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MORE DEBT THAN YOU EVER KNEW ABOUT....... by " Whistleblower"

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posted on Apr, 11 2008 @ 12:58 AM

What everyone has seen, heard, investigated in respect of the Financial Folly is only part of the equation. Yes, the US has massive National debts which the World will no longer tolerate, nor will the World tolerate the use of that Debt factor to bully other countries of the World into submission on the basis of “Agree to what we say and do, otherwise we will Crash the Dollar and the Banking System whereby you will lose the whole value of your Dollar reserves”.

Interesting story about robbing the USA. Biggest crime done ever? Possible.

There is so many question to ask from mr Bush and Cheney. From War On Terror, 911, Economy... And Bush has already paid his Paraquay ranch. You US people should be worry that those thieves and murderers doesnt get away and disappear without penalty from what they have done to your country...

There is just too much to ask about the truth.

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