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Any one seen "The secret" or read the book?

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posted on Apr, 4 2008 @ 11:44 PM
WOW........I never thought I'd have so much feed back.....well if you choose to believe that there was no Jesus then thats perfectly fine it me. However that is weird that the teachings of a man that never existed could come so far for so many.

As for the CWG series, I'm a big fan Mr. Walsch as well and have learned a great deal from him. I strongly suggest reading His 2 latest books "Tomorrows GOD" and "Happier Than GOD" . I thought they were just Foundational for pointing the human morale compass back in the right direction. I think he makes a great deal of sense in everything he says.

If you think that the movie was nothing but a dissapointment then i strongly suggest reading some of the books by the authors who were in the movie or checking out their sites as i promise you will not be let down. Money cant buy you happyness but it can make life easier in the sense that you can buy things to help fruther aid in life. i know nobody here would turn down a million dollar check. Money can only make life harder if you let it and you may say that i am money hungry but it is the currency to pay for what you need and i thirst for knowledge and and other things i dont have for the pure experience. So answer me this is there anything i should't experience? why sould anyone be denied the experience of anything?

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posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 12:20 AM

the secret to unlimited happiness = Get off Your A** and get a job then you can pay your bills, eat out at nice places, be able to go where you want to, take your significant other out or plan/go on a vacation

If thats what the secret is for you then life will always be this way. I think you left out having that job that you love. I will be the first to say that i am lazy i absolutly hate working and realized that serving others is the key to happiness. I know very few people would say they were happy at my job( I'm a nurse). So far life is great and i couldn't be happier.The point im getting to is that your happiness wont work for eveyone, as neither will mine.

Reality will alway be what you want it to be. i cant speak the truth as you may be a very happy person but you seem to be an unhappy person.

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posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 12:37 AM

Originally posted by hdchop

Originally posted by Dobbie
Hi all,

Hey great post, and I'll tell you why...

When I heard about the secret and its principles, it reminded me very much of a theory I had read about many years ago (NOT the Law of Attraction, but something along those lines).

I purchased both the Secret book and DVD when it was released and gave many copies of the book away as Christmas gifts to those I thought needed to read it.

Whilst the delivery of the message in the Secret DVD is a little hard to swallow and a little OTT (over the top), I must admit to you all, that I am a firm believer and follower of its basic principles!

Without visualisation, without believing, without expecting, how on earth do you expect to achieve whatever it is that you want to achieve??????

To all those who laugh at the concept, thats fine! We are all entitled to our own personal opinions, however, take it from someone who has had a pretty rough start in life to now having a life that most people would envy - I say it again - I totally endorse those principles. I practice gratitude everyday - and - everyday I am blessed with more exciting opportunities/windfalls/rewards/offers!

I consider myself living, walking proof!!

So, to those of you that are thinking what total crap this is and whining about all that is going wrong in your life, why don't you get out of your own head and focus on turning your thoughts around! I dare you! And then tell me what happens!

But don't fool yourself, at first this is really, really hard and you much watch your thoughts and not allow yourself spiral back into negativity.

And, Dirtonwater, there is work involved, if you have watched the secret, you will know that a person must "act" when the opportunity presents itself! The secret won't work if you just sit on your butt all the time!! LOL

Kindest regards to all!


Not really wanting to be an a** here but all you have stated is that you needed someone else to get you off your BUTT, out of the house and actually work hard for what you have.....

If You NEED to have someone come by and slap you into reality I'll come by and do it for free - No need to pay someone to come into your home make you run in circles thinking your going to get all this "material" stuff that just so happend to seemingly come your way... No - it only gave you juice & advice on how to get out and DO WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN WANTING TO DO YOURSELF.. (if) you have friends and family around you then they have been probibly telling you the same thing - You just were not hearing them.... It goes something like the below..........

Family/Friends = Tell you to get off Your A** and get a job
The Secret = the secret to unlimited happiness

the secret to unlimited happiness = Get off Your A** and get a job then you can pay your bills, eat out at nice places, be able to go where you want to, take your significant other out or plan/go on a vacation

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Well yes, you do sound like a bit of an a** by the tone of that message my friend!

I don't know where it is that you get the impression that I am a person who is sitting around on my a**??????????????? I am totally baffled by that! In my message I clearly state that when an opportunity presents itself, you must act (meaning do something, like um work!!)

I don't have to explain anything to you but I will say I actually do work very hard to support my family and we have a great life.

It ISN'T all about the material, however, a bit of money does give you options, such as the chance at a better education for yourself and your children. And the opportunity to travel and explore this wonderful planet.

However, positive thinking = happier outlook!

I hope you can at least see where your message may be perceived to be aggressive and sarcastic

posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 05:21 PM
Dobbie it's ok man no one is personally attacking you, i'm not anyways. "Theres no sense in getting all rowdy every time someone gives you a hard time because in the end the universe tends to unfold as it should"........

posted on Apr, 6 2008 @ 02:10 AM
reply to post by the basset hound

Possible to answer my questions please?

As to why should people be denied experiencing things? Well, don't know if you've noticed, but the world can be a pretty unpleasant place, with some very unpleasant people in it - was Mugabe using the Secret? Should he not have been denied some of the things he was trying to experience?

I'd really appreciate a set of answers for my questions please.

posted on Apr, 7 2008 @ 07:28 AM
reply to post by the basset hound

Thanks basset hound, I just wanted to make crystal clear, the point that the Secret wasn't about sitting around daydreaming about all these wonderful things coming without putting in any effort, because if that were true, I've been working my butt off unnecessarily!!

But I have seen the results of positive thinking and believing in oneself and the universe and it truly is a blessing. I've seen lives turn around without the aid of shrinks or doctors just by a person realising that their future is really up to them and that inside their own heads, they are blocking themselves from opportunity and happiness.

As said before the delivery of the Secret is OTT but the underlying message is 100% truth!

Be clear on what you want! Believe in yourself! Be open to receiving! And wherever possible - do things that make YOU feel happy (but that does not hurt anyone else - very important!!).

Kindest regards to all!


posted on Apr, 7 2008 @ 10:38 AM

Originally posted by jokei
Ok, some direct questions for you Basset...

1) What (if any) religion and/or organisations are you/the people behind "The Secret" affiliated with?

2) Why such a focus on material possesions/goals throughout the dvd?

3) If there is a religious "backing" of The Secret, why not make it plain on the dvd/promotional material.

4) Will there be a sequel?

5) Why was there no one involved/shown, that are commonly accepted or recognised as succesful involved? Was anyone approached, Bill Gates, Richard Branson etc?

All appologies Jokie, I in now way meant to ignore you what so ever.
As for the answeres to your questions here they are........

1. As it has been awhile since I've seen the movie and my book is loaned out right now and i cant remember everyone who was in the movie, I personally am not affiliated with any organization that has to do with the secret and most of the people who are in the secret are authors and scholars most of them have their own site and the site for the secret is as i believe there are links on the paige to some of the people who were in the movie and behind it as well. I also am not affiliated with any religion what so ever I do not go to any church (not saying that i have never been) I have made visits to many churches as i have talked at many too including a few messianic jewish synagogs (sp?)

2. I personally believe the focus on materialism was mostly a marketing scheme however most of what is said in the secret can be traced back to Christ and other religious teachers. The movie its self did set a foundation for new oppertunities for mankind and did help a lot of people realize that life doesn't have to be bad. If you look in to the books written by some of the people who were in the movie you'll find the truth behind the secret.

3. I personally believe that when you throw out religious material on something thats supposed to make money it will be hard to make money. Many people would have been turned off to the movie if it were all about religion. The movie did mention god so he wasn't entirely left out.

4. I dont know....I have caught wind of there being one but I truely dont know.

5. I undestand the question more than I do the answer. Possibly the producer had a budget didn't allow for it. However the producer did get Oprah to endorse the movie/book. She went on the Oprah Show and had Oprah talk on the subject.

Please forgive me for not answering sooner. There was no intent on ignoring you.

I also deeply appologize for not making my self clear that I'm more of an expert on the teachings of the movie and not so much the movie it's self(how it was made, where it was made, who was involved,ect..)

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posted on Apr, 7 2008 @ 03:07 PM
Here's a funny question to pose, Is there anyone out there who can possibly challenge them selves to be happier than god? Seeing how most christians SEEM to worship an unhappy diety then I can honestly say yes!

posted on Apr, 9 2008 @ 07:10 PM
reply to
post by the basset hound


In my 2nd question you say the focus on materialism is a marketing scheme, (fine) - however, I personally find the idea of "marketing scheme" especially when your paying £20 for a "self-improvement" dvd, well, kinda repugnant - either you want to help humanity or you don't...

...but that the movie itself is a foundation for new opportunities for mankind, that if I look at the books (which indicates a promotion thereof, on your part) I'll find the "Truth". Could you not just impart the "Truth" here and now, honestly, in laymans terms for us all to understand without having to purchase or research into things during which time we could spend otherwise enjoyably (sic).

With your response to my 3rd question, it doesn't seem to make sense, are you saying that by the avoidance of overtly including a religious message in the Secret it would/not make more or less or a marketing impression.

Is it not a tad easy for you to say you've not had a recent experience of the dvd/literature when you're coming on here posting about it? Surely if you're here to advocate the use of such material you'd rather be fully aware of its content and be able to field any pertinent questions?

Further question, have you made any attempt to contact anyone involved with the making of the movie? How did it go? If this has been such a life-changer for you (and forgive me) are you just blindly following some dvd purchase, as I might follow any dvd purchase? For example could I not watch anything - yoga/Satanism/Crowleyism prom materials and gain these insights? What makes this one so special, toher than vaguaries? My main issue with this (as with other cultish (as this appears to me) materials), is that the onus seems to be on a private club that you can only join if you agree you understand or more to the point, that if you question or refute it, you are not ready to understnad/enjoy/reap etc - discuss please...

posted on Apr, 10 2008 @ 09:41 AM
Jokie, i think that ,well.... here's the thing about the movie either you liked it or you didn't and as for it's marketing, it was mass marketed, not to christians, nor jews or any other religious group but to the people of earth and if you're trying to ask me if i bought the movie, then no (funny story behind that i was praying for god to help me make the world a better place to live in and 3 days later i went to the movie rental store and as i was looking at the movies a movie fell off the shelf by it's self i went over and picked it up it was the secret i figured it was the answer to my prayers) but thats neither here nor there. As for materialism do you think you are going to help the world by being poor? Who is going to listen to a bum on the street?

posted on Apr, 10 2008 @ 11:43 AM
reply to post by the basset hound

I don't know if you were an adult in the 80's but this is most definitely not a new concept or new packaging. Even the illustration using the dollar bill. It has always been called the "Power of Positive Thinking." I used to go to many seminars with motivational speakers, and they taught essentially the same thing.

I am not saying it is bad, as long as one can maintain a semblance of reality. But it definitely is not a secret. Every decade or so, there is someone pushing the same info. Dr. Wayne Dyer & Earl Nightingale were known for this in the 80's along with many others. Tying Jesus (or the spiritual element) into it is new, but the rest is not.

posted on Apr, 10 2008 @ 11:10 PM
I in now way claim it is new, it has actually been around since the dawn of time. It has been lost and refound a many of times. I truely think it's funny how most people think it's a secret to the world and thats not it the part thats so secret. The secret part is how it is what the elite rich use aginst us and have tried and tried and tried to keep from us. It is time now that we use it aginst them.......Its time we stop thinking they are in control. I am currently writing a book on this now, look for it in about 2 years.

posted on Apr, 11 2008 @ 07:42 AM
Has anyone heard of Norman Vincent Peale ? If not, check out the link below.

As for the Secret, it is nothing new. Much like clothing and music, in time everything comes back revamped with a fresh new front. The same goes for The Secret and the concept behind it. It most definitely is nothing new. People just seem to take other peoples ideas, add their thoughts and republish.

posted on Apr, 11 2008 @ 10:31 AM

Originally posted by the basset hound
The secret part is how it is what the elite rich use aginst us and have tried and tried and tried to keep from us. It is time now that we use it aginst them.......Its time we stop thinking they are in control.

what are the rich keeping from us again? access to their lush parties? denial of their amazing business connections? you cant live in their super overblown houses? no access to their beautiful bodies? sounds like fun but really,who cares.

you need to stop the "control" by the "elite" (if thats really what you are trying to do)by easing off of the materialistic desires. not feeding into them. you don't bring gasoline to put out a fire. a very simple solution but no one wants to hear is, stop giving in to them and stop buying their junk! money is power so stop giving the "elite" your money/power. but im sure we'll hear all kinds of excuses why we cant give up our material ways. and im sure youll continue to imagine you're doing yourself any good spiritually by using a book (which is really intended to make a few people live their dreams-the author and publisher) that tries to justify your desires and fantasies by mixing it with a "higher" cause.

let's just be honest with ourselves here. you want to live the life of an elite but by fooling yourself (and others)into thinking you really deserve all you get because you did it the "right" way (by begging a higher power). youre just doing what the rich have done in the past but from another angle. the only difference is they'll justify what they want by saying "look at what im doing for the world! if it wasnt for me where would all these jobs come from?" or "i worked hard for all i have, i deserve to be above others" (like a guy who digs ditches all day doesnt work hard). they'll find any way to justify their success.
so, lets look at the super rich. does one man NEED billions of dollars?NO, of course not but they'll try like to hell to get more. that is the main symptom of materialism un-checked. its NEVER enough! it'll never be. im sure you can see that even now. you may say " but but i only need 1 million dollars though and ill be satisfied!" or " but if i only had this cool car things would be great!" but wait until you get bored with just that. what'll you do next? " if i had all this money i could save the world and god would love me more!" do you see the unending cycle it causes? oh well, good luck with finding whatever it is you need.

posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 02:45 PM
Well, this is mostly a reply to Basset and a nod of recognition to some...

I find the idea of something that's meant to help people being so damn expensive, well vulgar it costs £20 which is an average 25% more than a premium new release dvd in the UK. Altruism and charity in no way need to go in hand with being poor, I earn an ok wage, but can still manage to be helpful to people, I used to be a floor layer and would pretty much charge people what they could afford (I quit due to back problems, not cash-flow by the way), it went a long way, I had a really good reputation and no shortage of work. Anyway, again, some questions.

1) Basset, you've also ignored the point I raised with regards to people being able to experience anything they desire, please, is this really ok?

2) You say you give/have given talks, may I enquire as to the nature? Any kind of "self help"?

3) You say if I read some of the books by the people behind the movie I'll learn the Secret... Err, isn't that what the dvd was meant to do? Also, this seems like the sort of bait where if you want to gain enlightenment you just need to keep on spending, reminds me of some other religion... Discuss please.

4) You made this point in repsonse to a prior question of mine "I personally believe that when you throw out religious material on something thats supposed to make money it
will be hard to make money. Many people would have been turned off to the movie if it were all about religion.
The movie did mention god so he wasn't entirely left out. " This statement seems a little illogical, please elaborate.

Thanks for your time.

posted on Apr, 19 2008 @ 03:49 AM
reply to post by the basset hound

hang on i thought "The Secret" was about the law of attraction not necessarily about christ

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