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ATS newcomers-2: City of London/Bank of England (MI-5/6), Bundesbank (BND), Fed (CIA) collusion

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posted on Apr, 8 2008 @ 05:40 PM
ATS newcomers-2: City of London/Bank of England (MI-5/6), Bundesbank (BND), Fed (CIA) collusion

One of the best publications documenting City of London’s stranglehold on U.S., Germany, and globe, is:

This is just one source of normally unavailable easy-to-understand info. Some of it’s over the top. Find a chapter near you NOT TO join it, but to get some free publications (the magazines are normally about $10 bucks, and I could never afford them unless I found a table of their activists and got a couple free or walked off with them by mistake. Very value info most of the time not available anywhere else.

Adolf Hitler
The first, and most important fact to be recognized concerning the Hitler regime, is that Adolf Hitler was put into power in Germany on orders from London. The documentation of this matter is abundant and conclusive. "Humboldt Versus Hitler, Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., The Campaigner, August 1978

The Rockefellers
The Rockefeller designs for fascism are essentially identical with the Hitler and Mussolini forms of the past. ~ The Conceptual History of the Labor Committees, Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr., (under pen name L. Marcus), The Campaigner, October 1974

Nelson A. Rockefeller is a raving fascist presently pushing as rapidly as he is able to impose a fascist police-state in the U.S.A. before the 1976 elections. ~The Guts Needed to Survive, Editorial, The Campaigner, August 1975

Britain has in fact two governments, the first a parliamentary charade for the edification of the credulous, the other the real monarchial government. ~”The Secrets Known Only To The Inner Elites" Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., The Campaigner, May-June 1978

Lyndon LaRouche and his German-born wife Helga Zepp-LaRouche run a worldwide political movement from their bases in Leesburg, Virginia, and Wiesbaden, Germany. The movement consists of an interlocking network of think tanks, magazines and newspapers, national and international political organizations, a political action committee, and a youth cadre. The group is widely seen as a fringe political cult of conspiracy nuts. The movement political activism might save the world from an imminent global crisis. The movement has been associated in the mainstream media with the dissemination of political conspiracy theories.

LaRouche was released from jail in 1994 after serving five years of a 15-year sentence for conspiracy, mail fraud and tax code violations attacking the Reagan, Bush and Clinton regimes (see United States v. LaRouche). He is a perennial candidate for President of the United States, and set a record by running eight times. (See Lyndon LaRouche U.S. Presidential campaigns.) His wife, who founded the Schiller Institute in 1984, is regarded as a controversial, far-right figure in Germany, where she has stood for office several times with no success, and was accused in the 1980s of orchestrating threatening telephone calls to, and death threats against, one of her political opponents, Petra Kelly of the German Green Party.

The LaRouche movement's beliefs often revolve around international conspiracies, frequently involving reference to the British Empire and high-placed cabals. LaRouche publications such as Dope, Inc. have alleged that the British royal household (including the Queen of England) is involved in the international drug trade; that rogue elements within the U.S. military were instrumental in causing the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and that MI6 the CIA, and the British royal household have repeatedly plotted to assassinate LaRouche.

In 1999, an article in the LaRouche-controlled Executive Intelligence Review accused senior advisers to the Royal family and MI6 of planning to assassinate him, after a British women's magazine called Take a Break published a critical article about him.

LaRouche movement calls the exposure of the "trans-Atlantic network" of what LaRouche calls the Blair-Cheney Iraq War.

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