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Who knows what the 4th dimension will bring?

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posted on Apr, 8 2008 @ 11:25 PM
Ok, I've done PLENTY of research already on 12/21/2012 and how we are supposed to be aligned with the galactic center causing us to grow in consciousness and pop those on the positive path into the 4th dimension. I've read a lot about David Wilcock, the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, I must say the dude knows his stuff. I've seen all his videos, skimmed through his books, and listened to all of his COAST TO COAST AM programs. and I've found out a great deal about what to expect in the 4th dimension after 12/21/2012 occurs.

Some examples are how the world is going to be a 100% more harmonic place then it already is, how we'll be able to do instant healing, instant telepathy, self levitation, bend time, telekinesis, how our DNA's are supposed to change, and how babies being born into the 4th dimension are supposed to have bigger eyes, larger heads, and have a slimmer body.

NOW my question(s) to ATS is this:

Say all of this is actually true (and i believe it is), HOW is the world supposed to be AFTER 12/21/2012 occurs, meaning, will we still have our daily jobs? will kids still go to regular school? if we can self levitate then will there be need for transportation like cars, bikes trains etc.. Also, who will run Society if the Government is supposedly supposed to Fall and we won't have a Govt like we have today. I understand there will be more OPEN contacts with ET's but what exactly will we do with them?

i know these questions seem a bit too much for an average Joe to be able to answer, so I'm looking for people with a lot of knowledge on this subject to come forward and let me know what you know or think you know. Thanks!

~Da TrutH

posted on Apr, 9 2008 @ 12:48 AM
reply to post by Da tRutH

--What is the point of Jobs if we are at peace? Jobs only created turmoil and strife for many. Scrounging around from day to day trying to gain something as trivial as money. IMHO I say Jobs would be abolished. At least the sense of jobs we have in there here and now.

--School more than likely will be a way to let children play. (Probably like a playground of sorts.) To much knowledge drove us into a hole, we more than likely won't make that error again (That is if this happens) Probably like jobs it won't be the same but we may still have schools. More or less a story-time type of place
or more or less like I stated before a playground of sorts.

--Vehicles only help the earth grow weaker (In a sense) trapping the sun's radiation (at least helping it become more trapped) and probably speeding up the process of the earth warming all over ( Everyone read! I said probably

--Society will more or less actually be run by the people, but in a safe environment that you and others foresee it more than likely won't be a government but just a group of people living on the Earth. Probably killing animals only when needing the food and not taking sport in something like hunting.

--ET's there is always the possibility of mating...*strokes his chin thinking it over and then starts to scratch his head* Also the idea of just sharing in wisdom and basking in the glory of finally being in an era of peace? Who knows ETs depending on one's stance can be good (like what we are supposed to turn out to be) or bad ( what we are not hiding, stealing, cheating, murdering, rampaging and soliciting whatever we want whenever we want.)

Again that is all up in there air and who's to say things will come just the way we want them.
I for one would love to see something like this, but after seeing the way this world works. I know either a person or people have to be lost in the process before happiness for others or one person can be obtained. Unless it happens like a miracle, but then again I stopped believing in those.

posted on Apr, 9 2008 @ 01:10 AM
The most 'out there' thing I've heard is that whatever you think will happen in 2012, is what will happen. A point in time where dimensions split off or multiply based on the consciousness's intension for the future.
This could be a collective thing, or an individual thing, who knows.
Its the most out there, but un-oddly it makes a lot of sense when you are talking about multiple dimensions and time travel and whatnot. (assuming you are familiar with all the nooks and crannies of 2012 related lore)

I think this to be true, and is my favorite, because it cannot be debunked. If you dont believe it, then you obviously get stuck where you think you will be stuck. In sanity land where "reality" is solid?

Another reason I believe this theory, is because I thought magic was a hoax, until I really put faith into it, and believed, and my whole perception was shifted when I began getting regular results. I had been stuck using my left brain, all I did was step back and let the right brain progress for a while,(building faith) and when results came, I then used my left brain to rationalize what was happening. The rationalization was that reality is what you want it to be. Belief/faith is the key.

I dont think about what I think will happen, because I know my intension will bring me to the reality I was meant to be in.

But of all things, 2012 is NOT something to wait for! Figure out what you think its about and live it NOW. Too many people I know are watching more TV and indulging in drugs and sex because they think the apocalypse is going to happen or something. If anything, this is a time of purification. And if not, what is there to lose in being completely fit/balanced in body/mind/soul?
Turn off the tv, turn on some music without words, figure out where you fit into nature and evolution, and thank the source for every particular of it.

and to the OP, are you asking what the 3rd dimension will look like from the 4th? Because there are lots of works out there that deal with bringing your consciousness into higher dimensions.
My understanding, with 2012, if the 4th D is imposed upon everyone, I think a lot of non spiritual people will have a hard time dealing with it, or they will go through what the spiritual people went through, only in a matter of seconds. Even if they do have a hard time with it, I know they will all make it; having good intension's I think comes naturally with finding your true SELF, and from my understanding, anyone experiencing the 4th D is already well acquainted with their true self.
Maybe it will be like blind dosing the masses with '___', some will be like, hey, I know this place, and others will try to fly when they cannot, and others will fly, and never come back...

posted on Apr, 9 2008 @ 01:18 AM

Originally posted by Da tRutH
(snip) ...let me know what you know or think you know. Thanks!

What do I think?

I think it isn't simply the forth dimension we will become multi-dimensional which is the true existence of a majority of the sentient and powerful life in the universe. As we are now really, just more aware of it and all the other beings that inhabit this world that we mistake for curious aliens. This also means they won't be able to use and manipulate us without our knowledge that it has even occurred. The ones that constantly regulate life on Earth also won't have to use those "Grey" forms anymore for third dimensional work as this is not what they really are. They are what we are so the playing field will be leveled and you can see how this would be a problem for the unscrupulous. All of our destination upon death is heavily controlled.

They do have one final "coup de grâce". The last great manipulation.

You see not everyone will be there. Before this change happens most of the world will play out it's destined roles in the subconsciously lead self-destruction of a majority of all humans on this planet. What they planted in religious texts at the end of the books. It is what has happened before so will happen again. Our controllers do not want us all there and in a way I understand this. Even if I don't like it.

So yes there will be harmony...just don't fool yourself into thinking there will be an overnight utopia. There won't be 6 or 7 billion enlightened people in paradise. Just look around and you will see that this would not be possible for most to even accept. That we are all equal and powerful beings.

You can't get most to put down their cellphones and all the other material trapping we wrap around ourselves to be a part of this world because we fear being unique but more importantly we fear being alone in a shallow world.

This is what I have seen and been told by various beings and no I don't expect anyone to believe it. It doesn't even matter. If you don't feel it beforehand the events will still inevitably pass. If you do feel it you will deny it because you fear what is to come or accept it and wait.

We go through hell first and only those planted here beforehand to survive it will survive it. The rest will "sleep" pleasantly for the next go-around but I doubt it will be here. That "sleep" is the closest thing to Heaven they will get.

It's not fair...but it is.

My 2 cents.

- Lee

posted on Apr, 9 2008 @ 01:19 AM
Don't quite your day job based on someone else's predictions. If everyone did that then the world would stop running. Keep living your life, heck, live it even better and if nothing happens in 2012 then you have future tales to tell your grandchildren.

posted on Apr, 9 2008 @ 03:31 AM
reply to post by Equinox99

Yeah like how you survived The great galactic alignment of 2012

I found something concise about it with analogies of Pizza and pictures (Because I need those to understand sometimes)
By Dan Eden

Prior to December 2012 we have been drifting on the top of the pizza, never really able to see the bottom. The plate and pizza are not parallel. They are moving at different angles. We've been drifting down, down, down... and on December 21st, 2012, we will be exactly level with the crust -- forming an "x" at the Galactic Equator where galactic gravity is the strongest. After 2012, if we are still here, we will be passing through the bottom zone, viewing the Milky Way pizza from the South.

By some amazing coincidence, not only will we be intersecting with the Galactic Equator, but we will be doing this precisely aligned with the center of the Galaxy where there is maximum mass! More mass means more gravity. More gravity means more influence from those barycenters in our Sun. That means exponential increases in solar disruptions -- all coinciding on the same day! Whew!

Isn't Mayan ingenuity something, or was it all dictated to them as they say by Quetzalcoatl or Thoth.

...Other possibilities on December 21, 2012:
In the first quarter of 2001, the Sun switched magnetic poles. This occurs every eleven years. Prior to this the Sun's north magnetic pole was at the north rotational pole. Now the Sun's north magnetic pole is at its south pole. Since opposite poles attract, the magnetic poles of the Earth and Sun are now at their most stable.
Just about the time of 2012 Winter Solstice, the Sun's poles will switch back. During this switch there will be a tendency for the Sun's magnetic field to pull the Earth's field with it.

If the Earth's magnetic poles switch, this would put stress on the planet aggravating earthquakes and volcanos, not to mention destruction of the electrical power distribution grid.

posted on Apr, 9 2008 @ 11:55 AM
well im happy to see a lot of opinions and facts that some of you are posting on this thread, sounds interesting so far. I've seen and heard about that pizza thing and can honestly say that it's true how we will be aligned with the center and pass through the bottom of the galaxy.

Keep the info. coming i feel there's a lot more we need to know about this event. Thanks

~Da TrutH

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