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Should Israel Be the New Military Base of Stability?

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posted on Apr, 9 2008 @ 07:09 AM
Surely you must agree that when Israel does things like e.g.
Launch a war against e.g. Hezbollah, loose 118 of their soldiers, kills at least 3000 civilians, all in order not to get a single kidnapped soldier back, or to have beaten Hezbollah (and in fact strengthen the wretches politically) questions need to be asked?
My problem with Israel is that they kill far more people than anyone kills of theirs, AND that it’s done in a prolonged way due to their own lack of political decisiveness, strength and vision.
In my view it’s perfectly fine to kill your bloody enemies providing you have a vision, that will actually bring peace through stability, and you have the will-nerve to actually see that vision through. Israel is a country that certainly lacks the later bit.

They may be Gods people, but they aren’t in this decade really behaving like such, nor where they behaving like it last decade and probably not next either. Because at the moment they behave like a crocked nation, that only gets support from America and the West because of they’re lobbying.
All this is unnecessary, if only they struck to a plan they probably wouldn’t need our support at all (in fact we might need there’s because of all the territory they’ve conquered). And if they don’t want to conquer territory then they should put puppet governments in (and no they needn’t be democratic) and frankly it’s very easy to see how a puppet government could benefit everyone (even the Arabs) by ending the 24/7 war waged against nations.
And if they don’t want to conquer and tidy up the land their ancient lands, or install puppet governments their, or stick to any particular strategy (over anything) (other than the failed idea of negotiating with the Arabs) then what the hell are we supporting the for, apart of course the crocked corruption-lobbying they have installed in the West?

I believe there is room for negotiation but it works like this: Hay you squatter, we can understand you being a bit upset with us being on this land since we went away for 2000 years. If you behave like a civilised person who doesn’t go educating their kids to blow us up, then how about with give you something for it?
Raising the money isn’t a problem given Israel’s world wide support, in fact the biggest problem is that (as of today) very few Arabs would actually qualify. But if you look at the reasons why they fight, e.g. the power station being shut down, road checkpoints, living 24/7 inside one massive walled prison, complete with food shortages, sewage drainage problems ect; then actually most of these reasons stem from Israel’s own military indecisiveness.
I say that because if only they would stick to a battle, kill who they have to kill, and get what they should, then all the problems behind installing the “temporary measures” which understandably themselves anger people and therefore feed the underlining problem (i.e. the political strength of fanatics) would be on the course to extinction.

A Plan of Action…
1. Invade one place at a time.
2. Install an adequately ruthless secular government
3. Leave
4. If the government collapses (despite best efforts) then follow through with the plan again. Failure once does not mean something is flawed, but saying a policy is flawed for failing once, probably is.

An Alternative…
1. Invade
2. Kill everyone who opposes you
3. Enjoy the new lands.

These are the peace plans which have worked best probably ever since mankind invented paper to record history. Sadly the common theme is blood now, to prevent blood tomorrow and the next day. I mean “sadly” because it’s still blood now.
However does anyone know of alternatives which cause less suffering?

I say this business of negotiating, not negotiating, isolating, negotiating, not negotiating ect;
With: people who ever under siege from a fanatical culture that hates you, or are the fanatical culture that hates you, has surely shown itself to be a complete fraud?

posted on Apr, 9 2008 @ 12:03 PM
It would be a lot better to educate the people of Israel, and get them to implement this change themselves. External influences forcibly changing a government leaves a bad taste in my mouth, no matter how good the intentions are.

Indeed, a fair Israel would do a lot to help the region. The only problem is that there's a lot of conflicts of interest in the area, from the fighters on both sides, to the politicians who use fear to further their careers, etc. All of those people will have to see the proverbial light and allow the change to happen, otherwise there's a great chance that it won't.

If a group of people are trying to blow you up, chances are you've done something to really upset them. No-one wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, flips a coin, and decides to be a terrorist for the heck of it. That's not to say killing folks is right (it most certainly isn't), just that there is likely to be a core grievance that should be rectified.

I don't think Israel can continue the way it is doing at the moment, and I'm pretty sure a bunch of Israelis feel the same way.


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