not, no matter how strongly you may feel about it, does not make the person asking the question a racist - the mere suggestion of racism is nothing more than a lazy & unqualified attempt to discredit & blacken the name of the person that it is aimed at.

The simple truth, whether you choose to accept it or not, is that no one really knows whether the holocaust occured or not, unless you personally were there.

Documents claiming to show x or y are merely CLAIMING to show the truth, you either accept them at face value - not usually a wise thing to do, or you dismiss them - not necessarily a wise thing either.

The truth is that you can easily see that it might be desirable for the Allies to claim, falsley, that the holocaust happened in order to ensure the total destruction of Nazism, & so it is possible that that is what happened.

Similarly, it could be the case that the holocaust did happen & that the documents portray the true facts.

I can never understand why, in the light of other examples of our governments lying to us, that people will just take claims at face value without thinking. We were not the squeaky clean "good guys" that some of us seem to think.

We firebombed cities full of civilians - not military targets - & killed Hundreds of Thousands of women & children in the process, much like we've bombed & killed tens of thousands of Iraqis in the process of bringing them "freedom."

Its a strange kind of democracy & freedom that comes at the end of a gun.

We could have done things differently in WW2 & Iraq without targetting civilians, the fact that we didn't shows how little regard WE have for Human life, & in that light I don't think that telling a few porkies about what the "bad guys" were up to is altogether unlikely.

I'm still not saying it didn't happen though, I don't know because I wasn't there.

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so then, logically, the cities of hiroshima and nagasaki might still be around and free of fallout, since you didn't see the bombs dropped at the end of WWII? and franz ferdinand may have gone on and become a jazz musician in america, because you didn't see him die? or, of course, the declaration of independence isn't real, because you've never seen it?
smart thinking there, genius. i bet my cats aren't real now, either, 'cause they aren't in the room with me, and all the pictures i have of them are on my other computer...

posted on May, 24 2009 @ 05:00 PM
reply to post by Truth4hire

Thanks from your post. Dealing with Holocaust is one of the most difficult part of investigating history --- It draws us to the bottom, like you said.

I have to tell you my Holocaust story:

My self Ive been interrested from WW2 history for decades - and first time questioning of Holocaust happened for me about 8 years ago, when I was traveling Poland with my wife - I took known book from Holocaust Survivor with me - and in days at Warzaw I had read the book to the middle --- In the part where book moved from Warzaw Ghetto to Treblinka - we head next day to find that camp too. We were in our journey to worst side of humanity - to look in the eyes of it.

- We follow the story, and railroad leading to camp site...

Camp was very difficult to find - like there was no one, no signs, a decent road which wants us to visit that place - and it was strange - In history million has meet their destiny in that place - so - we expected great museum - large site, and horrible feelings to meet...

In general, what we find there in middle of no where, didnt meet the story from the book... We expected to visit deepest abyss of human evilness, but what was written - was just not there. Camp was very small from its size - way too smaal from how it was described - there was no structures, railroad with only one track without railroad yard... - Treblinka 2 was even more smaller... It was a joke!

When we had watch every place - that "hundred thousand man" labour mine --- Whitch was also far to small to be anything that written in that book - me and my wife we left that place with very strange and new thoughts...

WTF? - That was what me and my wife fealt

After that trip to Treblinka, I run up first time to other side of truth in this issue - I let my self to google this issue with open mind - and after all these years, and after visited 3 different known camp sites - I just know everything, and there is lot what doesnt fit the picture...

I think truth will come out in the end --- And I am eager to continue my questions too. I have no need to support any sides of wars, but for make good learnings while visiting this planet earth - there is not much to learn from lies either

Now when Israel is the cause of many international problems - Gaza Op was one of the largest warcrimes ever done - Its again time to question origins of that country... "Israel deserves to live with price of all Iranian and palestinian people" --- Really?

We have to go bottom to these questions - before its too late.

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