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Hi from Law Lord

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posted on Apr, 11 2008 @ 12:12 AM
Hi guys, i am Law Lord.

I came across this site by accident went I saw a link about a 9/11 conspiracy in a google search I had made.

I do not wish to get involved in the various debates that are going on throughout this site but, I do wish to express concern about some of the things that I read on the thread I was reading (since registering, I have been unable to find the thread to reply to it).

The thread is primary about CNN having its headquarters on the 110th floor of the WTC.

The person who made this claim was called a lier by other forum members due to the fact that CNN has its headquarters in Atlantis.

It seemed obvious to me, that the person who wrote the orginal post had simply made a mistake when he referred to the offices on the 110th floor as the headquarters. The members claim was based on people from CNN being warned about a possible attack, it makes no difference whether or not those people were part of the headquarters or not.

Pulling him up on his "mistake" is, in my view, simply being picky and the comments that he is a lier due his mistake is silly. There is no reason for him to lie about the headquarters being there, it doesn't matter wether they are the headquarters of CNN or not, his claim is simply that CNN had warning of a coming attack. It is incredibly frustrating to see people seize upon something that is so clearly a mistake a claim that, that person must be a lier.

The second thing I wanted to bring up (the first thing is just a rant and can be ignored) is the use of Fox news as a source of reference for proving claims. I am not an American, I have had the privilage of meeting many people from around the world and everyone agrees: Fox news is a joke. Fox news is totally bias. People over here and around the world watch it for comical relief. I have taken media studies at University and fox news is used as the number one example of how the media brainwashes people as well as their absolute bias.

Fox news (like a large amount of American media (including Alex Jones) breaks all kinds of media ethics. Such things as using emotive language, interpreting the news for the audience.

This results in brainwashed audiences. It is not the jobs of news agencies to tell you how to interpret information... there job is simply to present the news.

I guess what I am saying is that, Fox news has no credibility with a large amount of people (especially non Americans). Don't use them for referencing or people will just ignore what you say.

People need to realise that all kinds of people read these forums and alot of people (atleast outside of America (I also believe many americans as well) look at Fox news as a joke.

It's funny. It's also rubbish.

posted on Apr, 11 2008 @ 12:37 AM
Hiyah Law Lord,

Welcome to ATS...

You're off to a good start I see
Sounds like you will enjoy this site very much, have fun and welcome to the mix!

posted on Apr, 11 2008 @ 01:28 AM
Hello Law Lord welcome to ATS.

Thank you for your kind words.

This is not real life. We have our own law around here and they are called moderators.

We may use any news source we choose even if the source may seem suspect to you or anyone else.
It is up to the members to believe or disbelieve the source.

I hope you will reconsider joining in our discussions. Fresh blood is always good.

posted on Apr, 12 2008 @ 07:11 AM
Welcome to ATS.


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