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(Sleeper & John Lear) ALIENS ARE GODS...???

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posted on Apr, 9 2008 @ 11:16 PM
A question for those who believe in extraterrestrials to be the so called GODS of this world?

I am not for or against the possibility of higher intelligence extraterrestrial beings possibly being the creators of this world and even all life on the planet but I do have some questions for those who are super glued believers.

If it is true that extraterrestrials created or had a role in setting up some of the majority world religions for the mere purpose that mankind would have somewhere to turn for answers so we wouldn’t lose hope in an afterlife and have something greater to look forward to like heaven or a belief system that keeps us all in order then this would really mean that all religions who differ in beliefs are basically right and acceptable. Some people need to believe in Buddha some need to believe in Allah, some in Jesus Christ etc.

Now if that is the case since every religion differs in belief on what is right and what is wrong then this makes me wonder what is right and wrong? Or is there a right and wrong to the extraterrestrials who are supposedly our GODS.

To have a right and wrong we would assume we should have something in writing or a law given to us. So what is the law of the extraterrestrials or the supposed GODS?

Is it the ten commandments?
Though shalt not kill,
Though shalt not steal etc. ?
Or do they even have a law that they abide by?

Now many who believe in ET as God have mentioned that they believe we judge ourselves after this life, what do we judge ourselves based upon? What law? I mean what is right and what is wrong for us? How do we judge ourselves based on not knowing what is right and what is wrong having no law or rules to follow by in this life?

What rules do the extraterrestrials live by, do they abide by a universal law?
What is that universal law? If Sleeper is reading this what did Milton say about it?

Now if the extraterrestrials do live by a law this leads me to another question being involved in 1000’s of abduction cases and 100’s of untold human mutilations, this makes me wonder what is right and what is wrong for them, the GODS, the extraterrestrials?

The very laws of the land are though shalt not kill,
It’s wrong to steal, it’s wrong to rape yet

From what we have learned of our supposed GODS, the extraterrestrials, it’s ok for them to take human life when they want, steal human DNA and offspring, rape in a sense, committ torturous acts physically and emotionally and the list really goes on.
So would we assume that they live by whatever rules they make up?
Are we fish food to them? Are we an experiment perhaps? Or what is it?

1000’s of abductees that I know are living in a state of hell from some of the things they have gone through by our supposed so called alien GODS. Many have died from unknown diseases after being abducted, many are in constant fear and have sleeping disorders because they are in continual fear for their lives. Some have committed suicide from the horrors they went through described under hypnotic regression, this leads me to believe that the aliens or the so called GODS are not as benevolent as many here make them out to be.

What rules do they live by? Again what is their law? Who gives them the right to do such horrible things and destroy people’s lives including mutilation and murder?

Some have suggested that ET’s have told them that we are here on this earth because of a past life and we are meant to suffer because of a past mistake in our previous life so earth is literally our punishment or prison.

OK, I am open to all possibilities so won’t judge quickly or dismay such notions but will pose a few questions to help better understand.

If we are here on earth because of a past mistake we made then what will keep us from repeating that mistake in this life without being told what is right and what is wrong?
Where are the set rules? Is it the laws of the land? Laws of the bible?
Sleeper if your reading this please ask you benevolent alien contact Milton what he thinks.

Who is telling us what not to do? Again if all religions are acceptable and some believe this is right and this is wrong all differing in belief who is to tell us what is really the way it should be?

Can we have multiple sex partners and children? Is that ok
Can we kill someone if it’s in secret?
Can we steal if we don’t get caught?
Can we break into someone’s house, kidnap them,
scare the living hell out of them, torcher them then erase
their memory? I mean if we had the equipment to do it could we?
Can we rape and steal babies from hospitals or impregnate women
and take their babies from them before they are born?

These very above things are what our supposed so called alien GODS are doing.
What is the law of the universe?
What is RIGHT? And
What is WRONG?

I think everyone of us know deep down inside what is RIGHT and what is WRONG and I think everyone of us here knows that some of these things ET’s are doing listed above are not RIGHT and very WRONG.

I am open to all possibilities and will not judge hastily because I don’t know 100% myself if these extraterrestrials really did create us or not but I am looking at everything and trying to understand it better.

My next question is this:

If the extraterrestrials are so far beyond us (and I’m not doubting they aren’t) that we are like plants to them or like an ant is to us and our brains are so tiny and incapable of even comprehending what they know we just could never understand.

Wouldn’t it also be reasonable and possible to say that these aliens could manipulate our memories so well that everything we ever remember is nothing but “Brilliant” “Incredibly peaceful and spiritual”. (Unbelievably unexplainable) The things they have put into our minds have made us think and believe with the deepest of conviction that physically or spiritually we were taken from this earth and brought to other worlds and saw the greatest things all so far beyond description that we could never even begin to explain them because it is like pixie dust and peter pans never never land. It always seems to be so hard to comprehend because we are ants or trees.

How could you take an ant to the movies so to speak? Is that what humans are to them? Is that why nobody can describe what the real ET’s look like behind the scenes? Is that why their spaceships are so in comprehendible for anyone to ever understand? Their spaceships are flown by the very thought of their minds and everything seems alive and communicates by thought even the floor, walls and ceiling? When you think of a person they appear before you or think of a year or time or part of space and ZAP your there, the person is with you etc etc etc? Your flying the ship, going back in time and communicating with anyone you want all by thought. Or is there a bigger picture to all of this than meets the eye?

Is it really that farfetched to consider that if they are so far above us and we are just little ants or gold fish in tanks to them that if they are so advanced that they couldn’t find a way to manipulate our minds so impressively good to lead us to believe that all of these things really did take place something like downloading a movie of virtual reality directly into the brain so convincible that many abductees and Contac tees would swear on the experience happening but really never know the difference. The person believes with such great conviction in what happened because of the greatness of these beings technology that they just implanted in their grain, something like a new arcade game experience so to speak. I mean that would be easy for them considering how far ahead of us they are right? (Lets consider all possibilities here.) So some may swear by their experience being so real even as real as the nose on your face so to speak when in fact they NEVER happened at all. (It is possible.)


Have they been manipulated so well by aliens that their minds have been altered perhaps even replaced in unimaginable ways and everything they think or remember is of course what else other than brilliance, incomprehensible heavenly experiences when in fact they were PROBED, tortured and experimented on just like the majority of other cases were?

Isn’t the above suggestion possible seeing that they are so advanced and can do so many other unbelievable things that should be cake for them right? I mean they are so far advanced that some claim they can read our minds, hear our thoughts, record our very actions and everything we do including all technology comes from them?
It sounds like they are all powerful, all knowing and omnipotent to me from what is being described of them.

So how easy would it be for them to manipulate us so well to think that every experience we had with them was SWEET SENSATIONS, Heavenly, brilliant, beyond all description, unbelievably supreme, honey in the mouth. Sugar sugar!

Some who have been taken by them sound as if they have been to HEAVEN and then back to hell on earth. Or could it be the other way around? Could hell be when your with them and you just don’t know it or realize it then coming back to earth is a form of heaven in comparison to being with them?

Sleeper and a few others have mentioned they are so far ahead of us that they can occupy other human bodies or clones so to speak and jump into another body at will like we change t-shirts. Now if this is the case it’s also possible that those abductees souls are in fact gone and replaced by other alien entities. I guess this could mean many people throughout the world could be aliens and it could even lead us to believe they are slowly taking over the planet one person at a time as farfetched as it may seem it still is a possibility. Who knows, we have all heard about the soul machine they supposedly use to capture souls in dulce we also hear about the human body parts and tanks of human and hybrid even animal babies growing, it disgusts me if true but I‘ve heard worse stories from abductees so wouldn‘t surprise me.

Some of the scientologists seem to be acting inhuman and very strange leaving their families behind suddenly donating large amounts of money to the church once they join could some of them be alien clones converting us, using this soul capturing machine in secret you never know. lol

Next question: Many have claimed they are in charge of our souls and our bodies are just containers, now I don’t doubt that our body’s are just containers it makes sense from dust we came to dust we go but are they really in charge of our souls? To answer this question we might want to research and look into the many people or witnesses who have died and came back to life, viewing many of the NDE’s that people have experienced tells us something different.

Researching the majority of them leads me to believe that there is indeed a creator or GOD who created this world who appears or shows up as a being of light and these people who pass on are told by this being of light that they were created by Him that leads me to believe that there is indeed a GOD and perhaps even one GOD or at least one GOD of this world or part of universe for us humans, this GOD they see starts a review of their life and those who feel unworthy in this presence of pure love are for the more part persuaded to stay as they wish to hide or fall away in shame because of some of their past mistakes in the presence of this great being of light.

So it shows there are mistakes we can make here and that we are very ashamed of them when we face this being of light after death. Of course there must be right and wrong in order to make mistakes. So what is right and what is wrong to extraterrestrials? What is their plan for us and law I mean if they are the GODS of this world and controllers of our souls?

Those who have experienced NDE’s or about 95% of them I have read so far all show that they do not show up before alien beings who are in charge of their souls, nor are they led to believe that they judge themselves but more so that they are reviewing their lives but somehow know what they have done wrong and what they have done right the same way we know perhaps what is right and what is wrong and that many of the alien abductions and mutilations are wrong.

Now some of these NDE’s of people like you and me who have not lived good lives such as murder, rape imprisonment etc. have gone to a place they call hell and swear by everything in this world that it exists. Is this just another virtual reality program that the aliens have downloaded to their brain for punishment or a lesson? I’m guessing not but what do you think? Then there are many who have not lived good lives died then were faced having a brief encounter with evil beings and darkness who then were in the presence of this pure loving being made of light who also felt ashamed and were told that they must go back and get it right and were given another chance coming back to life.

The one thing that seems in common with all of these people who have died and then came back to life is going before this being of light who is of pure love who helps them review their life. This makes me believe that this being of light is our creator or GOD or at least the GOD of this world and humankind. But that’s my own opinion, what do you think?

This could be a very long discussion there are many possibilities and things to consider here about these extraterrestrials and what they really are and stand for. I could really go on reasoning if these aliens are demons or if they are other evil entities or real extraterrestrial physical beings that were misled into believing they created us who are just far more advanced than us coming from deep space etc. etc. etc. But from my perspective I do not believe them to be our GODS for the very fact that they are not 100% pure benevolent beings and most of the cases show that the things they are doing are evil acts but that is my opinion after reviewing thousands upon thousands of cases, some untold and some documented. As we all know there are very many different groups of aliens some spoken of to be benevolent and other malevolent but one thing is in common they are so far advanced that they could literally make anyone’s experience seem good or bad at the flick of their wrist like pixie dust.

I believe that the governments have not disclosed the existence of extraterrestrials because they are well aware of some of these horrible acts that are taking place such as human mutilations, forced intercourse for hybridization, torturous acts of all kinds. I believe the governments know that once they release this information they have a lot of explaining to do, they know that the ET’s are far more advanced than them and they can’t stop them it’s out of their control and if they disclose all that they know the world will break out into panic, fear leading to world disorder! Then there is even the possibility that some of the top world leaders or controllers are indeed aliens with a hidden agenda.
The possibilities are out there but the truth is nowhere to be found as of yet.

Just a thought!

Warning: Graphic Image
One of our GODS is doing this
to us, which group of aliens makes
me wonder? My guess would be the reptilians!

Colleen Johnston


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posted on Apr, 9 2008 @ 11:31 PM
I like your writings and theorys Colleen, have you ever thought about premium writing for ATS?

posted on Apr, 9 2008 @ 11:46 PM
reply to post by Malevolent_Aliens

i could have misunderstood what your are saying. however based on what i got from reading this. it would seem to me that the "et's" dont really care about what religion is right or wrong, or they would have not set up so many diffrent ones. but instead realized that we as humans would not be happy if we only had to one to chose from and therefore set up many.

just to note i am christian. this was a good read though i must say..

posted on Apr, 10 2008 @ 06:33 AM
Whoah! I read the title quickly and for a second I thought it said "Sleeper and John Lear are Gods"!
Upon reading it properly - I almost felt as though I had woken from a bad dream!

You ask some interesting questions and make many good points Colleen! I have pasted your post into a word doc to read later. I'll make a contribution tomorrow after giving it some thought


posted on Apr, 10 2008 @ 07:58 AM
reply to post by Malevolent_Aliens

Hi Colleen!
Wow! What a long post! You have raised some very interesting points and questions some of which i have wrestled to get my head around myself.
Sleeper is taking a break from posting at the moment, but who knows he may come back soon!

I too need more time to digest what you have said properly.

Cheers Eevee

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posted on Apr, 10 2008 @ 06:45 PM
I appreciate everyone's reply I realize I may have overdone it here, too many questions and thoughts all at once.

Perhaps long, dull and boring for some!

Well any comments, thoughts or suggestions you may have on the subject would be greatly appreciated.

Many people believe that God is ET so I am trying to help figure out this reasoning and get answers as to why they believe that?


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