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Conspiracy Of Alien Help

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posted on Apr, 8 2008 @ 01:50 AM
I know this has been covered already... although! I want to bring a new idea to the table.

I have just finished watching a video of Michio Kaku talking about Aliens and UFOs ..

What I wanted to discuss is, ..

We expect these aliens to help us, or we suspect that they already have.
Either way, we failed to look at our own home planet... how have we shared our technology or understanding with ANY life-form on this planet?
Do we spend time with the monkeys living in THEIR habitat, working with them for THEIR own goals or aspirations? No, we assume they are invalid enough to "evolve" or change, we assume they are static, forever stuck in nature, hanging from trees, eating bananas.

Perhaps it's a convenient way of keeping us from working together as a planet to better all the life-forms present.

If we are the stewards of this planet; we are certainly doing an absolutely horrible job... Many things have died under our 'supervision' and we do not cease to destroy things for OUR own benefit.
We have no concept of balance or harmony.

Yet we assume that if there were some smarter 'race' from outer-space that they would help all of us.

Do you think it's a necessary step to take more of a place as stewards in order to show that we are not a creation that was made to destroy itself?

Because if anything we appear to be very destructive, .. even the populations thoughts half the time are destructive or ill-natured even towards the self.
Why have we neglected educating the species around us?
and what prevents higher knowledge from aliens or even our own race from becoming wide-spread?

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