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No Proof of Oil Running out =/ 4 dollars a gallon?

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posted on Apr, 11 2008 @ 12:59 AM
Now i never see any proof of oil spot in the ground becoming an empty pot. yeah we can drill down and get the oil and possibly try and guess or estimate on how much is down there but why in the @#$k is gas prices going up to 4/gl? US been here for what? a few hundred years? and now we suddenly running out of oil? and now al of a sudden we have to include globar warming because weve gotten so smart in a few hundred years we can predict everything. no proof of charts no nothing that oil is running out we just have to listen to those damn experts because they must know..after all science is just a whole bunch of opinions. man all this stuff just for political reasons? politics aint what it used to be anymore =/ and even I know that

so thats my really long question with a comment =]
oil o' oilandproof where art thou?

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posted on Apr, 11 2008 @ 01:39 AM
Up until 1975, people thought oil came from dead vegetables and animals. Then, a scientist said that oil was formed when the earth was formed. Oil scarcity is a myth. There are huge reserves, almost everywhere. I'll try to find some urls about it for you. "They" have been saying oil has been running out since 1930. It's like diamonds, you can pick them up off the ground -- they're not valuable or rare -- but people are brainwashed to pay a lot of money for them. Oil is the same thing. It costs $1 to pump a barrel of oil from the ground (see bottom of post). Then, they sell it for $100. It's really not about the oil, it's about what currency the oil will be traded in. The central (money-issuing) banks own the banks that own the oil companies.

Also, according to Antony Sutton, one of the foremost conspiracy researchers in the U.S. - The United States consumes about 71 quads of energy per year. (A quad is one quadrillion British thermal units.) There is available today in the United States, excluding solar sources & excluding gas & oil imports, about 150,000 quads of energy. Put another way, this statistic means we have sufficient known usable energy resources to last us for over two thousand years. ~ Antony Sutton
~ (at website, see chapter 5)

posted on Apr, 11 2008 @ 01:46 AM
hey! yeah thanks alot =]

posted on Apr, 11 2008 @ 01:52 AM
reply to post by bReAtHe tRuE

you're welcome. links below are about the new oil central banks and new oil stock exchanges that we are fighting over in Iraq and Iran and Saudi Arabia -- Right now, we trade in dollars. Iraq switched to Euros so we are destroying it. Iran wants to trade in its own dollars, we want to destroy Iran. The pro-west (Bush & Blair) Saudi are opening a new central bank and making a new oil dollar, too.

here's the url's on Iran's proposed Oil Bourse toppling the U.S. dollar.
here's another really good article

posted on Apr, 11 2008 @ 02:19 AM
reply to post by counterterrorist

Iran is so divided; it would be hard to conceive the theocrats won’t be hung in the next 10 years or dead period for that matter. Now Syria has also been mentioned. Syria has the largest and most up to date air defense system in the region. If you remember in 2004 there was a press release from the AP which highlighted a transfer of unspecified WMDs that were transferred via Baghdad International Airport before the invasion in 2003 by civilian airliner to Syria. Why did the current administration not grasp this when being attacked about a lack of WMDs? Because they knew the US military weren't prepared to attack Syria and with the ongoing insurgency in Iraq and Afghanistan. The large scale global war would be hard enough to fight without adding another well deffended extremist Arab country to the list. Plus the fact the USAF would have had staggering casualties, because that's how war is won, establishing air superiority or means to defend against it and Syria has the means.

Bush is a globalist and that's what globalists do; try to take over the world. Though the new focus of the globalists is to establish continental currencies and governments. Euro/Amero, but the complexities are far too many and it won’t happen.

As for the topic of this thread, NASA has found petroleum on Mars as well as meteors which have crash landed here on earth. NASA has also discovered petroleum on asteroids; oil will never run out. It is a common and natural occurring binary element in the universe.

*Note, bio fuels don't burn as clean (less BTUs) and which means more burn, which means more fuel, which means more source, which means more money to the consumer. Also, the oil companies hold copyrights to several efficient carburetor and 1% petroleum/liquid (nonspecific) combustible engines with super low emissions. These same technologies were pioneered as far back as the late 50's onward to the 80's. If this technology was discovered then, imagine what we could create today.

Like for instance a team of engineers in Switzerland that built a racecar that runs off of a petroleum nonspecific liquid mix. It averaged 112 mpg on an 8 mile gallon, given it was composite the technology is not that complicated. Programmed obsoletion is in effect.

posted on Apr, 11 2008 @ 06:59 AM
commodity's are on of the last asset classes that has strong growth opportunity's. speculators saw america's need for rate cuts as a strong sign they could bid up prices, prices have gone from 60 dollar/barrell to 110 a barrell in less than 1 year!

should the Euro fall back down to earth late in the year, the prices for energy will slide but not back to their base. I think when the ECB cuts rates the Euro will fall = dollar rise and then oil will fall, perhaps back to 80 by year end (DEC) , with prices in the low 3.00's soon-after , after a period in the low 4.00's this summer. Just a guess, nothing more.

posted on Apr, 11 2008 @ 01:14 PM
I believe you may be correct, but if you notice there is a trend. When the banks want to borrow money from the fed oil prices rocket and the fed cuts the rate. This isn't about oil, it's about billions of loan dollars at very low interrest, lower then the cusumer is able to qualify for.

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