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Ghost Trip - Orb pics

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posted on Apr, 7 2008 @ 10:32 PM
Friday night through Sunday night my two friends and I went on a ghost trip through Colorado. We started in Castle Rock, went to Fort Collins, then came back through Lafayette. Here are the results from our trip:

This cemetery gave us a few good pics. I know that it looks like there are faces in some orbs, and it looks like that in some of the orbs in these pictures.

This cemetery is the first one ever to give my friend and I the creeps. We were not even in the cemetery yet, but on the short path to the cemetery, when we felt chills up our spines. We also got a few good pictures here.

A whole bunch of them here

This one appears to be moving

This next pic was taken in an alley behind a house that used to be an orphanage. The lady who checked us into the hotel told us about the house, and that her kid used to talk about seeing other kids around the house. I got an orb, but also what looks like a plasma discharge or something. I have seen other pics of these, but am not sure exactly what they are. Its the squiggly line. The pic I took immediately following this one did not show it.

LAFAYETTE CEMETERY - Home of the 'Vampire Grave'
This cemetery had the feel of a having a lot of activity, and the pictures showed it. There is a grave with the word "Transylvanian" on it, with some other words that are hard to make out. There is a legend that it is a Vampire buried there, and the tree growing from the grave is the stake that was used to pierce his heart. It was a little crazy, because the grave is in the NW part of the cemetery, and there happened to be a bat flying around the NW section of the cemetery when we first got there. The first pic is an orb I got while photographing the legendary grave.

These next few look like they have faces in some of the orbs again-

Please do not post about how orbs are dust, water particles, etc. I do not want to argue about orbs, I just want to present the pictures that I got on the trip. I have personally seen an orb with my own eyes, and had a witness with me who saw the same thing. I know they are real. Some pictures show things that may not be orbs, but it is my opinion that these pictures I am posting do have real orbs in them. I did not post all of my pictures with orb like anomalies in them, just the ones that I thought were the best. Thanks

posted on Apr, 10 2008 @ 01:31 PM
I dont think orbs are normaly in cemetarys though?

I thought ghosts stayed where they died. Unless someone died in the cemetary

posted on Apr, 10 2008 @ 01:34 PM
Most of those pics show nothing more than airborne particulates reflecting light from the flash. The particulates are most likely centimeters away from the flash and the lens, which causes them to be bright and out of focus. Nothing paranormal about them.

A good rule of thumb regarding orbs: If you see them with your unaided eye then you're definitely seeing something real. If you didn't see it with your naked eye and it only shows up when using a flash then it's probably nothing but particulates in the flash.

posted on Apr, 11 2008 @ 06:58 PM
Okay, here it goes...

1) Out of all of the pictures I have taken with this camera, and one other digital camera, no pictures have ever come out with orbs, except a few that were taken in cemeteries and a couple outside of a strange museum.

If they are just particles, why do they appear in less than 5% of the pictures I take?

If they are just particles, why do they show up in cemeteries and haunted places, but never anywhere else (at least for me) ??

I have tried to duplicate these. I have shot dust, snow and empty air, and was unable to produce these.

2) I have indeed seen an orb with my own eyes, and I can feel when the orbs are around at times. Then they will show up in the picture.

3) Orbs are still not studied or understood very much. Its like UFOs, some people swear that they are all explainable, while the rest of us know that some are literally not from this world. Orb pics are a lot like UFO pics as well. Many are taken, few are unexplainable and very few are probably legit. But not ALL of them should be dismissed.

I would also like to ask if anybody knows how quickly a particle or a group of particles will move through the air. I have tested the orb phenomena by taking multiple photos of the same area of air, without moving. The pics are taken back to back to back. The orbs almost always show up in only one of those pictures. Where did the 'particles' go? In fact, this has been done where one pic in three or four will show 20+ orbs, but the others show absolutely nothing! How is this possible?

posted on Apr, 12 2008 @ 01:10 AM
Orbs have been studied quite a bit. This is a well-known phenomenon. Ask a professional photographer if you don't believe me. I have. Read articles from people who *make* the cameras who explain what is happening. I have. Read other articles from real experts in image analysis who explain exactly what is happening. I have.

Orb pics are a dime a dozen. I walked around my house once taking random pictures and most of them had orbs in them. No big deal. There's no point in making something supernatural out of something completely natural and explained. If you want to continue thinking that these are supernatural, be my guest. I'm just trying to save you some time.


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