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Obama Draws Fire for Comments on Small Town America

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posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 12:17 AM
reply to post by Sublime620


I was actually homeless once before, more than a decade ago. I got off the streets working for myself as a nickel-can man instead of a nickel-bag man. You couldn't even get enough money to eat these days doing that, much less anything to put aside to put up for a place.

posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 10:13 AM
Please explain his analogy?

I am religious, love guns and own firearms, and cannot stand illegal immigration. What does not fit, is that I am not bitter and have a great job. Humm, did I do something wrong? My profile does not match his analogy. Maybe my condescending attitude will work as a replacement for bitterness.

Get real Obama.

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 11:54 AM
reply to post by FlyersFan

His statement about 'clinging to guns and religion' was very telling. Condenscending and out of touch.

I grew up in a small town and people do cling to guns and religion. I think what he's saying is you can pray all you want and have an arsenal big enough to start WW3, but if you vote for conservatives who back big businesses who ship jobs overseas then you have no one to blame but yourself.

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 11:55 AM
reply to post by Scramjet76

I agree. I think he meant clinging to voting based off of those policies.

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 12:12 PM

Originally posted by kattraxx

These comments today have only confirmed my long-held feelings about this man. I don't trust him.

And for very good reason. If we don't support him we are racist- if we do support him we are hypocrites. The corner the public is backed into will turn into an assassination attempt and render Obama a martyr- he will be a false martyr and a hypocrite. There will be no excuse as it will be lain as the nose on our faces:

The wife he puts in front- like Bill did with Hillary:

Thesis - Michele Obama aka Michelle LaVaughn Robinson

In her senior thesis at Princeton , Michele Obama, the wife of Barack Obama stated that America was a nation founded on 'crime and hatred'. Moreover, she stated that whites in America were 'ineradicably racist'. The 1985 thesis, titled 'Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community' was written under her maiden name, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson.

Michelle Obama stated in her thesis that to 'Whites at Princeton , it often seems as if, to them, she will always be Black first...' However, it was reported by a fellow black classmate, 'If those 'Whites at Princeton ' really saw Michelle as one who always would 'be Black first,' it seems that she gave them that impression'.

Most alarming is Michele Obama's use of the terms ' separationist' and ' integrationist' when describing the views of black people.

Mrs. Obama clearly identifies herself with a ' separationist' view of race.

'By actually working with the Black lower class or within their communities as a result of their ideologies, aseparationist may better understand the desperation of their situation and feel more hopeless about a resolution as opposed to an integrationist who is ignorant to their plight.'

Obama writes that the path she chose by attending Princeton would likely lead to her 'further integration and/or assimilation into a white cultural and social structure that will only allow me to remain on the periphery of society; never becoming a full participant.'

Michele Obama clearly has a chip on her shoulder.

Not only does she see separate black and white societies in America , but she elevates black over white in her world.

Here is another passage that is uncomfortable and ominous in meaning:

'There was no doubt in my mind that as a member of the black community, I am obligated to this community and will utilize all of my present and future resources to benefit the black community first and foremost. '

What is Michelle Obama planning to do with her future resources if she's first lady that will elevate black over white in America ?

The following passage appears to be a call to arms for affirmative action policies that could be the hallmark of an Obama administration.

'Predominately white universities like Princeton are socially and academically designed to cater to the needs of the white students comprising the bulk of their enrollments.'

The conclusion of her thesis is alarming.

Michelle Obama's poll of black alumni concludes that other black students at Princeton do not share her obsession with blackness. But rather than celebrate, she is horrified that black alumni identify with our common American culture more than they value the color of their skin. 'I hoped that these findings would help me conclude that despite the high degree of identification with whites as a result of the educational and occupational path that black Princeton alumni follow, the alumni would still maintain a certain level of identification with the black community. However, these findings do not support this possibility.'

Is it no wonder that most black alumni ignored her racist questionnaire? Only 89 students responded out of 400 who were asked for input.

Michelle Obama does not look into a crowd of Obama supporters and see Americans. She sees black people and white people eternally conflicted with one another.

The thesis provides a trove of Mrs. Obama's thoughts and world view seen through a race-based prism.

This is a very divisive view for a potential first lady that would do untold damage to race relations in this country in a Barack Obama administration.

Michelle Obama's intellectually refined racism should give all Americans pause for deep concern.

Now maybe she's changed, but she sure sounds like someone with an axe to grind with America . Will the press let Michelle get a free pass over her obviously racist comment about American whites? I am sure that it will.

PS: We paid for her scholarship.

Now his peers see through him:

Subject: A BLACK COLUMNIST SPEAKS OUT...... Ken Blackwell - Columnist for the New York Sun (former Cincinnati city councilman, former Ohio Secretary of State, Republican)

It's an amazing time to be alive in America. We're in a year of firsts in this presidential election: the first viable woman candidate; the first viable African-American candidate; and, a candidate who is the first front running freedom fighter over 70. The next president of America will be a first.

We won't truly be in an election of firsts, however, until we judge every candidate by where they stand. We won't arrive where we should be until we no longer talk about skin color or gender. Now that Barack Obama steps to the front of the Democratic field, we need to stop talking about his race, and start talking about his policies and his politics.

The reality is this: Think for yourselves.

[edit on 16-4-2008 by dk3000]

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 12:37 PM
Good points all.

However, do you think the same way as you did 23 years ago?

I certainly don't.

And whilst it's true that some ingrained attitudes don't change THAT much, I think it's also fair to say that the way people think about and present those attitudes does.

I can't imagine that an educated person would hold the same views in their mid forties as they did in their early twenties - especially given the changes in society as a whole over that period of time.

Then again, I could be completely wrong

[edit on 16/4/2008 by budski]

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 12:41 PM
I don't mind the 'bitter' thing. The press is calling this 'bitter-gate'. But bitter is not the problem. That part is probably accurate.

It's the words - 'cling to religion and guns'. It's very condenscending.
It sounds like he had his nose in the air, did a little sniff, and said to those rich people that the yokels weren't bright and were just bigots.

That's the way THAT PART of the talk came across - IMHO.

And the rich folks he had gathered around him all nodded like bobble-heads and chuckled.

THAT is what I have a problem with. Not the 'bitter' part.

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 12:45 PM

Originally posted by dk3000
Michele Obama clearly has a chip on her shoulder.

The cameras catch this chip very well. It beams out. You can't miss it.
And yes, I agree, she's obsessed with her own skin color.

BTW - If we still had WATS - you'd get my WATS for this month dk

[edit on 4/16/2008 by FlyersFan]

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 12:51 PM
reply to post by dk3000

Geez, talk about bitter.

Separatism is a great tool for conquering a population.

Thanks, dk3000-- that was fascinating, and yes, I do believe such deeply ingrained beliefs very well may stick with a person a long time. And I can understand it, to a degree. But, as I said, separatist beliefs only divide a country. Good for the PTB, not good for the people in general.

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 01:56 PM
reply to post by dk3000

Do you blame any black person for feeling that way? Honestly, you people have no respect for the garbage they went through for 300 years. Can we not give them a century to let out all of the frustration?

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 02:17 PM
Why do so many people jump to conclusions without getting the gist of the story first?

In layman terms he was saying that the past few administrations have lied to and neglected Americans. And that this has in effect created bitter sentiment towards everything.

Which is understandable considering the lack of opportunity in a small town. Business industry become greedy, move all factories to china to cut costs, all call centers to India. The same thing has happened over here in Australia. My brother worked for Singapore airlines as a booking agent until he lost his job. The whole customer service department moved to India where my brother spent 6 months back and forth training the very people who were taking over his job. The unreasonable thing was that the amount of money he earnt a day training these people, was a whole months wage for them.

Obama was in no way insulting the American people. Just stating simple facts, you allow businesses to relocate overseas due to cheap labour costs, unemployment in your own country will rise. People like George Bush and Dick Cheney have stated several times that they do not care for the thoughts of the American population and you all go overboard when Obama states that the million plus strong, gun toting religious nuts are the way they are due to lies and neglect from former and current administrations.

I was watching CNN the other day when this was mentioned, they were good enough to play his whole speech, and the reply to Mccain and Clinton. Fox news on the other hand decided to show how bias they are and only kept playing a small fraction of his speech where he called the pro- gun, religious people bitter without showing or explaining how he came to those understandings.

For once you have someone telling you how it is, instead of lying and saying that he is going to focus on education and instead starts wars. What ever happened to GWB's plan to make sure American children are educated, now America is falling way behind the rest of the world.

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 02:27 PM

Originally posted by Sublime620
Do you blame any black person for feeling that way?

Yes. Everyone has a choice on how to feel. She is choosing racism and self-segregation.

you people have no respect for the garbage they went through for 300 years.

Not true. AND - Michelle Obama and her hubby are elite - they have had a better life then most non-black people in this country.

Can we not give them a century to let out all of the frustration?


If they hate racism as they claim, then they won't become racists themselves. When you become obsessed with your own skin color and the skin color of everyone else then you start to become that which you claim to hate.

If she wants to 'let out the frustration' (which she picked up at her elite college?? or perhaps at her $300,000+ a year job??
) then she can put that energy into working for a better life for all poor people - and she can work towards getting that down statistic which shows that 75% of black men abandon their children. That's blacks SELF INFLICTING difficulties upon blacks. Whitey has nothing to do with it.

[edit on 4/16/2008 by FlyersFan]

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 02:35 PM

Originally posted by xion329alpha
.... when Obama states that the million plus strong, gun toting religious nuts are the way they are ....

RIGHT THERE! Thank you!! You made our point.

Obama basically said 'gun toting religious nuts'. And that simply isn't true. It's extremely condenscending. And considering that he said it in a room full of rich people on the left coast .... all who nodded their little bobble-heads and chuckled ....

People own guns to protect themselves. People own guns because it's their Constitutional right. People own guns for hunting. People own guns because it makes them feel safe or feel better. People have owned guns LONG BEFORE the Bush administration came along.

People go to Church because they love God. People read their bibles because they want to know God better. People turn to God for comfort, but also to worship Him. People pray for many reasons. People have gone to church LONG BEFORE the Bush administration came along.

People are definately NOT overreacting.
People are seeing Obama for what he is .. and for how he thinks.
Wifey-poo too.

[edit on 4/16/2008 by FlyersFan]

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 03:27 PM
reply to post by FlyersFan

Whatever. You have absolutely no idea what black people have gone through. Even after the Civil Rights movement, racism didn't just disappear. It just went underground. Blacks, to this very day, still deal with racism more than you'll ever understand.

Many of them have repressed anger due to this. A form of PTSD. What do you what types of racism Obama or PERHAPS his father went through.

Much is learned through family. Perhaps Obama or his wife's parents had a terrible incident happen that was passed down through generations.

Are you honestly concerned that they will be racist towards whites in office?

Yeah, I wouldn't worry too much. Us whites still have just a little bit too much power to have to worry about that.

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 03:41 PM
What else poor and low income Americans have, but their religion to feed the soul and their guns to fed the ego.

Sorry but this whole issue about Obama's comments make me laugh my hart out specially when Colbert Report made a comedy out of it.

I guess government better be careful about what they target in America, you can take the jobs, you can take the dignity and even the food away from American, but by God never you touch their way to worship religion or their guns.

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 03:51 PM

Originally posted by Sublime620
Are you honestly concerned that they will be racist towards whites in office?

Sure. It's how they run their private life. Obviously.
I'm sure it'll spill over into their decision making process.
Absolutely sure.

edited for spelling

[edit on 4/16/2008 by FlyersFan]

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 03:52 PM
reply to post by kattraxx

" “cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them” out of bitterness over lost jobs, a remark his opponents interpreted as arrogant."


If that doesn't spell out, NWO SHILL, then I don't know what does. lmao

Notice how the media avoids RON PAUL and any voice of reason, but they spare no expense in constantly pound the people over the heads with knuckleheads who are unworthy of our votes! They'll show the good and bad, to certain degrees to give the appearance of fairness.

It is just another example of how the ENEMY stacks the DECK in their FAVOR, i.e., the creation evolution angle, was NEVER given EQUAL TIME in the classroom to allow the people the opportunity to see both sides and then decide what the truth is from the evidence.

People with agendas and lies to sell, don't want an equal footing.

Sorry for my RANT, but these people make me wanna puke...

[edit on 16-4-2008 by toasted]

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 03:54 PM
If the talking heads and the TV blah blah blahs (and Clinton) didn't make such a big deal of it, if would have been forgotten by now... Despite all that it is the truth.

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 03:58 PM
Like Marx's comment about religion being the opiate of the masses Obama's comment is taken totally out of context, Marx was not belittling religion but pointing out a truth, so was Obama.

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 04:00 PM
reply to post by FlyersFan

I know, us poor whites have it so bad. I'm sure if a black finally gets in office it will be nothing but downhill for us.

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