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Entertaining Conspiracies

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posted on Apr, 4 2008 @ 09:38 PM
Boy, 6500 words are not many when you want to say a lot.

Ok, you would not know it by what I am about to say, but I am an optimist, I think...

I have been thinking all my life. Why are things the way they are? Why is everyone so angry? There is so many questions, I would not know where to start, really.

The politicians, and the religious folk, every race, creed and color, and every country and ice cube are fighting with each other over stupid stuff. (Let me clarify that by saying stupid is being used in general, meaning something more or less thats stupid to any of us, and being as we all see things differently it could be just about anything). Now in saying that I must justify it by stating I am sure I am included in therewith everyone else. But what concerns me is who is really creating the storms in life? When people (politicians) can send a large group of young men off to die, in one way or another, for whatever reason, what would be the true motive? Why do politicians feel they have a right to do this? Especially in the supposed civilized world.

How this fits into a conspiracy is not new news, I am sure of that. Does the politicians run the religious of the world, or is it the other way around? Is this God (whoever God is) really running any of the program at all??
May I make a suggestion that the political conspiracy lies within the heart of God. It does not matter to me what you call this God. He/She/It/Whatever must have a devious plan attached to what is going on here. Who could, in there right mind sit back and watch a bunch of ignorant animals destroy themselves in every conceivable manner? But more importantly why would this be? What kind of political move is this for God, what is the benefit?

With Communism, man takes advantage of man. In Capitalism it is the other way around. (just a funny for you) Anyway the point being if man lives in greed, which we do, what would be the benefit for God, I ask again?

So what if we were to pretend for a moment there is no God. What would be the benefit to the higher powers? Money, things, power, obviously, but there has to be more than that. Is that the ultimate goal for all of us? To out do each other?

I believe each and everyone of us have some kind of political conspiracy going on, in some fashion in our lives. We may just be to naive of our own selves to see it. I hate politics, but the truth is I am very political about many things. I remember the Vietnam War, the Korean War etc... I watched 9-11 happen. I do have an opinion and so do you, and as long as we have an opinion, then we have politics. And as long as we have opinions, well then we have conspiracy theory's. It will continue through the history of man till we die, or we all have clones with no feelings (and personally I don't see that happening.)

Who is truly behind all these theories, well you and I, natch. We create ideas to entertain ourselves. ( am actually happy to be a part of it all, gives me something to talk about). I am sorry, I do believe Bush is an idiot and has been since birth. I must follow that up with a reason though. When the whole world says they won't stand behind you if you go to war, AND if the inspector says there's no WofMD, well then maybe someone should pay attention. So what was Bush's goal in all this? Well personally I think that he just wanted to be in the history books. That was his own little conspiracy in the picture, his personal conspiracy against us. We would be forced to look at him all of the time. Yikes! But I also remember in this statement that it could have been any of us doing the exact same move, Bush just happened to be the one in charge.

But I think it has a deeper meaning as well. With all the talk of Masons, Illuminati, secret society's, and let us not forget the religious side of politics was in there too, and it is too, it's still benefiting. It is tied in with these secret societies as well. I believe that when I comes to politics and conspiracies that it is the motive that drives the world. What does all this talk get us??

I must say too that all the paranormal talk is the religious way of controlling us. Yes this includes aliens. For after all what did you think when President Carter said he saw an UFO. There we go, politics and religion and paranormal all mixing up in a big stew of conspiracies, throw in a dash of John Titor, a handful of HAARP, a little shot of CERN. Cook it bake it and cover it with the FBI, CIA and maybe even some KGB. Oh and we could probably trim it with Hollywood, and maybe even some science.

Is anyone smiling yet? It really is rather humorous, to me anyways. I realize to many of you these things are very important issues. But we must smile, because when we see God, or the Aliens land, or the Government working we need to be ready, and I for one will be smiling, whatever happens.

I am still working on my conspiracy theory in my life. I have carried it all my life. It has a lot to do with being happy, joyous and free. And if God, and the politicians, oh and of course the aliens, didn't have a plot to get me, well then I might be able to figure it all out. But in the meanwhile, I plan on learning even more from all of you on this site. Many of you have great insight on what is going on in this big bad world and universe. I for one plan on continuing to learn from all of you.

It's 2008, let's get rid of the hate.



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