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posted on Apr, 6 2008 @ 02:25 PM

With Each Breath

Original Hip Hop from emcee BombJaw of The Earth Squad.


With each breath,
i inspect the wreckage to the extent that shattered bedrock represents cycles spent,
documenting the flawed aspects of this slow motion neon force fed apocalypse,
as i fight to bring luminance to the humble,
i myself still endeavor to tunnel out the rubble,
shovel and pick till my bloody hands lose their grip,
on muddied crimson stained handles, the megalith,
remains obscure in it's every facet more intricate than the last by factors unfathomable,
still sad that i fractured and shattered both paddles on the first strokes of this upward current battle,
in a leaky boat,
with one eye on the leviathan,
and one hope that i can find the rope and i can climb before the creature's guts rumble,
rise up and bite a man i squint to sight land to spot a tangible standable manageable sand to rest my sandals upon,
construct my abode and plant my farm,
sow seeds in fertile earth and gaze upon,
the fruits of the love that i've labored upon,
i savor the calm,
moments of comatosis when the inner tempest slows it's whirling motion
to a steady pitter patter on the surface membrane of thought
so i can sort, the patterns from the ripple scatter

With each step, that spans a bloody cadaver
accompanied by frozen bloody puddles shattered
by footsteps of tattered matter tethered
to a tenuous thread of the words that i said,
nervous that i'm undeserving of this
revelation of realization that impermanence,
permeates present states from pearly gates
to swirling lakes of emanating flames,
frozen in the same frame and state from
whence it came, into which it is dissolved and which is erased,
as each sole spans a lengthy hurried pace
the soul hastily traverses time and space,
in leaps and bounds expounding on fears unfounded,
ungrounded in reality because the spoon don't exist,
you stuck trying to bend metal with mental fists,
getting pissed, when you create what resists,
the effort and force which you've applied to the lever,
unconnected to a fulcrum eclipses you every endeavor
to achieve whichever, result you should desire manifested
i manifest light my fire brings when i've blessed it

and i test it lest it fails to shine the best

length: 02:24
file: btsmpod_2886.mp3
size: 1688k
feed: btsm
status: live (at time of posting)

[edit on 4/6/2008 by DezertSkies]

[edit on 4/6/2008 by DezertSkies]

posted on Apr, 6 2008 @ 02:35 PM
I liked the conviction in your voice in that clip.

Thanks for sharing with us.

I particularly liked the part when the voices came together.

posted on Apr, 6 2008 @ 02:41 PM
Thanks, that's just a rough cut I'm trying to get some real studio time soon, hopefully i'll have an album out shortly.

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