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What data would you take to present to a Christian...

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posted on Apr, 10 2008 @ 08:18 PM
Your Cristian education only just started. Many denomination like to pretend they know all they need to know. Because they are content with
their lives. You know that line form the old hymn. "It was good enough
for grandma, it was good enough for ma, and it's good enough for me".
Time to start studying on your own. Most Christian book stores are full
of many different prospectives and ideas. Why would you just read the Bible. Get fresh and different perspectives of others?
The Bible says, "if all the things Jesus both did and said, were written
down, the world itself, couldn't hold the books. " Also Jesus said, "when you receive the Holy Spirit, which I will send from the Father, He shall lead
you into all truth.
So you see we shouldn't limit ourselves to just what the Bible says.
It is a good guide to keep on the correct track. But only the H.S. can correctly put it all together.

posted on Apr, 11 2008 @ 06:55 AM

Originally posted by mrwupy
They have a right to find their own spiritual way.

Not when their "way" to 69 virgins depends upon blowing me up. I think it is wise to try and debunk and deprogram these potentially dangerous make-believers before the day comes when we might have to wipe them ALL off the face of Earth before they can fulfill their "beliefs" and chop off our heads or sentence us to hell forever and ever.

There will be no peace ~ not until these christians dispense with their threats that I should go to hell, or these muslims and their threats of beheading me, if I don't "believe" what they tell us to believe. This goes for all beliefs that insult and threaten.

Religion has been contrived to keep humanity from spiritually uniting as one. Religion is a threat to the entire planet and every species. And the world we have is proof of that. Just show them that as proof.

posted on Apr, 11 2008 @ 09:47 AM
Religion, sadly, is political and the two do not belong together. Religion most certainly gets in the way of faith. I have faith and serenity. I do not need some religious cult-crazed fanatics to tell me how to live and what rules to follow.

Since I have come to my faith, I have had nothing but peace and serenity in my life. I do not fear death. No religion will do that for you. They want you to fear everything and follow their rules else you will be damned, etc. I think Buddhism is pretty cool with its philosophy...they are not into fear mongering.....Pagans are cool also. No fear mongering there either!

The religion to be most fearful of is Christianity and this has been true since its inception. Never have the suppposed words of God or Jesus been so manipulated and twisted as to control the masses.......

Believe us or be damned? All you Christians are already damned. Damned to a life or misery following con artists and false prophets.

There is one Christian leader I like and that is Joel Osteen. His message is mostly about God (not Jesus) and he gets criticized by the zombie Christians for this. His message is mostly about living a good and better life. He is a normal guy. He lives a pretty simple life. He doesn't have a mansion, fancy cars or a private jet. I enjoy listening to him talk.

posted on Apr, 11 2008 @ 05:02 PM
reply to post by dariousg

I agree with Psyche's suggestion that you take a look at the Gnostic Gospels. These weren't edited for inclusion into the Bible by Constantine and the Council of Nicea.

You can find them here:

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