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BIG Question about 'Reincarnation'

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posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 12:28 AM
reply to post by TheDuckster

If Reincarnation is what it is
Honestly some do remember some don't.

Now let me say why I say this. I look at it a different way I guess.

Lets say I'm a snake slithering through the grass and some child picked me spotted me and picked me up and brought me into his house.
There I was "kept in a cage" till his/her mom found out I was there and made that child put me back out side.
Yet I live and slither away.
Now I watched this child in the room and was interacting with it ( for a bit ) but when I was let go nature took its course.
I died.
My "spirit" moves "up a ladder" to a higher being.
I get reincarnated into pet hamster or mouse, something on that line.
I live my life with more intellectual beings.
This life was great.
But Nature takes its course and I die.
This time I come back as the happy pet dog and or cat , bird, always up a ladder [YET (1)] always reincarnating into a "higher" being.
Then after a few life times My soul finally hits the human mark, where my soul will try to become even higher.
Sometimes a soul could remember passing on from one body to the other
"if" it was (large? passionate, looking for a good word) a large learning
experience for the body to remember it like a guru.

sometimes it takes many lifetimes to learn it thats where the [yet] comes in

now lets say I was living my life and all is fine,
but this time I take a turn and do some thing wrong, I bully kids or rob a store, something just not right with common sense so when I die,
the next life my soul goes back down the ladder,
now I'm a bird in a cadge "probably some lunatic" but I remember why I'm stuck behind the bars ,
(not saying all birds are bad)
so that life not only do I live behind bars as a bird but now My soul needs to work on "being with one" again.
So the next life after the bird ( in the cadge) I become a cat or dog again
( mind you not all cats and dogs are from birds)

So my spirit reincarnates into the next level of being
until human where sometimes when you learn more of the universe the whole "shebang"
you move up more rungs on the ladder.
Now that could be spiritual , or something I'm not to sure
but lets say your soul takes the path of trying to help others you could become a emergency tech.
" EMT " ,then a doctor, maybe you could remember some of the EMT life and thats what helped becoming a doctor.
But remember Sometimes wrong choices the doctor thinks they are God and goes back down the rung of the ladder.
Back down to lets say a "drug user" knowing and feeling they could have done better in their lives maybe they
don't remember the side of a doctor but they some how know the tingle tells em they can do better.

So either way sometimes you can remember some times you can't, some times the memories passes though the body with out the mind blinking an eye, the tingles.

Any How thats my thinking on reincarnation. Sometimes you remember and sometimes you don't.

posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 12:37 AM
reply to post by EvilBat

You have such a wonderful insight....honestly and truely.

Could YOU imagine this happening to yourself?

If 'YES', THEN... why don't the rest of the 99% of us remember this kind of way of life for instance?



posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 12:41 AM

Originally posted by TheDuckster
reply to post by EvilBat

You have such a wonderful insight....honestly and truely.

Could YOU imagine this happening to yourself?

If 'YES', THEN... why don't the rest of the 99% of us remember this kind of way of life for instance?



Well I can imagine this happening to myself, honestly
Thats why I wrote it
people don't believe the same thing so they wouldn't remember.

It's not like I remember being a mouse, or a cockroach but maybe my soul
the part of me that I can't hear,see, touch, remembers the pain
it had to go through with life.

But yea 99% will not remember it because either they don't want to or they just don't believe in it.

( but you got to remember that some of the 99% that do remember are always Cleo or Napoleon, Tut and such)

posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 01:02 AM
reply to post by EvilBat

I think it all boils down to the TRUTH


posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 01:04 AM
If you remembered, would there be a point in coming back? What is the point of coming back? If it's to learn new things wouldn't it be best to start your next life the same as you started your last?

If you kept your memories, and weren't told to learn new things or correct past mistakes, would you ever change? And if you were told to learn new things and correct past mistakes, who would you be doing it for? Yourself or those that told you to change? Would it be real change?

posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 01:11 AM
reply to post by ThePiemaker

If you kept your memories, and weren't told to learn new things or correct past mistakes, would you ever change? And if you were told to learn new things and correct past mistakes, who would you be doing it for? Yourself or those that told you to change? Would it be real change?

See...that's what I'm asking.

If we could keep our memories.

If If If.....

Aside from a few children's talkings, there is IMHO, NO evidence to substantiate the claims of Reincarnation.

Let the flames fly.


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posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 01:13 AM
Maybe we aren't supposed to know purposely about anything (past lives, where we came from). A clean slate or blank canvas to create yourself. Life is all about creation, is it not? We are given the power to create life and take it away. Life is what you make it. People should be focused on NOW and not whats going to happen after...Of course you want to know but there will be plenty of time to ask questions when your finally gone. Things like thoughts, intuition, emotions, etc. have to come from something "soul" seems highly probable that when we die, that "soul" does move on and progress as life ends, a new one begins. A vicious cycle with no knowledge of the previous perhaps...For all we know- we all could have been going through this cycle for billions of years, all over the universe. Keep an open mind and a strong heart on this subject- Don't listen to anyone but yourself.

posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 01:19 AM
reply to post by TheDuckster

Who's truth?
Your truth?
My truth?
Her/His truth?

I like my thoughts on reincarnation that why they are true to me. Your thoughts on it might be different but unless you show / tell me how yours is better then well mines what I believe

Pours lighter fluid in the shape of a smiley face and lights a match
flames going

posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 01:44 AM
Hey, a thread I can sort of contribute to! Yay!

Alright, about the question of why being reincarnated if we don't remember the memories of our past lives. I think that the memories you had in your past lives might come out as 'gut feelings', or that tiny voice in your head telling you to not do something. Like if you did something wrong in a past life and you are close to attempting it again, you get a feeling in your gut not to do it, or that little voice is screaming in your head to not do it.

Eh.. Understand what I'm saying? It's pretty late and I'm tired.


posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 05:01 AM
What I see.. is, we are all actually light beings at the core (our soul). We have a source.. or some would call Heaven.. the middle way, what ever. So.. say we are hanging out at our source for a while and we get bored, say we want to raise a family or be a doctor or just grow spiritually.. Whatever the goal or purpose is, we incarnate into a specific body in a specific time and space to fulfill it. Remembering your past life would be a detriment to your specific goal during that incarnation so your soul does not let you. (like others said at the beginning of this thread.) Then we live out our lives here (attempt to accomplish the goals) and return to our source after the physical body dies. Since I am in a physical body right now I can not remember what the source is like... but I have a certain intuition that tells me it is very loving.
I have thought about how this could actually work as well.. If we are light and black holes suck light in and transports it through a worm hole to the other side of the universe... maybe.. just maybe, when we die our souls shoot through the universe through wormholes until we reach the source..... I have read some near death experience and what they describe is basically like shooting through a series of wormholes until they reach a light source.

Here is one I came across.. the second NDE I read just now. (Note the reference to 'something bright' and 'a tunnel'.)
"Two cars slammed into me from the side. I hit my head on the steering wheel. Then I saw something bright. I looked up and saw a bright light and then I felt like I had no pain. Then I was flying through a tunnel and I kept on seeing flash-backs of my life. So then I knew I was dead. Then I was standing in a meadow. I looked around the meadow and someone was walking toward me. When they reached me, I noticed that it was my grandma. She came up to me and I said to her, "where am I?" She answered, "you are in heaven, but you are not ready to die yet." I asked her if I would ever follow my dreams but she said she couldn't tell me and then she was gone. I started to look for her. I could see flowers all over and animals where running but then it all started to fade away. I found myself in the hospital. My mom said that I had died.
NDE from car accident. NDEr is 15 years old, and this experience happened just two months ago." (in 2005)
Another good one..
"This is my perception of what happened when I arrested. If you can imagine a huge, tall smoke stack (no heat or fire thank goodness - just a feeling of being in a tunnel) and you are at the bottom facing upward. It is dark all around you except at top of the stack there is a bright light in the distance. You are rising rapidly up through the stack moving towards the light. There is no fear in your mind at the time, just an awareness of flying toward the light. I remember the light as being white and bright. As I reach the light I seem to pass into a state of awareness that I have now transitioned into a room "filled" with hospital staff. I look to my bedside and the nurse has tears in her eyes.
NDE associated with cardiac arrest following heart attack."

Basically.. I am posting this because it gives me comfort in life and death.. and it may give you the comfort as well. The thought of death made me very depressed years ago... im only 22 though, so.. that was when I was about 13. After a while though, small things started happening to me and my eyes started opening.. honestly I still am confused as to what is really going on here in this life.. but what I said above is what I believe currently.


posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 05:06 AM

Originally posted by TheDuckster
If Reincarnation is true?

Then WHY don't we remember 'from before'?!?!??!


I believe you will have simultaneous knowledge of all your previous lives once you die.

You WILL remember the previous lives only when you can deal with it (ie when you are not in a body).

Like I said before, you cannot remember what your previous lives were while in a body because it would be a burden:

1. You may seek out your old wife/ parents/ children
2. You will have an identity crisis. What if you were a KKK klansman in your previous life and are reborn as a black man?

In short the point of reincarnation is to get a range of experiences so if you are fixated on the past then you will not be able to get on with the present, thus forsaking the future.

posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 07:15 AM
reply to post by CA_Orot

Very well thought out post. I'd also like to add that, not all souls will necessarilly re-incarnate in the same time period or dimension or even world. Therefore, the chances that you will meet the "same souls" in this particular lifetime could very well be slim to none.

posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 07:18 AM
reply to post by TheDuckster

Hey Duckster,
You ask a great question, because many people don't 'get it', and make the same common mistake. I'll try to throw some light on the points you make as best I can.

You and other's reading this thread will most likely already know that I am a 'Pastlife Regression Therapist (have been for the last 15yrs). And if you've read the thread I made about 'spontaneous pastlife memory' or any of the posts I've made elsewhere on this subject, you will also know that I take a very different approach to helping people recall their own memories because I have a real 'downer' on the use of hypnosis in such practices (I believe that it can do more harm than good by tainting and distorting the retreived memories).

I say this up front so that people understand my stance on the matter and realize that for me the client's acurate recall is priority ... I don't want them leaving me with a load of made-up crap in their heads, that bears no relevance to true memories ... and it's never about how much money I can make out of them (as someone presumed once). I've said it before and I'll say it again ... I have often worked for free when someone needed my services but could not afford a fee.

Ok, I needed to get that off my chest at the beginning so everyone knows I'm sincere and passionate about this subject ... stepping away from my soapbox now.

TextDuckster; You asked, 'How can one better ourselves, on a Spiritual timeline, if we don't recall these pastlife experiences'?

And the best way I can probably give an explanation for this is by relating to a post made by Text'CA-Orot'

> The brain and mind are two seperate things - The Brain = Physical - The Mind = Metaphysical<
All 'physical' elements in our new forms/bodies are new ... all 'metaphysical' elements are the same throughout all lifetimes.

The soul never dies ... it is the individual essence of our 'being'.

The mind (as a whole) never dies ... it is our mental filing cabinet where all the experiencial memories (from all our 'physical lifetimes' + the 'spiritual between-times' are stored).

Now, as several posters have already mentioned, imagine the hell we would experience if everyone of these memories was constantly buzzing around our heads at all times ... the overload would literally kill us. So there has to be a precaution devise in place to prevent this from happening.

The compartmentional ability of the human mind is that 'precaution devise'.
Imagine the filing cabinet (mind) has 3 draws ... these 3 draws represent;

(i) Conscious Mind (ii) Sub-conscious Mind (ii) Unconscious Mind.

Our pastlife memories are stored in the bottom draw (deepest level), this is why they are rarely recalled without help eg; Regression Therapy. However, there are occasions when (for whatever reason), one/several of these memories find there way up to the top draw (surface level). There can be any number of reasons for this and quite often it results in a fleeting sence of 'deja vu' (although not all 'deja vu' is necessarily the result of pastlife memory ... but I won't complicate this by going into that now).

Occasionally, someone will receive a flood of pastlife memories spontaneously, which can be very disconcerting initially and is a good reason why in the regular way of things the memories remain stored in the bottom draw. This is what happened to me and is the reason that I became a PLRT.

(If you want to know more about this you can find the link to my old thread in my profile ... or click the link in my signature to read more info on my website, rather than derailing Duckster's thgread).

TextTenebrous; hit the nail on the head by saying 'It comes out in our affinities/dislikes ...'

This is correct, when pastlife memories filter through from our unconscious mind (bottom draw), into our sub-conscious mind (middle draw), it results in us either taking an instant like/dislike to someone/something, for no apparent reason ... having mannerisms/habits without consciously understanding their source.

As for the suggestion that our not remembering pastlives resulting in us repeating over and over (like groundhog day), also true to a degree. My experience being a perfect example and (I believe), the reason why my pastlife memories of one particular lifetime came flooding in like a great deluge, without any warning.

Once I started to understand what was actually happening I realized I was following precisely the same path I'd followed previously ... making exactly the same errors and would likely meet an untimely demise as before, if I didn't act on this information. I did and I believe that is the reason I'm hear today !!! And I am not exagerating that point.

Whilst PLRT has gained in popularity because of the New-Age factor over the last few years ... it really does have many deeper benefits, not least because it provides us with a deeper understanding of ourselves ... what makes us tick ... and why. But having said that it is absolutely essencial that the good old safety devise remains in place for our sanity sake at the mundane level.

The other point that was brought-up was about not remembering etc, effecting our spiritual timeline.

Well IMO (and this is only my personal take on it), our souls/spirits choose the lifetime they will be born into ... to learn the lessons that particular lifetime will provide. This is how the soul develops/evolves. Now that includes the necessity to experience the bad along with the good and indifferent.

Once we are in human form our previous memories are wiped (as someone suggested, during birth) and in addition we are given 'freewill'. This means that lessons we had chosen to come back and learn can be sidestepped/avoided when good old 'freewill' kicks in ... in these instances the soul will have to return at a later date to undertake those lessons again (oops!).

Once a soul has experienced and taken on board all the human life lessons, then I believe that soul has the choice of either remaining in 'Spirit' (as in an Ascended Master) ... or becoming a 'Spirit Guide' (to another soul in human form).

Well, there you have my take on it ... there is so much more I could add but I've probably bored you all to sleep by now. Hope this helped in some small way though ... and Duckster I have to say again 'Great Question'.

Sorry for the long, long post. Woody

posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 07:21 AM

Originally posted by TheDuckster
Which brings me back to my original question:

"If Reincarnation is true, then why do most of us NOT remember our past lives?"


I don't know about the rest of the world. But I myself have had flashbacks of memories of a couple of past lives. Now you can go ahead and call me crazy. Don't really care, not trying to prove anything to anyone. Just wanted to point out that, at least in my case, I have had weird memories (no, not created by the media) and as for the poster who said that it can sometimes come out as pet peeves or affinities to places I shouldn't have an affinity for. I agree with that as well since I've always had this feeling that where I am right now really isn't my "home" scary huh?

posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 09:28 AM

Originally posted by Question
reply to post by CA_Orot

Very well thought out post. I'd also like to add that, not all souls will necessarilly re-incarnate in the same time period or dimension or even world. Therefore, the chances that you will meet the "same souls" in this particular lifetime could very well be slim to none.

My wife was 18 and I was 16 when we were married. She is now 41 and I am 39. I can't help but wonder why we love each other so much? Every one we know is divorced. My Aunt and Uncle refused to come to the wedding. They thought we were destroying our lives. In the end their daughter got married and divorced within two years and we were already married 10 years by then. I still feel the “cold shoulder” when I go to visit them…

My wife and I have had our arguments but in the end we always love each other more than not so we stay together. It's more like a force that keeps us together because it hurts so much when we are not. It rattles me to the core to be apart from her.

We tried to live a part for awhile once but we couldn't function without each other... It makes me wonder.

This is something apart from that of my wife and I. I have never voiced this to anyone because it makes no sense but I will share it with my friends here at ATS…

I have had this feeling of I don't know what you call it... From the time I was a small child I have this picture in my mind of a frozen expanse and a sky filled with stars. I remember the brightness of the ice from the very bright night sky.

Now maybe I remember this because I have actually seen that landscape in this life but I don't have a physical reference for it. TV was black and white back then and this is a vivid memory of actually being there.

It makes no sense to me at all and doesn’t sound like a great place but I don't remember it as foreboding at all. Just peaceful and awe inspiring...

When I think about it I was very confident in that setting. Like I knew exactly who I was and where I was going. I have never felt like that for my entire life here on this planet. It is very strange indeed! Maybe it was the last look at the great beyond before my rebirth. That is the only thing I have come up with that makes sense to me.

Its like our rebirth takes a flight path in from over the two poles... How ubsurd does that sound?

posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 10:35 AM
I'd like to suggest Dolores Cannon's work. Specifically her books:

Convoluted Universe - Book One
Convoluted Universe - Book Two
Convoluted Universe - Book Three

She has been successfully investigating the idea of re-incarnation for over 30 years and publishing her discoveries in these books. Through her unique hypnosis technique she is able to regress her patients to past lives to help explain troubles they are having in this life. Quite interesting. She also has a weekly radio show.

As well I've been doing some of my own research into the Akashic Records, where all information of all our past lives is stored. There is a meditation technique whereby you can access the information yourself.

On a subconcious (or super-conscious) level we do remember our past lives but CHOOSE to NOT remember on this conscious better learn our lesson's in this life. Lesson's by the way that we chose to learn while on the spiritual plane.

posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 10:52 AM
reply to post by Perplexed

Hi Perplexed,

What you say makes perfect sense to me.

I know (from my personal experiences), that some (although not all), of the same souls do draw together in multiple lifetimes.

Why am I so certain of this ?

I'm certain of this because these were the realizations that hit me between the eyes like a flying brick, when I recalled the pastlife I mentioned in an earlier post.

I believe there is a high probability that you and your wife have been together before (from what you say), but without speaking to you personally and asking some searching questions, to get to the bottom of the attraction between you, I could only summise.

I too met and married my ex-husband at a very early age (met when I was 16yrs old/married when I was 17yrs old). But here's the thing ... I NEVER actually loved my ex-husband (not even in the beginning).

Trust me, I do know how weird that sounds !

But for some reason there was a compelling draw to him that can only be described as 'familiarity' ... to a degree where it felt like I had no choice in the matter. Kind of like watching my life unfold in front of me and having no say in the matter. But you should also know that as young as I was, I was a very mature and level headed girl who didn't suffer fools gladly (commonly referred to as 'old head on young shoulders').

I spent 21yrs of my life married to this person. And the only good thing to come out of that relationship was the children we made together. My ex-husband had countless affairs throughout our marriage and was both physically and psychologically abusive in the most extreme ways ... my life (as you can imagine), was not only miserable but bloody scarey !!!

Why did I stay so long ?

Your guess is as good as mine. But then the most amazing thing happened ... I experienced 'spontaneous pastlife recall'. Not all in one fell swoop you understand ... but in dribs and drabs over an extended period of time.

As you might expect my initial thought was that I'd had some kind of mental breakdown due to the constant and unbearable 'eggshell-walking' pressure I was under. Then after a while I began to notice that the pattern of events in my 'recall' was mirroring my present life.

When I first made this connection the logical side of me thought that it was my imagination kicking in to act as a kind of 'safety-valve' ... by trying to distance myself from the god-awful reality I was living in and placing it into a fantasy senario. And this would have been a perfectly reasonable assumption and one I would have been happy to accept as explanation for the strangeness.

But as the PLM continued to filter through I realized that the man I had been married to was the same 'soul' as the man who was responsible for my death in the pastlife. What really freaked me out at this point, was the fact that my present life was retreading that previous path so closely and deteriorating so quickly that the outcome (my death), was becoming increasingly likely.

So, I had to do something and fast. Having this information meant that I was in a position to change that outcome. I decided that if I was truly sane and these extraordinary memories were real, then there should be evidence that the people and places in said memories actually existed.

I did the research and discovered the people and places that I recalled had existed. So all I had to do was remove my children and myself from harms way. I did and have been living happily in North Yorkshire for 15yrs now ... alive and well thanks to 'pastlife memory'.

And that's why I decided to study psychology (to find out about the workings of the human mind). I became a Pastlife Regression Therapist because I wanted to help other people benefit where necessary from the knowledge held in these kind of memories.

I had initially thought I'd been repeating the path of a pastlife because of a malfunction in my programming ... but eventually came to believe that it was a necessary chapter in my present life (a refresher course if you will), whether I passed or failed the cryptic test would determine my demise (need to learn the lesson in another lifetime), or survival (to achieve/learn what I had planned prior to my birth).

Hopefully, I learned that part well enough to be moved up the spiritual ladder a rung when I return 'home', before my next little jaunt.


posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 01:50 PM

I have always had an innate understanding and belief in reincarnation as it makes the most sense when thinking about afterlife. It wasn't until I read " Conversations with God, vol 1 " by Neal Donald Walsch that I felt I truly understood the very answers to your queries. I recommend you read it as it will serve you well.

In order to understand reincarnation, there must be an understanding of who, what, where, how and why we exist. Walsch does a marvelous job of explaining all this. Suffice to say, Our souls are fragments of God experiencing our " godness " in every relative existence. There is no judgement, only spiritual ascension. Our souls choose our life moments to know what it needs to know; that can be in any form, time, dimension etc. We choose our next existence and we choose not to remember so that we can re-discover who, what, why, where, and how we are. If we knew, there wouldn't be a point to it all. Behind the curtain, there is intelligent design.

posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 02:43 PM
I remember about 3 or something past lives. I used to have dreams about them when I was a kid. In fact a lot of kids are said to remember these kinds of things, it just kinda fades away after time, but its there.

From what I gather as well.. each of these small glimpses i've had of them, was to remember a specific lesson.

In terms of learning... I think of it this way.. each new life, is like a new life.. as in.. if we had memory of the old ones, it wouldn't be like a clean start. We could be dwelling on problems that happened 500 years ago! Now... if we were capable of dealing with such memories, not getting too attached to lives or people from our past...then I could see a use for a full recall. Otherwise... given from what I see from a lot of people, i don't know if they could currently handle it.

I see it this way... in life you improve yourself in different areas... your next life, your personality reflects the accumulation of past experience. I think this is why some people are naturally much much more wise then others. They just don't make the simple mistakes other people do, or they don't really conform to society as children, all these signs. You can just tell man.. you look into the eyes.. and you just you're getting pulled in. Whereas other people..their eyes just look flat and glassy to me, almost as if they aren't even alive in some cases. Like robots.

This is just my oppinion of course and as far as past life memories through dreams go... well, I've had several dreams of this life... visions of events 10+ years in the future from when I had the dreams, and I watched them come true. Very accurately. 2006 was the year of extreme deja vu for me.

And if I can see 10 - 20 years in the future, then maybe I can see into my next life? .. which is what I believe I did.. I was a guy, my skin was really light, lighter then it is now, my hair was black, darker then it is now.. i was a different guy all together.. I remember being on a subway, and i got the impression everyone was intelligent and accepting of each other. I was out on the street too and I recalled some interesting things, like electric motorcycles that made cool sounds.

All these dreams I had were about 10 years ago.

Anyways... I think re-incarnation is real. I think the universe is much more complex then we make it out to be and that we understand less then 2% of it. But I believe it is infinite and immeasurable, making that 2% pretty much as good as 0%. My oppinion.

We just have to keep an open mind and not accept ANY final anwers. The truth is in layers. Keep peeling away.

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posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 02:58 PM
some neat things about accumulated past life skills.

My freind tells me that when she used to get in fights, she'd just black out and start doing stuff, which someone recognized as a martial art. My freind is also very in touch with all these things, she's very "gifted" or "experienced".

I find it interesting that you can watch any little kid pick up a stick and swing it around with such skill and finesse as if they naturally knew how to fight with weapons. This could be completely biological, but I don't rule it out.

i think those who are born with very high psychic awareness is from past life accumulation. Its a form of evolution I believe, but I'd have to get into my whole philosophy of conciousness about that. But I see it like this... say you're a hunter one life... your senses arent' enough so you develope an extra one to alert you of danger. And in your next life you have super clairaudience or something, or an intuition of dangerous situations.

I think we remember EVERYTHING, but it requires some know-how to dig it up. But yeah.. I think we deffinatly forget it for some very simple reasons, to make the learning experience as smooth an efficient as possible.

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