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I think Halliburton, & Kelley, Brown & Root (Fed & BOE) did WTC, Iraq & Kennedy.

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posted on Apr, 11 2008 @ 10:50 AM
I think *Halliburton, & Kelley, Brown & Root, the Fed & BOE did WTC, Iraq & Kennedy.

Halliburton gets all the defense contracts in Iraq. *It is owned by Fed & Bank of England.

Halliburton got the no-contest WTC clean-up &/or other WTC contracts & also got most of the war on terror defense contracts. After WTC, Halliburton did Iraq. Bush is a pawn of the Fed (who owns Halliburton)

Kelley, Brown & Root/Halliburton owned by the Fed & BOE put Johnson into power, did Vietnam, then got most defense contracts for 20 years. After JFK assassination, Halliburton did Vietnam. Johnson was a pawn of the Fed (who owned Kelly, Brown & Root; and owned Halliburton & Bechtel ...Bechtel does all the Saudi Arabia oil and nuclear power plants around the world).

Fed & BOE co-own Saudi Arabia oil with the dictator Saud family.

Fed's private armies are CIA & Halliburton & Muhajidan (al Qaeda)
BOE's private armies are MI-5/6 & al Qaeda


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