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Securebowl Virus... help!

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posted on Apr, 7 2008 @ 05:16 PM
I have been tasked with the cleaning of my boss's computer... the normal tech guy swears by the effectiveness of Norton (bah), and was running Internet Explorer 7, so that should tell you a little about the computer.

I've installed and ran a-square and AVG, and cleaned up most of the computer's issues. I also got rid of IE 7, and replaced it with Firefox... but one problem remains.


This was hijacking the old browser, moving the user to, installed a taskbar icon, and every minute or so, issues a spyware warning, instructing you to download the spyware program.

It's a worm.

I did a brief google check to find a cleaner, but hadn't found any free advice (darn sites wanna charge for info). My boss couldn't have been the only dunce around, so if anyone has a link or something that could be useful, I'd appreciate it. As I am at work right now, I don't have time to do much follow ups on searching for a cure...

posted on Apr, 7 2008 @ 11:02 PM
Unfortunately the only way to properly remove this malware is to know what you are doing. I researched the subject and found out that the securebowl is a Zlob Trojan now you can remove this 2 ways.

Download SpyHunter to see if you have the zlob trojan in your system, and get the full version to delete it.


do it manually.

Here is an awesome site that goes into detail.

Trojan 411

Goodluck! I will keep looking to see anything else.


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