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Has the conspiracy movement been hijacked?

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posted on Apr, 10 2008 @ 06:11 PM
Call me paranoid (on a conspiracy forum?), but is it possible that the growing "truth" movement is also being orchestrated behind the scenes to keep the masses under control?

One big factor is the mainstream media blackout. You can only get this information online. Furthermore, this information is conveniently accessible, mostly on Google Video and YouTube (both owned by Google, of course -- a multi-billion dollar conglomerate with a frickin' space program). And when you start looking into the work of one conspiracy theorist, you're bound to be led to many others -- and while it seems there's a wide variety to choose from, they're all interconnected somehow. How is this any different from the news channels offered on TV?

Loose Change introduced many people to "the truth", but Zeitgeist really opened the floodgates. It's the most popular video on the Internet. Everyone I know has seen Zeitgeist, including people I wouldn't have thought to be interested in such things. 2012 is no longer such an esoteric subject. It's becoming almost feverish. And all of it is intertwined with consciousness, DNA breakthroughs, quantum physics and New Age spirituality. It's like an unraveling soap opera for conspiracy junkies and New Agers. At this rate, we'll soon have a nation of people glued to their computer screens clambering desperately for "the truth".

And what is the message we're being told? That a group of elites control the world and we're facing a global dictatorship that's about to perform untold atrocities. But don't worry -- the key to solving all the world's problems lies within you, for we're all one and you are the universe, so just sit back, meditate, listen to 528 Hz, become enlightened and everything will be okay.

Hang on a second. That's all well and good and may very well be the truth, but you have to admit it creates a frighteningly passive populace. So when the revolution happens, a large group of those who might actually do something will instead be sitting at home, believing everything's going the way it needs to and if they just cleanse their own spirits and shed their egos, they'll get through it. That's fine, happiness comes from within and if you're truly at peace with the world, no one can take that away -- but I don't think it hurts to have a backup plan (or two).

Note how in all their staggering wisdom, there are few conspiracy theorists who have the slightest idea of what lies ahead, and none have any insight into being prepared or how to survive it. Nobody seems too concerned about that; we're all too fixated on expanding our consciousness. Maybe on next week's episode....

We're under the impression that the Internet is huge and it's impossible to control the flow of information. But when you consider that most of this information is coming from a select few sources, that stream becomes quite narrow and very easy to manipulate. Right now, the "truth" movement is still too small to affect any change, but we're doing a damn good job of getting the word out. When the masses start flocking to it, they'll buy into anything Google tells them (especially those gripping 3-hour lectures) -- and sitting in front of a computer for hours isn't exactly good for your body. Sure, we might all be aware of the bigger picture, but we'll either be too fat or too thin, unprepared, unskilled and have too many back and knee problems (not to mention carpel tunnel syndrome) to put up any kind of fight. People don't exercise or eat healthy enough as it is, and barely anyone even knows the basics for human survival anymore (ie. HOW TO MAKE FIRE).

Maybe we're the ones who need waking up?

[edit on 10-4-2008 by DeadAlready]


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