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Conspiracy of Eggs!

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posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 10:09 AM
You guys are so bloody straight you still think yer goverment wants to facilitate yer miserable lives?
Well yer right, they want to make your lives so miserable that about only 500,000,000 people will be left on earth!
The food we eat has deteriorated in nutritional values steadily with more commercial production.
The seeds available to grow yer own will soon come sterilized so that their offspring seeds will never sprout the second generation!
Monsanto and other big seed producers are rapidly altering the GENETICS of all vegetable, and grain foods.
The fact is that there is a great die off of honey bees around the world.
It is theorised that the new geneticaly modified plants may be the cause of the bee deaths(up to 90% of some keepers hives)
It has been a matter of policy for the CFR guys to plan for a huge population reduction, and plot many different strategies by which the people can be starved,bombed, or killed off by other means(like shooting depleted uranium bullets all over their countries,and watch them all die of cancers etc from the low level radiation which is everywhere by now.
Aids,SARS,and other designer disease are produced to target specific groups
SARS killed more asians by far than others!
The truth is, we are getting to be extraneous baggage because we are not needed anymore to keep the elite in money(they already have it all)
The factories of tomorrow will be robotic more than emplyers of people.
With world goverment come less need for standing armies etc...the population has to shrink or all those people may have the collective power to revolt exactly like the french do....cant have that can we?
Anyone who thinks that they are ruled by begnign goverments better re evaluate their thinking.
It is nearly down to a situation where it is them(the elite)or us(the people)
The two groups cannot together indefinately because all the wealth is destined to be gobbled up in corporate coffers anyways.
Growing a few tomatoe plants on yer balcony and pooling your buying power will assuage the costs of living only so long, and then what?
It has become very plain to me that we are letting those with power kill us off for profit with scarecly a murmur of protest,when we are in a life or death situation.
If yer not willing to fight this situation with every one else, then we are doomed to die a slow and painful death over a protracted period of years...
In the end theyll get the population reduction that is so nessessary for their maintaining their power if we do not stand together now.
We are not ready for the real truth because it is so obvious that as long as theres a bit left over for us to eat well just sit there and take whats dished out.
God help us......were all a bunch of naieve fools.
When we finally see that we are mere tools and pawns for big goverment, and bigger business,and that its really them or us,well be too weak to fight it.
Slowly by slowly,all the alternatives are being withdrwn and cut off from us.
In canada, they have made laws against betting yer own beef butchered at a private slaughter house(same for chickens etc.)All such places will shut down.
Though this will be phased in a bit at a time.
The same problem we have with the seeds of tomorrow, we also will have with the food animals, genetic manipulation, and monopolising the means of production in the hands of the AG business.
None of these institutions care for anything but their BOTTOM LINE.
Boxed cerials are so processed that you are eating cardboard with the vitamins added.
Many other packaged foods lack much of the former benefits they once contained through processing, and through hybridization.
(ie-they can make the tomatoes grow faster but they dont make as much vitamin C etc.)
The whole thing is headed for a collapse of the system at the most basic level(theyll maKE THE EARTH AND THE FOOD UNFIT FOR HUMANS EVENTUALLY)
GOD HELP US ALL...........

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 01:39 PM

Originally posted by siouxm
reply to post by jameswillard

Where are you finding eggs for only $1.79 a dozen?

I have not seen eggs under $2.50 a dozen in 2 years. Today I found the cheapest eggs... (caged hens, fed their own feces for all we know) for $2.79 a dozen. Free Range starts at 3.79 and up to organic fed hens eggs at 4.99 a dozen.

But I do agree that something is up with the sizes. I have always bought medium eggs, which are no longer available, so I had to buy large and sure enough, they were actually medium sized eggs.

Well, I just got back from the store. Here in Phoenix medium eggs were $1.79/dozen and large were $1.99/dozen. I got large range free grain fed for $2.50/dozen. I guess it's all about where you live and where you shop. Talk to me next week it'll probably be different.

I don't know if they are large or medium but the box said large. I've never been able to tell the difference in size, never seemed to be a difference to me.

posted on Apr, 17 2008 @ 04:47 AM
Do you think (open question for all) that it will ever get so bad where cities will be forced to allow people to have chickens in their back yards? (I live both in the city and part of the time in the country) and like my previous post was, you used to see chickens everywhere in the county, now very few...but in town, I don't think I have ever seen any. Perhaps if they could figure out some way of keeping those damned roosters quiet at the butt crack of dawn...ha know, another noisy bird is the pea-cock.

I imagine that as a gallon of unleaded goes beyond $8 or more, people will begin growing veggies, wheat, fruit, herbs their back yards...other neighbors could specialize in the hens/roosters and egg production...then fresh corn, asparagus, tomatoes, potatoes etc...would be traded for some eggs and visa-versa... Imagine everyone eating fresh foods and eggs, and getting to know your neighbors? Imagine less pollution because yards won't need to be mowed, because people won't be wasting the ground to worthless grass....when you think about the future this way it doesn't seem as bleak

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posted on Apr, 17 2008 @ 03:55 PM
Hello everyone!
Been trying to catch up on all the fascinating information posted here. You folks rock. I mean that.
Is too bad you guys aren't my neighbors. I've been around trying to drum up some interest or some support in what Sizzle and I are doing to enhance our way of life. and i must say that some of these folks are so uninterested, that I don't think you could blow them off their lazy behinds with a powder keg.
I just hope that they don't get caught short, too late.
I have, or I should say that Sizzle has helped initiate one more person. He isn't interested in the gardening scheme, but he did look around and find us all a source for farm eggs at $1.25 per dozen.
When all is said and done, folks, that is what it is going to take. Working together. Helping one another. I really liked what Skyfloating suggested in above post.
I firmly believe that if we try, we can put this country back on it's feet. Thank you all.

posted on Apr, 17 2008 @ 04:29 PM
reply to post by pavlovsdog

Hi P.D.,
I am not addressing this particular post. However, I did want to address you personally. My friend here on the board, says that it has come to her attention, that you are trying to initiate a.... forgot what she called it. She's resting, can't ask (surgery this morning). Let me call it a special forum, for the things we have been discussing here.
That is a truly great idea. I hope for the sake of all interested parties, that you accomplish this. I support you. I know that my friend does. If you need anything further, please message me.
Great idea!

posted on Apr, 18 2008 @ 06:22 AM
Just wanted to add to jameswillard's comments.
I am so excited about this indoor gardening. I had bought a few plants that were already started. The rest were germinated from seeds.
I am so tickled to see that I have one little tomato and one little strawberry, that has already emerged. This is thrilling.
Jimmy and I have been looking into plans about upside-down gardening. We think that this is going to be a way to go for us. There are already hanging hooks, strategically located about the upper beams of our porches (front and back). There are several strong pecan trees in the yards, with good strong limbs for hanging purposes.
Our intention is to use cut out gallon milk jugs, 3-liter soda bottles and anything else that we can think of, that will suffice.
Our plants include, strawberries, cucumbers, eggplant, tomatoes, and bell peppers.

Jimmy will probably be over in a bit to check in with you folks. He's helping me out until I get back on my feet. I had polyps removed yesterday. Bleh!

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posted on Apr, 18 2008 @ 06:55 AM
If you are still around, I have a question for you. Please don't laugh, but inquiring minds want to know.
If you only place one seed in the germination tray; why do two or three plants spring forth in the same tray?
I'm not going to ask Jimmy, he probably will laugh. LOL!

posted on Apr, 18 2008 @ 08:07 PM
reply to post by sizzle

I know that for a good sized tomato plant, you'll need something bigger than a 3 liter or gallon jug, unless you can do some kind of hydroponics, because they grow SOO big, that they use up something small. (Been there.)

I never grew any upside down, though, but, we're doing it this year with a 5 gallon bucket.
You drill a hole in the bottom for the plant and hang it up.

posted on Apr, 18 2008 @ 09:24 PM
reply to post by Clearskies

Hi Clearskies!
I posted this info in another gardening thread. Hope it's okay to re-post it here. But this is where Jims and I got the idea.
Unfortunately, I had stuck these tips in a wordpad document for gardening tips. I do not recall where it came from. Just know that these tips are not mine. Okay?

Growing Tomatos Upside Down

Tomatoes are a sweet and delicious fruit from a very tolerant plant. They're so popular to grow because they're so easy. As a vine, they're also good for the gardener with very little space. This article will tell you how to grow tomatoes hanging from the ceiling - although it could be adapted to suit a hanging basket, too.
[edit] Steps

1. Set up your hanger. Choose a sunny place indoors. Your plant can be hung from a hook in the ceiling or tied around a beam. Using string or twine, knot a basket that your upside down milk bottle will sit in without slipping out or toppling sideways. Attach it to your ceiling, ready for the plant.
2. Take a small tomato plant; bought or grown from seed are both fine. Water it well and set it to one side.
3. Take your large plastic milk bottle and cut off the base. Remove the lid.
4. Take your tomato plant out of its pot and set it upside down in the milk bottle, with the plant poking through the pouring hole.
5. Fill in the milk bottle with a mixture of good compost and garden soil, and water it. Now you see why the hanger was put up first - it's impossible to put the plant on a surface without covering it in soil or damaging the plant.

[edit] Tips

* Water your tomato plant regularly and make sure it gets plenty of sunshine - sunlight is the key to dark, ripe tomatoes.
* Your tomato plant will grow downwards, so hang it somewhere it won't be in the way.
* To adapt it to suit a hanging basket, cut a hole in the bottom of the basket liner and follow the above steps.
* Make sure the hook or beam are secure, as the plant can get quite heavy.

[edit] Things You'll Need

* A large plastic milk bottle
* A young tomato plant
* Compost and/or garden soil
* Trowl
* Scissors/craft knife
* String or twine
* Hook in the ceiling (optional, if you have something else it can be hung from)

posted on Apr, 24 2008 @ 09:24 PM
reply to post by sizzle

Very interesting Sizzle. What, if you don't mind me asking, is the advantage of having your tomato plant grow upsidedown? I've thought about indoor gardening, but when you live in a downtown metro area in a high rise space is a premium...I do use all flourescent lighting (the only incandescent bulbs I have are two one is in the frigerator and the other is the oven light wich I never use) and my house plants really love the light...some is even full spectrum light as well...I'm wondering if it will be enough for tomatoes...I do get some sun, but the other buildings block a lot of it...

Anyway, thanks...I was thinking of a big white plastic bucket for growing a tomatoe plant ....should I put rocks in the bottom of it?

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