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The Secret of Gold Prices - Its Worth $53,000/ounce

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posted on Apr, 8 2008 @ 06:57 AM

Gold has recently dropped heavily in price, and most of the peddlers and supporters of Gold suddenly fell silent. But there is a secret to this price fall that everyone is missing - and as soon as you understand this secret it will cause a paradigm shift in you understanding of its value - and you will see it from the view of the Central Banks.

Over at the falling gold prices only triggered an investigation into WHY was the price falling - however what was found in the analysis was a shocking conclusion, and also demonstrated a weakness in the current international monetary system - and a method to bring it to accountability.

Gold Worth $53,000 an Ounce? - BELIEVE IT. Or as Barrack Obama likes to peddle it - Yes we Can.

The Trading Value of Gold is Completely Irrelevant to the Central Banks As Long as it Remains INVALID.

The second title of this analysis which would simplify it for everybody would sound like this - the market value of Gold is meaningless and harmless to Central Banks as long as it is not viewed as a trading currency. The moment it supplants the current 64 bits in the banks computer as your net worth its value is worth thousands and thousands an ounce. Don't believe it check it out for yourself.

Official Gold Reserves (
United States : 8133.5 Tons
Germany : 3417.4 Tons
International Monetary Fund : 3217.3 Tons

The secret lies in reverse analysis - of a scenario where dollars were to disappear and Gold was to be utilized as the trading currency again. The GDP of the United States for 2007 was $13.8 Trillion. Divided by the 261 Million ounces held in the US Central Bank - it works out to roughly $52,000/ounce!

The Secret is Not in Its Trade Value - But that It Remains Invalid.

Again the secret fear of the central banks is that Gold will re-emerge as a trading currency. In other words large holdings of Gold against world wide sales of Gold are held by Central Banks (For the Eurozone, the United States and the IMF Gold holdings are roughly 22,000 tons). Considering that the entire world wide yearly sales usually do not amount to more than 500 tons - they could easily depress world prices for Gold - and will do so from time to time to keep the price of it DOWN. But the reality is they could really care less what the price of it is worth - as long as it does not become a competitor to their international system of trade and balance. This is the kicker in a nutshell. If people readopt the habit of buying and accepting payment for their items in gold again (or even a direct barter system over the internet) - at the same time that the position of currencies is weakened as trust erodes - Gold value could easily skyrocket.

The Coming September 2008 Market Crash?

All the signs of a Fall crash are sitting in the mix right now. Weak Banking institutions, weak and anemic economic forecasting, weak job data, frustration with the war in Iraq. Total mis-trust of the US Mortgage system after they deliberately peddled a pile of junk Mortgages as Triple AAA bonds - all point to a large correction this fall. The Feds were well aware of this, and only and ever move to protect their system.

That is Why the Ron Paul Minter Was Raided...

Now you know why they quickly moved to seize the Ron Paul coin Minter - they were giving Gold validity as a trading commodity again. And the federal reserve and the international banksters DID NOT LIKE IT.

How to Bring the International Monetary Fund and the Rampaging US Federal Reserve Back to Accountability.

The answer is easy - start buying and selling with something other than US Dollars. This could be gold - but doesn't have to be - In fact it doesn't h

posted on Apr, 8 2008 @ 08:12 AM
Some thing does not make sense here. I don't see gold dropping in price either. But the IMF is selling part of their bullion.

Why are they doing that, and who is going to buy it from them?


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