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Mexicans Have Plans for the American Southwest:They vow to take it over

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posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 11:02 AM
reply to post by JSR

I go to a Japanese restaurant where all the cooks are now Hispanic, mainly Mexican. Everytime I go I see a new face.
If this keeps up, they'll have to change the name from Beni-Hana to Beni-Hernandez.

posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 11:35 AM

Originally posted by M4K4V3LI
I am actually glad those two racist friends are on here saying those things about bounty's and picking up arms and taking their country back. LOL they would be the first two to hide all scared when the "war" happens. Calm down and dont be scared its not going to happen the war part the latinos taking over ya that will happen but it will be slow and take you by surprise by the time you realize whats going on your boss will be Mexican and your landord will be one too. and you wont be able to go anywhere without seeing at least one Latin person oh wait did that happen already?

Your comments just show me that you are scared and are realizing that this country is changing and there is nothing you can do about it. Go ahead close all the borders there already enough Mexicans in here to repopulate the US inside out and all youll do is make the ones in here already even more powerful.

You see people who immigrated 30 years ago were poor their kids were poor but their sons and daughters 20 years ago were middle class as their sons and daughters 10 years ago were middle class as well and now they are upper middle class while you stay border line on the poverty level. what do you think their kids will be? thats right upper class... its happening already it happened with the whites the Jews and the Chinese and so on. white people who are living the good life now dont realize or probably dont care that their ancestors immigrated here for a better life and paved the way for them to have a good life now they want all illegal immigrants out of here how ungrate full if only this happened back when your great grandparents came over here then youd never be born here. Damn

No , my guns are locked and loaded and I am not afraid to die for what I believe in. Its people like you who will be hiding in fear when the crap hits the fan and asking people like me to help you .

I believe in stopping Illegals any way possible even if it means killing . You see now as it stands Illegals have more rights than US citizens and they drain our system for Billions each year and at last count it was $238 Billion a year that is recorded . just how much is not recorded ?

posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 05:21 PM
Your reply shows how truly ignorant you really are. you say Illegals drain the US economy if you bothered to do any type of research you would see that illegals contributed $428 BILLION dollars to the US in 2006 alone... HOW? they do not file for taxes because they are illegal so the money they would have gotten for their refunds goes back to the USA and they use it up.

"Illegal immigrants contributed $428 billion dollars to the nation's $13.6 trillion gross domestic product in 2006"

thats 2 years ago when the immigration thing was not a crisis. now its probably another 50 billion but hey you pay your share right.

And as far as me looking to you for help when it hits the fan I doubt it, you keep your guns you would need them when faced with an angry mob.

If you really wanted to fight for whats yours you'd go out and do something about it not just talk in forums and try to gather people to join arms with you. Why dont you go patrol the borders on your down time instead of posting on ATS? or go pick fruits for dollars a day and take their jobs away or better yet become part of ICE and you can deport them one by one.

posted on Apr, 19 2008 @ 08:51 AM
reply to post by M4K4V3LI

Thank you, I have been telling people that about the taxes now for over 3 years and everyone says its Bull crap but those of us that cash checks for the migrant workers see they are paying taxes. In the summer and fall months we have about 80 - 300 checks to cash on Fridays and I notice every time taxes are taken out. And I know about 80% of those cashing there checks at Stuarts are illegal. Yet they are paying taxes.

Some folks just dont sit back and realize that what they hear on TV news is a bunch of bull crap. And usually the truth is kept hidden. But the worst part is the economy itself would be in one heck of a depression if all the Mexicans were sent back to Mexico. 90% of the folks that come in the store here are Mexican. You take away 90% of any business and the place closes. Which means loss of jobs. Then another place and another and so on. And soon enough the welfare board will be complaining because to many people are living off the state because there are no jobs, Its a catch 22. Your screwed if you keep them, your screwed if you get rid of them.

But its going to be worse if you get rid of them.


posted on Jan, 1 2009 @ 02:08 PM
I live in Chicago and mexicans have already taken over this city. I drive through city streets and its starting to look more and more like Mexico.

I am black and work in four hotels part time. The Mexican have all the full time jobs. I mean all mexicans. This is a disaster and the reason this country does not give a crap is because the people who are affected most are black people. When I started in the hotel business years ago it was blacks and white. Now its Mexicans and whites.

I am so sick and tired of hearing they have the jobs we don't want. That is the biggest crock.

They come here illegally and start having babies. Some have babies with relatives, Just so they can have a reason not to be deported. I dont understand how two illegals can make legals. When they get caught. They say The US is breaking up families.

Breaking up familes?? Just take your kids with you. Just because the kids are born here does not mean they have to stay.

My parents fought for rights that the mexicans are now benifiting from.
This is not what Dr. Kings died for.

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