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Perception: The Simple Truth

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posted on Apr, 8 2008 @ 07:02 PM
Original Text by Pasiel M.

~ The closer you get on a "personal" level, the more truths there are, because everyone has their own perception, not only through or understanding, but when it comes to all experiences, emotionally or physical. There are certain things we can agree about, is it cold or is it hot. But beyond that statement, it get's a bit more tricky, and no one has the same experience of the same event beyond the obvious.

- We must remember, that all signals (emotions, feelings, sight, sound, smell, etc.) are vibrations (or electrical signals) that get interpreted by our brain, and thus we are talking about highly personal interpretations, and no one interprets the same signals exactly the same. That is why when I write, I try to stay out of "personal" truths and maybe talk about things a couple steps up the "funnel of creation" so to speak, where the bandwidth of truth is much more narrow.

- Since we are one, there can only be ONE truth, right? But it probably doesn't "do" so much for us where we're at now, maybe that is why we need to "tone it down" a little bit. Everyone has a perception, although some find it convenient to use another's perception, and the worst thing is THAT neither is right nor wrong. One could say that on this "level". The truth is always beautifully simple; it is the lie that complicates matters.

~ The whole subject of perception is quite fascinating and anyone who studies the subject will surely have some eye-openers. Think about the human eye for a second, it is only able to see reflected light, so if there's no object that the light-wave can bounce off of (we cannot even see a "light", only the reflections of it), we won't see a thing, and to make matters worse, we only see a tiny fraction of the frequencies. Humans are actually very close to being completely blind. Speaking of frequencies, another area of thought is how we perceive the different "bands" of frequencies.

- All of our perceptions (sight, smell, hearing, etc.) are in fact "handling" different bands. So in a way, if you were suddenly able to see the frequency normally associated with smell, you'd actually be able to see the smell and the band of these frequencies that we are able to perceive (which is incredibly small compared to the potential size). It is actually the same flow of frequencies, meaning it is the same energy, just as different vibrations.

- Everything is and starts with a thought. So in a way, if you don't believe it, then you just made it an impossibility, but as soon as you "believe", it all works again, and the same applies to healing. Just think about the placebo effect, there is also something called nocebo and it is the opposite, eye doctors know this. It all starts with thought, pure and simple, and it works whether you "believe" it or not . Thought always yields the expected result. Obviously the realization that "We are not alone." would have a tremendous change in human's perception.

- We do in fact have tremendous powers available to us, now, even if it would be of great help if our brothers from the sky honored us with a visit, I am certain that we are more than capable of pulling it off ourselves. It is just a matter of realizing it. That is the hard part.

~As it has been said, "We are the ones we've been waiting for" and if people really understood that, things would pick up momentum at a greater speed than when people are just "Waiting for the bus", avoiding their own personal responsibility as well as the collective responsibility as a whole.

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