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Help!! I need Support!!! Rebate Rant!!

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posted on Apr, 4 2008 @ 07:09 PM
I need some support and ratings and views so these ppl take me seriously!

I sent in a rebate for my cpu cooler a few weeks ago and these ppl over at are trying to screw me out of my $15 cause they screwed up and lost my upc bar code I sent in with all the other crap they wanted!!! Who knows how many ppl they have done this to...well any way...$15 isn't going to kill me...and they know this..and most ppl probably say to heck with it and they get away with it all the time...I sent them my youtube video as a response to the rejection of my rebate...will you guys go check it out and rate it and comment? so by the time they get around to viewing it they will see this and hopefully have an impact on their future policies and make them think twice about screwing ppl in the future? I know I sound odd in the video...I had just gotten up and could not pronounce world wide weebate lol....I can't rma my cooler now if it breaks cause I sent off for a rebate so they are getting me there too!!

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