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Oroboros Chronicles: Poems

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posted on Feb, 24 2004 @ 11:29 AM
On either side of every day is a choice. They are all just versions of you. You ARE I. Look within. Does what you see emulate the outside world? Does what you see frighten you? Are you empty inside, trying to get outside? To which side of the looking glass does your vision tend to wander? Does the illusion paint your canvas or do you create the Art?

You create yourself, so let the world shine in, or let your spirit shine out! lol!

We live in a world, judged in and of itself on actions while based on actions. Our actions have been unwelcome on eachother and we are killing our world. I have seen love and ultimate sacrifice displayed here as well. Since all things react and we know of ourselves our own true place of heart, we become whatever it is that we make of ourselves. We are or were made from this universe. I believe anything is possible. If we can split the atom, create dusion with love, am I crazy to think we can change ourselves?

God doesn't TRY to lve, he invented it.

If everyone took a stone from the beach, in time, there would be no more stones on the beach. If by hate and war with no discrimination, with no personal sedire to change as individuals, we might destroy the world or worse; one day...the human heart could forget love.

Love is allowing yourself to care so much for another, one forgets to care for themselves almost and we are no longer: self. It's in the best interests of us ALL to care. If we know lovew is the strongest mover of our souls, are we stupid or lazy?


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