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Hey cops. How do you, and forum folks feel about prostitution bust?

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posted on Apr, 3 2008 @ 04:49 PM
im sitting here watching cops right now, and some silly #$%^& is posing as a hooker, and getting people busted. its just so silly. your locking people up and putting them through the system because they wanted to pay someone to sexually please them. it just seems so trivial and lame. im sure the department can come up with some lame trickle down theory bull, but lets be honest, theyre wasting time and resources on stupid prostitution busts, which from what i have seen before, and today, is usually just busting some middle aged or older gentlemen for trying to get some oral sex.
i just dont find it that important, and i hope those busted can get through the ordeal without it affecting their career, relationship, or future relationships. well, one guy was young and had some crack on him, but thats a whole other rant about drug bust, the war on drugs, etc..

i just want to know if the cops here could tell me how they feel about this, and how often does their department do it, and how strongly is it enforced in their state?

also, forum members, please post your feelings towards this too.

i just feel like for the most part, your bustin someone who otherwise is probably a decent citizen who just wanted some quick nookey. you could probably just write him a ticket to pay, rather than get locked up and go through all the court processes, and they would probably be scared straight into not trying that again. make the ticket 500 dollars, i dont know, but i just cringe at seeing some random old guy going to jail for soliciting a hooker. it just seems so stupid

im sure there are plenty of young guys who might be thinking, im partying in whatever town, dude, lets get a hooker. lol. theyre not malicious bottom dwellers of society, just some youngins lookin for something to talk about the next day, and laugh at. yeah yeah, its illegal, but come on.

sometimes i wonder how cops do their job. there are many criminals that need to be put away, or shot on site, but what about all the petty # people get tremendously screwed over. having a little weed on you, getting caught trying to solicit a prostitute, having air freshners hanging from your rear view window (major price in md. it cost me 110), etc...

i mean, i wonder how often a cop just gives somebody a chance. they think theyre giving a break to you because theyre being nice. its so funny. like if you show some attitude, you deserve an ass whoopin.

yeah, i would be mad if i was a hard working citizen, and got busted for a tail light out, and then randomly have my car asked to be searched, only to find a twenty bag of weed on me, and then i get busted. i mean, how horrible is that. what if your just going to your buddies house to get trashed and have fun. not drive around high and crash your car, or get high and rob someone.

you know? yeah i would be a bit upset to get a huge speeding ticket, and possible points on my license, which may increase my insurance if i dont get probation before judgement, for doing something like 80 in a 60. who the f cant drive 80mph without killing someone. we're not talking about 130mph on a slightly busy highway in the middle of the day

i just feel like alot of crimes that are committed hurt the individual more than contribute to anything productive within society. as you can see, drugs, gang banging, prostitution, etc.. are all still big and ongoing in america, so i guess the way of handling things just really isnt right.

well i guess thats obvious, and we know that this country is not setup to create a utopia, but create enough of an illusion to keep citizens off the governments back, but also keep the cycle of crap running.

sorry, im ranting. its a little sloppy, but you know how your focus goes nuts once you get upset.

im just sayin. damn, while they get to be a part of the good ol boys club, because how often do cops bust other cops, we have to tip toe around hoping we can have a little fun in life, and not end up behind bars, and or with a gigantic ticket to pay.

i dont like tow truck companies either. lol. im ranting, i know. im glad my record is clean, and i just dont run into those troubles, but still, i just felt like typing how i feel right now


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