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Is Patraeus a dirty general?...TheTed Westhusing story

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posted on Apr, 10 2008 @ 09:56 PM
Well, about a month ago, I read this article about a soldier named Ted Westhusing.

Was a Colonel's Death in Iraq Something More Sinister Than Suicide?

Westhusing's job in Iraq was to oversee the training of Iraqi security forces. As part of that effort, he was also charged with overseeing the work of military contractors. The ongoing stench of corruption from various military contractors has led to numerous investigations and indictments. It has also fueled suspicions that Westhusing met with foul play. Adding yet more curiosity to the story is that when Westhusing died, he had only about a month left before his tour of duty in Iraq was scheduled to end.

Ted Westhusing

Ted Westhusing's story is a tragic one. A man of his integrity, ethics, and intelligence is truly a great loss. Especially amidst all of the contractor and other corruption in Iraq.
I have tried to find additional updates on the investigation into his death and not to my surprise, it seems to have been somewhat hushed.
A "blurb" from his apparent suicide note has been released within this new article.
Ted Westhusing #2

Thanks for telling me it was a good day until I briefed you. [Redacted name]--You are only interested in your career and provide no support to your staff--no msn [mission] support and you don't care. I cannot support a msn that leads to corruption, human right abuses and liars. I am sullied--no more. I didn't volunteer to support corrupt, money grubbing contractors, nor work for commanders only interested in themselves.

New article

It sure sounds like a well thought out and written letter directed at his two commanders. To be expected from a man of his intelligence and drive to fight this war for true freedom for the Iraqi people.
If you read the new article, there is still speculation about the death of this soldier. Who found his body, the way he was found, and the tampering of the scene. Questions still remain and probably will never be answered. Such is the way when something is not being fully disclosed. Especially when there is a media blackout about Patraeus' involvement in this whole suicide incident. Why wasn't this brought up when Patraeus was recently in the spotlight before the candidates? To me it sounds like something is being covered up. I, as the family of Ted Westhusing, hope that the truth of this matter is eventually revealed and people will come to realize the deep corruption, violation of human rights, and continual lying that is happening within this war. Maybe Ted Westhusing's story will be brought out into the open and truths will be revealed.
This man, IMHO, is one of the true American Military heroes. He spoke out against corruption and stood up for the truth and what he believed was right. This country needs more men like him running our foreign affairs. RIP Ted Westhusing.
If anyone has heard anything else pertaining to his death that may shed more light on the possibility of foul play, please do share. Thank you for taking the time to read a small version of his story. The articles provided are a bit of a read, but provide greater detail of this man and who he really was.

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