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Need some explaination...

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posted on Apr, 10 2008 @ 11:57 AM
i love reading all the valuable info here at ATS and i don't post very often. When I do, it usually is a "culmination of everything" type of post. Now, I'm seeking some enlightnment.

I've been reading about some of the "major" conspiracies posted here. The main points 3 I come across are control by the elite, mind control, either oil control or marshall law.

This is not a sarcastic question...but how does this affect me directly? I work. I have my own place. I have some guns. And most importantly I have a brain. I pay taxes and I know that a VERY good portion of my gross annual income goes to the Fed.

Now, lets assume all the bad things start happening. What do you guys foresee happening?

My hypothesis is this: The powers that be or are to be SHOULD start coming out of the wood work and attempt to start setting some form of goverment into place. What kind of government that will be is up to much debate. Now, I'm a firm believer in preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. But lets go with worst case here. Society as we know it collapses and it's back to primitive survival. I don't think even society's elite will matter in this case because they are just as human as the next man, still reliant on food water shelter and oxygen.

Another scenario is that something on a ELE scale happens (war, asteroid etc) BUT we're just in a state of anarchy, not complete society collapse. Again the NWO starts setting up. And I start heading into the woods lol. What kind of control should I start be looking out for then? I'm a big believer in self suffience. I trying to think of things I have to worry about being on my own like that from the NWO. It seems to me since I would be cut off from the system...that would increase my survival chances.

I'm just seeing all this on a basic level. If "they" want control...I'm not going to make myself available for control except for my own.

posted on Apr, 10 2008 @ 01:03 PM
First, I don't believe in any shadow type government coming out of any shadows...whether it be NWO or Illumanati or Masons or Nazis or name it.
If any of this exist then their power comes from operating in the shadows, coming out would expose them and since there are so few, they could be dealt with rather quickly.
But... lets just say you fear the worst and some people have convinced you of some crazy stuff.
What should you look for as omens?
1) Keep tabs on how the Supreme Court rules on the District of Columbia's 2nd Amendment case. (for example...if they indicate that a "well regulated militia" is the National Guard...well then panic)
2) watch to see if any American citizen gets labled an "enemy combatant" and is denied habeas corpus. (that will have to happen first before you see some wide scale marshall law taking place...they would test the waters first is what I'm saying)
3) If both Obama and Hillary are politically neuturalized before the election (be more concerned if Obama is)
4) If we take any military action against Iran before Jan. 2009
If any of these things happen then you can at least think about making some plans to get off the grid.
But as I see it, the battle between good and evil, and between the have's and have not's, will just keep going on and we will have our
normal amount of Earthquakes, Hurricanes, homicides, wars, economic downs and turn arounds, more coruption from politicians and companies, and life will march on, with of course the occassional big events to break up the monoteny of life which we need from time to time in order to remind us that we are all in this together.

posted on Apr, 10 2008 @ 01:25 PM
great reply. never thought about looking at how rulings of court cases determine government policy. that's some serious stuff too!

Anybody have any past records/snippets of court rulings that have affected possible NWO movements? Especially interesting to see would be if any plans were expidited or thwarted by the courts. Or also, on the other end of the spectrum...what judges or attourneys are in league or completly against the powers that be.

posted on Apr, 10 2008 @ 04:47 PM
Now I would be interested to hear if anyone comes up with anything.

You could read the "Dred Scott" decision and be simply amazed with how backwards ass the Supreme Court was on that one.

You could also read the "McIntosh" opinion written (and decided) by Chief Justice Marshal (18??) I forget the year. It was about screwing the American Indians over "legally"

You really shouldn't find any dastardly opinions from the Court since WWII
(screwed over American Japanesee and Germans)

The Supreme Court my friend is this Country's greatest protector because they will "protect" the Constitution even though Bush (whether he said it or not) sees it as some dumb piece of paper.

Now you may be thinking what does the history lesson have to do with the NWO?
It is all the same no matter what time period you are looking at.

If you lived back in the day when Chief Justice Marshal was running things you would swear he was a part of the NWO.

It seems everybody thinks that the President can do what ever he wants or that he can declare marshal law over breakfast.

Where the Supreme Court does the Country. (as far as our lives are concerned) of course the war powers are all the legislative and executive branch's domain. That's another thing that bothers me.
This war could be over tomorrow if Congress said so. Bush needs approval.... he only has use of the military for like 14 days for emergency situations without getting approval. (I really don't remember how many days but it isn't very long) So as much as I can't stand Bush, the Congress is responsible for the duration of this disaster.

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