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Obtaning money by deception!

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posted on Apr, 12 2008 @ 06:22 AM
I'm seeing this more and more where this method is being used, more so related to Online transactions that appear to be legit!
I'm attempting to help this Grandmother that has called out on Graigslist for help, this is where I seen her plea(which is also the site that these people used that has Scam her out of nearly $3000.00) when she attempted to purchase a car. They used a existing site by copying their profile but modified it for there use. This making it look real. However they used their personal E-mail responding to her. I know there is a way that one can get there location, or address based on their e-mail address. I'm attempting to help her in anyway I can, this is internet fraud at its best. But there should be a group created that would provide some sort of validation that could ensure who they are dealing with.
However its like, you report a case to your local police, their reply... nouthing they can do about it, you have to live with it! Really those are the exact words.

Any thoughts?


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