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Root for America!

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posted on Apr, 8 2008 @ 05:09 AM
Wayne Allen Root

Don't let his initials scare you off. I believe him to be tough on defense, not seeking offensives. He is with the Libertarian Party and has recently been joined there in debates by Se. Mike Gravel. For those of you who recall or were made aware recently, Ron Paul ran on the Libertarian ticket one year ('88?) and, as I understand, switched to Republican this time around so he could join in the national debates. Anyway, I will let Wayne speak for himself...

"Government should be of the people, by the people, for the people. What part of that do politicians and government bureaucrats not understand? Government has no right to keep secrets from the people. The people are paying for it. It's THEIR government. They have a right to know everything going on. I will make government transparent. One big reality show. I will eliminate the back-alley deals, the smoke-filled rooms where secret deals are made. With me, what you see is what you'll get. I'll bring it all out into the open. The people will be back in charge."

"The legacy I want to leave is simple and straight-forward. I want to be known as the man who took the power away from the government and gave it back to the people. Who cut government down to size. Who took the side of the individuals versus government. Who let the taxpayers keep more of their own money. Who rewarded the people that produced all the wealth, started the businesses, took the risks, created the jobs, made the payrolls, and paid the taxes. Who cared about the rights, freedoms and liberty of the people. Who protected the constitution. Who made all Americans, Libertarians."

IMO, if we want any chance of saving this country, then we elect the 2 that emerge from the Libertarian Party.

April 7, 2008--Libertarian Presidential frontrunner Wayne Allyn Root won the biggest victory of his political career this weekend at the largest Libertarian State Convention of the Year- the Heartland Conference Presidential debate. The Heartland Conference brought together the 5 Midwest states of Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Oklahoma in one Libertarian convention. Root beat out a field of 17 declared or potential Presidential candidates for the Libertarian Party- including former Democratic United States Senator Mike Gravel, participating for the first time in a Libertarian debate. Also on the ballot for the first time was former 4-term Republican United States Congressman Bob Barr. Barr announced the launch of a Presidential exploratory committee immediately following the Libertarian Presidential debate. Root finished in first place, edging out second place finisher Congressman Bob Barr and third place finisher Senator Mike Gravel.

posted on Apr, 8 2008 @ 10:55 AM
reply to post by RabbitChaser

As much as it kills many of us to know that secrets are kept from us by our government, so many seem to not care, or even worse, not even want to know at all.

Talk to your typical neo-con these days and they'll say the government needs to hide MORE! And these are just regular Joes on the street.

What can anyone do these days, but sit back and watch as it all falls apart.

posted on Apr, 8 2008 @ 12:31 PM
reply to post by Sublime620

Agreed, and everyone should realize that there would still need to be some secrets to protect national security. I think the secrets we all wish to have eliminated are the likes of these...

I will eliminate the back-alley deals, the smoke-filled rooms where secret deals are made.

Dig around at his web page... plenty of info/videos there and please note that he speaks very highly of Ron Paul. Ideally, I'd like to see a Root/Paul ticket emerge from this, but I'll certainly accept Mike Gravel instead of Paul.

posted on Apr, 12 2008 @ 01:55 AM
Here's a video of Wayne that sums things up fairly well, imo. It is an array of clips from different interviews on radio and TV, many with well known figures... Tucker Carlson, Glenn Beck, Jim Cramer, Bill Mahr -- and they all seem to love him as much as I do. I really think Wayne Root is the guy to bring this country together again and get things back on the right path. =5&version=4

My brother just returned from Armenia, for a week long stay and he finally got to see what I've been talking about. He immediately copied this vid from Temp files and he will be distributing it during his travels while in the States. My bro doesn't readily accept things at first glance, but once you hear Mr. Root speak and what he has to say, I believe you will be hooked on him as well.

posted on Apr, 12 2008 @ 11:28 AM
From his blog:

When asked my views on the war on drugs I say simply, "The only thing “the War on Drugs” has accomplished is empower the very worst people in our society with enormous wealth- which they have used to corrupt our government bureaucrats and law enforcement officials, as well as our most cherished institutions that guarantee our freedoms. It has to be reformed."
Wayne Allyn Root's Blog | The War on Drugs- It's Time for Dramatic Reform!

Spoken like a true Libertarian.

I'm a little leery of a candidate who seems to have such a cozy relationship with Faux "News," but he gains a point for hanging with Ice Cube. lol!

I especially like this quote, taken from his position page:

Government screws up everything. If government says black, you can bet it's white. If government says sit still for your safety, you'd better run for your life!
--Wayne Allyn Root
Where Wayne Stands:

posted on Apr, 22 2008 @ 08:10 AM
Alright... I'm in the "bitter" state of PA and heading out the door to vote after this post. Wisely, I registered Libertarian about 6 years ago (my advice to others is to register Independant).

Six long years, but I finally have the guy to vote for... and one I think can make a serious run for the White House. I do contend you will see him side by side in National debates with McCain and Hill-Bama (whichever).

As long as that happens, there is no stopping him, as he will surely run circles around any combo of the three being forced down our throats.

Go check out his Issues page. It's a lengthy read, but it is certainly a far cry from the same old one-liner 'solutions' and promises these Dems. and Reps. have given us year after year. I feel he is dead on track with what this country needs to do, in all areas. Here is a sample, regarding Health Care...

* I support a Free Market health care system- Let's get the federal government out of the health care business and leave it up to individuals. All Americans should have the freedom and rights to choose the health insurance, doctors, holistic healers, medicine and treatment they deem satisfactory. Let's utilize vouchers, tax cuts, and tax breaks to encourage individuals to buy health insurance. I stand strongly against nationalized health care- which takes away personal freedom and choice. Do we want the people in charge of Hurricane Katrina or the Walter Reed hospital scandal in charge of the entire health care system? This is a recipe for disaster.


I just got back from my attempt to vote. I did re-register Independant about 3-4 months ago, but never recieved a voter registration card confirmation, so I figured I was still Libertarian. Turns out, they have me listed as Independant.

Well, guess what? In PA, a GDI cannot vote for any Party in the Primaries. So as a free-thinking voter, I have NO say. There's our Democracy for ya.'

I assure you, they got quite the earful from me... especially when I questioned the non-confirmation as well as then questioning why I can't vote for a Libertarian anyway. Her response, to paraphrase, "well, this is just for Democrats and Republicans..." --- OK -- well, I ask... aren't the Libertarians on the ballot? Her response, again to paraphrase, "well, if there was someone running, then they would be"...

Well, guess what folks? There are 11 candidates seeking the Libertarian nod this year. That's ELEVEN... and they are no where to be seen. I believe I started off my next sentence with this woman, and surrounded by 30+ other voters, in ceratinly not my nicest tone... "Well, excuse the F*** out of me, but there are 11..."

I'm not 100% sure what I said after that, but I surely wanted to strangle the old broad sitting there with a smirk on her face during my rant. It's these older generations that have been sleeping and allowed us to get this deep in the crap that Washington throws on us.

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posted on Apr, 22 2008 @ 09:20 AM
Well... after allowing the steam to release... I went back down to the poll to obtain contact information for the entity responsible for who and which parties get listed on the ballot... I was given a number one of them read from a book... as I went to go to it and write it down, I hear a comment from the 'peanut gallery' of volunteer 'officials' followed by chuckles... why are people so stupid...?

"That's it. Keep on laughin'. It's your generation that's been sleepin' all these years and got us into this mess."

An older male bystander was overheard by me with a, "My goodness," and the slightest chuckle, though seemingly in approval of my sentiments. I then informed the original woman that this is a local number she is giving me and I need the PA State entity contact info of those who determine the ballot.

"Well, if you call that number they can give you that information. I just don't know" -- talk about a set-up -- my response, "Well, that's typical."

I've dialed the number 10 times in this 1/2 hour since leaving there... busy... busy... busy... etc... why is that no surprise?

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posted on Apr, 22 2008 @ 01:34 PM
reply to post by RabbitChaser

I may vote libertarian this year. I am displeased with all the candidates. If the libertarians do not run a candidate I may just write someone in. This country would have been much better off if Kerry had won. I say that as a conservative who was hoodwinked by the bushes.

posted on Apr, 22 2008 @ 02:12 PM
reply to post by eradown

Don't knock yourself too hard about Bush. We would be in the same place if Kerry was in there... or even going back to Gore, imo. Seriously... ya' got three of the biggest village idiots right there!

Gore -- "The Tree" -- not so much an idiot as the other two. After all, he won the noble peace prize with a giant lie. Still, just as easily made to look like the bumbling fool our current Pres. gets away with. All so he can be blamed for actions as simply being due to stupidity

Kerry -- "Herman Munster" -- did at least marry into some good money, but I don't like ketchup that much... and ceratinly couldn't put up with that bitch to access it. JK is certainly in his own private Hell.

Bush -- "Alfred E. Neuman" -- need I say more? Here's a link to 3 classic photos/gifs of our illustrious leader.

Hell... Obama's got a little Alfred E. in him too... McCain reminds me of Mr. Magoo... and I'm not sure what Hillary reminds me of... I'm always just too scared to look

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posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 05:21 AM
Wayne Allyn Root Wins New York State Libertarian Presidential Preference Poll

April 26, 2008--Libertarian Presidential frontrunner Wayne Allyn Root won yet another Presidential Preference Poll after another Libertarian Party State Convention- this time in New York State, one of the biggest prizes of the pre-nomination process. Root has now won the 2 biggest state Presidential polls- New York and California, as well as the largest Libertarian State Convention of the Year- the Heartland Conference Presidential Preference Poll (featuring 5 Midwest states).

In New York, Root beat out a field of Presidential candidates for the Libertarian Party- including former DUnited States Senator Mike Gravel and former Congressman Bob Barr. Root finished with 28 first place votes, followed by Bob Barr in second with 20 votes...

Root added, "Polls consistently show that American voters are anxiously looking for a third party alternative for the White House. I think I'm proving with each Libertarian Presidential Poll victory that I am the candidate that will bring smaller government, lower spending, reduced entitlements, dramatically lower taxes, and more personal freedom to the American people. I think the time is past due for a President who is a small businessman, home-school father and citizen politician- and who has never collected a government paycheck. I don't live off the taxpayers- I am a taxpayer! When it comes to taxes, I'll always remember that it's your money in the first place."

And from his 4-28-08 Blog entry:

W.A.R. and Peace

There has been a lot of debate and misinformation spread about my supposed views on war and peace. It's time to set the record straight. I'm no pacifist and that's a good thing, because no pacifist has ever been, nor ever will be, elected President of these United States.

I am a strong patriot who loves his country, will defend his country with honor, and is always respectful of our troops who are willing to put their lives on the line for our freedom. But I am most definitely not “pro war.” To the contrary, I am a Libertarian who believes in dramatically altering and re-focusing our foreign policy, foreign aid decisions, war on terror, military objectives, and military/defense budget.

The Libertarian Party advocates a non-interventionist policy in the affairs of other nations. I agree 100% with this stance. It's time to stop gallivanting across the globe to “nation build” and stuff democracy down the throats of others.

It's time to admit that our military has been stretched to the breaking point- which has endangered our security at home. It's time to admit that this occupation of a small country in a far-away land is damaging our economy, and bankrupting our country for future generations. It's time to admit that if we can't afford the costs of a war in small, lightly populated countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, we should aim to avoid future wars at all costs (unless we are responding in self defense).

Most importantly, it's time to admit that no war should be fought in a foreign land under the guise of fighting for the rights and freedom of others, while being used as an excuse here at home to expand government, violate the constitutional rights of Americans, and take away our freedoms. As Benjamin Franklin once said, "They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security."

Given that war is an act that we should aspire to avoid, here are some of the policies a Wayne Root administration would advocate to reduce the likelihood of involving America in future wars:

[RabbitChasers note: There is WAY too much written here for me to even begin pasting here -- go to the link]

[10th paragraph of this section]* Lastly, if the day should come where war is necessary, it cannot be implemented in contravention with the restrictions imposed by our Constitution. We must reject the notion that the President has the power to declare war. The entire concept of an imperial presidency is anathema to our Constitution's checks and balances. In a Root Administration, wars and offensive military actions will require Congressional authorization, as our Constitution dictates - preventing a President from ever again involving this nation in unpopular wars without the full support of the American people.

Ideally, these policies of a Root Administration will decrease the risk of war and terrorism.

If the day should come that weapons-of-mass-destruction become affordable to tyrants, and if such tyrants think very little of giving such weapons to terrorists who share a common goal of our destruction, in spite of our libertarian non-interventionism, we may have to rethink our foreign policies and strategies. We know now that some terrorists are willing to fly a plane into a building. If it were possible, these same murderous thugs would not have hesitated to set off a nuclear device in the middle of Manhattan, Hollywood or Disneyworld.

Fortunately, I do not believe it is too late for non-interventionism and our other Libertarian, free market policies to be the solution to avoiding unnecessary war. But we must be vigilant and prepared if we are proven wrong.

In summary, a Wayne Root administration will never unilaterally engage in pre-emptive war and it will implement and champion Libertarian policies that reduce the likelihood of Congress ever having to declare war. A Root administration will stand ready to defend America should she ever be attacked, or if Congress concludes that irrefutable proof exists that our being attacked is unavoidable. And wherever possible, we will employ the superior power of the marketplace to preserve our safety.

If you believe in a future where America does not engage in nation-building, yet our nation remains vigilant and strong enough to defend ourselves from foreign attack, join the Wayne Root campaign to restore America to its constitutional tradition of limited government and non-interventionism.

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 05:59 PM
reply to post by RabbitChaser

All I can say is.. I am glad an idiot like you didn't get the chance to vote.

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 06:15 PM

Not God save America! God d**n America!

Obama's pastor

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