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The Purpose of Life (with answer)

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posted on Apr, 8 2008 @ 08:16 PM

For those who wanted an answer that sounded more like prophecy, too bad, but for the rest I'll explain why.

While debating over evolution and creationism, I wonder about the beginning itself. The obvious fact is that we exist, so creation has occurred in some form (from now on the word creation, or derivatives of, do not refer to the christian theory, only the literal act). For the moment, the debate over an initiator or self creation should be put aside while we focus on the general act of creation.

I believe, without a doubt, the entire universe is arranged to promote the act of creation. The disorder, or entropy, of the universe is merely a balancing factor in the system. It is the erosion or natural cleansing flow of existence. The idea that less complicated pieces do not form larger, more complex pieces is quite absurd. The basic physical particles of the universe have a natural affinity to form more complex elements and systems. Combine that with massive pools of energy (stars) hanging around everywhere and the creative force begins. Of course this is an oversimplification of physics and chemistry, but the basic portion is there.

If we rise to the scale of what we consider life, does not every organism seek to reproduce itself? Think about how much of your everyday life is dedicated to your survival, reproduction, or care for offspring. I'd say that accounts for a lot of it. I still think it's crazy that two people can come together and produce another person who is a genetic mix of the two.

I was often plagued by the question, "Why did God create us?" Was he bored? Curious? Lose a bet? The problem with the question is that it overlooks the key value. Their is more to learn in the journey that at the final destination. The point of creation, is creation.

What drives this creating force? It seems that the natural laws of the universe are calibrated to not only allow, but foster the creation of the created. What set this in motion? Perhaps a God, or maybe the universe goes through evolutionary changes like life on this planet. The universes' which survive would appear to be those able to achieve a balance of energy. A universe with stronger gravity might collapse on itself, ending its own existence. While there may be many 'universal settings' which create a balance or flow of energy, we only know of one that works. In the same manner that a universe needs the presence of creation to maintain balance, I believe individuals should pursue creation to find a balance in themselves.

Creation, by necessity, requires the individual to look outside themselves, and it also requires you leave a part of yourself behind. Before hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water do they understand the magnitude of their impending creation? Doesn't matter.

The nature of creation is to form that which has not been previously created. If your goal is to create the unknown, how could you be aware of the consequence of your action? Creation requires a bit of personal trust as well, to put your all into something for a moment without worrying about the outcome. To trust that if you take good steps on your journey, the trouble or worry of the final destination will take care of itself.

Creation teaches you to be in the moment, because there is no other place to create. Lose yesterday and forget about tomorrow, experience what it is like to actually live. To quit glazing over the faces you see everyday and look them in the eye.

You cannot practice creativity, you can only create. That which is created, exists with intention to create, to be within the moment, where no purpose needs to exist. There is only what is done. To live as if you were created with a purpose is to say that my life was chosen with.

If you ask, not the purpose of my life, but the purpose of life in general, you have mistakenly assumed that the lives of men are altered when put in the proximity of others. Whether there is only 1 man or 1,000, each man can only experience himself. To think that each purpose should change when paired with others is the same sort of thinking that allowed free men to be thankful for a elitist government that "grants" us human rights.

The purpose of your life is to create, get out there and do something.

[Disclaimer: Written with pauses for thought so if anything is incoherent that's why. I'm about to go for a drive so that will be some good thinking time. If I didn't explain anything well or something sounded like hogwash feel free to point it out. I felt like I had to condense a lot so I'd be more than happy to continue a thought. Thanks for reading

posted on Apr, 9 2008 @ 04:47 PM
Nice hypothesis. However, I think the purpose of life is to follow God's Laws and to create a Paradise on the Earth. Moreover, it is to spread the wisdom of god so that all humanity is united in philanthropic and spiritual actions.

You are absolutely correct in saying that Creation had a purpose and plan. It seems completely that way rather than blind chance or partly sighted chance. The Creator shows us His design - you only have to see a newborn baby to appreciate the brilliance of design from a single cell.

Why was humanity created by God? Who asked Caravaggio to paint? the absolute attribute of the Creator is to create ad infinitum, without end. I am sure that creation must have occurred in many other Glaxies in the correct conditions and then guided by their particular Divine books. These books are the ultimate proof of the existence of God.

posted on Apr, 9 2008 @ 04:51 PM
The purpose of life is the ultimate question.
And the answer to the ultimate question is .... 42

posted on Apr, 9 2008 @ 06:33 PM

I believe, without a doubt, the entire universe is arranged to promote the act of creation.

That's why I think that "good" basically means con-structive, while "negative" is anything that acts against being, anything that annihilates (= turn to 'nothing', not-being, un-being). That applies to, and is reflected by, moral and societal sets of values.

But is it THE purpose: the ultimate purpose?

I don't think so.
I don't know what is, but I feel that the Creation itself has a "purpose" - even though one cannot imagine anything beyond (or "higher" than) being, existence. (The difference, then, would be in the quality of being.)

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posted on Apr, 10 2008 @ 02:38 AM
If the universe is designed to promote the act of creation, why is it that everything dies?

If anything, it would seem like the universe is utterly polarized to annihilate creation at every turn, but creation finds a way, because that's what creation does.

The thing is, it is a losing battle. One day, there will be nothing alive left in the universe. Entropy is a bitch.

posted on Apr, 10 2008 @ 02:55 AM
The sole prupose of life is the creation of more life, that is why life came about in the first place. It just so happens that Homo sapiens has evolved sufficient extra capacity to indulge in passtimes other than sleeping, eating and sh@gging.


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