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UN expert stands by Nazi comments

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posted on Apr, 9 2008 @ 01:44 PM

The next UN investigator into Israeli conduct in the occupied territories has stood by comments comparing Israeli actions in Gaza to those of the Nazis.

"If this kind of situation had existed for instance in the manner in which China was dealing with Tibet or the Sudanese government was dealing with Darfur, I think there would be no reluctance to make that comparison," he said.

That's the only source I could find, but it's about time someone from the U.N. or elsewhere said this.

posted on Apr, 9 2008 @ 03:19 PM
That's so damn ignorant and anti-jew that it makes me

The idiot needs to go study his history. The Gaza situation isn't even close to the Nazis.

posted on Apr, 10 2008 @ 12:10 AM
I agree FF, it is not even close, but there is such a double-standard when it comes to Israel and the Jews and their actions and words, that makes me barf. Anyway... here's an update...

"U.S. Government Equates Some Criticism Of Israel With Anti-Semitism" Semitism

WASHINGTON – The Bush administration has taken the groundbreaking step of identifying some virulent criticism of Israel as anti-Semitism, as it warns that anti-Jewish attitudes and incidents are on the rise worldwide.

The Foreign Ministry said Tuesday that it will not allow the United Nations official appointed to investigate Israeli-Palestinian human rights to enter the country, after he stood by comments comparing Israelis to Nazis.

Israel will also express its displeasure with the council's choice of Falk as investigator. "If he already believes Israel is like the Nazis, how fair will he be?" said a Foreign Ministry spokesman.

That is certainly a good point...

So... why do people have these anti-jewish attitudes...?

The israelis in america control the republican party and the democratic party and even the green party. They control the left wing of american politics (noam chomsky, stephen zunes) almost as much as they control the extreme right wing.

Israelis own and control the american media. They compose the largest group of billionaires in america who fund a vast network of political research organizations which determine the views of america’s jewish owned media and america’s jewish funded politicians.

In 1950s america, as in many other western countries, there were taboos preventing people from talking about a range of social issues such as homosexuality, incest, male rape, etc, etc. These days nobody would think twice about discussing these issues. The only taboos in the western world these days have to do with jews. There is a taboo about jewish funding of political parties (in america and britain). There is a taboo against the influence of the jewish lobby on american politicians.

There is no such thing as an american empire. America does not have an empire. On the contrary, america has become part of the jewish empire which dictates america’s domestic and foreign policies. The policies that america is pursuing in the middle east have nothing to do with america’s national interests

American slaves need to fight back against the jewish empire rather than pretending they have an empire that acts in their name. They should see the palestinians as the leaders in the fight against the world’s jewish oppressors. "The fact leftists bust a gut to ignore -is that The Big Corporations would be far, far better off if the US switched sides completely, and supported the Palestinians to the hilt. It is difficult to argue this just because it is so screamingly obvious. The Big Corporations want oil: Israel pisses off the oil producers, bigtime. Israel does not, contrary to leftist orthodoxy, help the US control the oil." (Michael Neumann ‘A Study in Dogma: The Palestinians and the Party Line’

One more for good measure...
Sameer stated that on Wednesday approximately at 2:20 A.M, soldiers broke into his home and forced him and his brother Sa’id to walk in front of them as they broke into two houses in the area.
He added that he, his brother and their uncle had to stand in the cold weather for more than 30 minutes and were used as human shield as the soldiers broke into nearby houses, searched them and kidnapped four residents.

Shall I go on...

Call me anti-semite all you want, but I suggest you take a look at the candidate I am backing for the '08 election in Nov... I am 99% sure I heard him mention at one point that he is Jewish...

And one more Vid for good measure...

"Why Murdering people to build homes for the chosen of god is racist and insane 101"


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posted on Apr, 10 2008 @ 11:49 AM
"Tibet media coverage if they were a threat to Israel"

Ok... I'll stop now. This was just too funny to not post here.


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