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Waverly Sanitarium, Orbs? Louisville KY

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posted on Apr, 6 2008 @ 08:16 PM
My relatives went and got these pics from their trip to Waverly Sanitarium, here in Louisville Ky. It is a popular destination among paranormal buffs and experts alike, and if you have not heard of it, here is a link to some informative websites with the rich history of the now empty (or is it??) hospital:Waverly Hills Sanitarium
Prairie Ghosts Site
Waverly Hills Wiki

From Wiki:

"Waverly Hills Sanatorium, located in Louisville, Kentucky, opened in 1910 as a two-story hospital to accommodate 40 to 50 tuberculosis patients."

"Completed in 1926, this inclined corridor was first constructed for workers to be able to move supplies in and out of the building from the railroad spur at the bottom of the hill. One side of the tunnel consists of concrete steps while the other is made up of a motorized rail and cable system. At some point it was decided that the tunnel could also be used to discreetly transport bodies off of the hill without other patients witnessing it, thereby protecting their morale. The bodies of the dead were placed on a cart and then lowered to the bottom."

"The estimated death toll at Waverly Hills is about 63,000."

Ok, well, I was bored last night and decided to use Windows Explorer on my computer. Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon the pix from the trip to Waverly Hills Sanitarium my relatives took a few years ago! I don't know about yall, but I see orbs, and I thought yall might enjoy looking at some first hand orb pix from a famous haunted place!! Any ideas on what the camera may or may not have caught?

Anyway, hope yall enjoy these as much as I did!! I will post a couple then link to the album. All of the pictures do not have orbs in them, but figured I would link to the set for anyone who was curious.

Waverly Pix Set

And my favorite orb picture...

posted on Apr, 21 2008 @ 08:21 PM
Hey there Tater.
I am from Louisville as well. When in high school (late 80's) I used to hang out there all the time (doing stupid teenager stuff) and I am pretty sure that place is as haunted as can be. I can remember that just about every time I was there we either heard or saw stuff. Now I am sure part of that was simply teenagers getting freaked out, but I am also sure that part of it was that the place is haunted badly.

Welcome to ATS, have fun.
Obs out

posted on Apr, 21 2008 @ 08:23 PM
Orbs are useless and prove nothing more than to be dust.

posted on Apr, 21 2008 @ 08:40 PM
Dust and bugs are a possibility. IF they are real orbs, they aren't really all that special. Orbs are just energy, and can be found anywhere. I do believe that Waverly is very haunted, however.

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