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U.S. government officials, congressman and senators making money off of war

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posted on Apr, 12 2008 @ 02:51 PM
Talk about a huge conflict of interest, the people deciding on whether to end or continue the war are making money off of the war by the investments in Pentagon Contractors.

Is this even legal? The people deciding whether to send more troops over to Iraq and whether to continue this war are making money off of it, money that goes in their own pockets.

Look I nearly pook when I think about the chickenhawks running this country and at one time considered myself a democrat, then later realized what a joke that was, since I finally realized democrat or republican it did not matter, it was just a dog and pony show they both put on to keep us ignorant while they both robbed us blind, and manipulate us all to steal from us and to use us for their own means and gains.

Could what is being reported here in the study below make that more clear?

Study: Lawmakers Invest $196M in Pentagon Contractors
A new study shows members of Congress have collectively invested as much $196 million in military companies under contract with the Pentagon. The Center for Responsive Politics says the holdings could pose a conflict of interest for lawmakers deciding on spending for the Iraq war. More Republicans had military investments than Democrats, but Democrats have more money at stake. The highest stakeholder is Democratic Senator John Kerry. Kerry made at least $2.6 million from his investments between 2004 and 2006. He has up to $38 million invested in companies doing business with the Pentagon.

posted on Apr, 12 2008 @ 04:42 PM
Just curious why no one is responding to this? I keep us with the mainstream news and also look at alternative news websites I trust and had not heard about this and I see this as a major story and a big conflict of interest. This is the same John Kerry who ran for president and currently voting along with the others about the war and spending and also making money off of the war.

Democracy Now who is reporting this story is not just any alternative news website, they are from free speech tv, and are also an award winning news show often beating out many well known journalists from mainstream news.

Free speech tv is viewer supported only and will not take any money from government or any officials, they strive to remain totally independent and often report in depth and often ahead of mainsteam media and will often report what mainstream media will not show.

posted on Apr, 12 2008 @ 04:48 PM

Originally posted by goose

A new study shows members of Congress have collectively invested as much $196 million in military companies under contract with the Pentagon.

It really doesn't surprise me that our lawmakers are using thier powers to make money off of the current democracy spreading occupation.

This is basically tantimount to insider trading.

Isn't war profiteering, during a time of war, a crime punishable by hanging?

I suspect this is part of the reason why congress hasn't actually declared war. If it ever comes down to putting our officials on trial, they probably figure that they will be able to argue thier innocence due to the fact that we aren't technically at war.

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posted on Apr, 12 2008 @ 05:04 PM

Originally posted by goose
Just curious why no one is responding to this? report what mainstream media will not show.

Well with Cheney being ex CEO of Halliburton what do we expect???

Bush boys were always oil men.

I read in my local newspaper well over a year ago that one third of the original Homeland Security people went into private contractor positions to buy the items required such as RFID chips, etc...

Same old stuff different day.

posted on Apr, 12 2008 @ 05:42 PM
This is the kind of cynical parasitic rule that one would associate with a banana republic (no, not the trendy retail outlet....)
. It's a sure sign that America is in her death throes.

Apologies in advance to the mods, but this requires a wide net of a response.

Greed for lucre and lust for power are the root causes of this ugliness. They are endemic in our society. We're all about 'bling' ($3k worth of rims and tires on a $500 S.B.) and status. We ,as a society, encourage our kids to step up to the consumer treadmill and jump right on. $200 jeans? Really? (I'm tempted to dive into one of those 'old-guy' tirades that begin with '..Back when I was your age...'. I won't). It has little to do with the kids and more to do with our Captains of industry and their Bankster bedfellows. Wall Street, via Madison Ave, dictate (to a great degree) what we sheeple are supposed to want and think. They have been remarkably succesful. Our politicians play along because they get to ride in their own car on the gravy train.

Here's a great blogpost detailing our greed and stupidity in regards to our current economic condition. It addresses some of the CYA tactics used by our esteemed members of congress and other undesirables (with their potentially devastating results).

Unbelievable Stupidity

We were warned of this once. At least once. Eisenhower tried to tell us. You can see the unease with which he broaches the subject. It's almost like he fears being called to task for his words. By whom?

Ike's words ring more true with each passing year.

Short video clip

I suppose it comes back to us in the end. After all, we elected these boobs to office. We sat idly by as legislation was first dictated, then written by lobbyists (reads "corporate shills"). It's been common knowledge for the better part of 50 years that our legislators are on the dole from Corporate America. The two party Kabuki dance that we entertain as a Democracy (Capital 'D'), has shown itself to be an open ruse. We elected George W. FREAKING Bush to the presidency of our once great once republic! I myself know intelligent, thoughtful humans, who actually voted for the decider twice. Really? It's not hard to spot a power hungry cretin. Especially one who doesn't try to hide it (much). That and his omnipresent evil mastermind sidekick, it's a dead give away folks!

In the end, what should we do? Armed rebellion is foolish. No offense, but I'd give the average poster on here about 10 seconds against a real soldier. 25 against a Guardsman. We could stop paying taxes. That would really let the air out of the ballon (bubble?). But we would all have to commit to it and not fold the moment we got a notice from the IRS. I think that if global events play out towards a worst case scenario, we may not be able to pay taxes. It would be a great reason to end our expeditionary agressions. That would still leave the issue of our parasitic legislators.

I know! We could barter them as food for the invading alien armada! They get to eat the rich (I hear they're good with gravy), and we get to rebuild our planetary society.

Just a thought.

Great post Goose.

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