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Worlds End

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posted on Feb, 24 2004 @ 04:23 PM
some scary # is going to happen to earth or maybe i should put a gun to his head and ask him if this is real

posted on Feb, 24 2004 @ 05:47 PM
How many people truthfully believe this is going to happen?

posted on Feb, 24 2004 @ 06:09 PM
someone would need to come up with some evidence of the object approaching earth. how come this guy hasn't got any proof of the object's existence, or is the object supposed to materialize?

posted on Feb, 24 2004 @ 06:15 PM
How the world will "end"

posted on Feb, 24 2004 @ 06:21 PM
I'm inclined to feel that there may be a "significant event" happening in 2004 around the Venus transit.

Is it plausible to see a small to moderate sized impact of a meteorite in the Western hemisphere setting off the supervolcano under Yellowstone?

Indeed, whether something happens or not, we will ALL die some day. Have you thought about that? What are you going to DO while you're here? Are you serving others and heading towards Unity? or are you serving the self and heading towards separation, loneliness and dispair?

What's most significant about these "world disasters" is not the chaos that will ensue or survival of the body, it is what you choose to do with what is presented to you. Make no mistake about it, you're life could end at any moment.

Just some thoughts to keep in mind and build a higher perspective of our experience in the physcial.



posted on Feb, 24 2004 @ 11:35 PM
Now, repeat after me the world is not going to end.

posted on Feb, 24 2004 @ 11:45 PM

Originally posted by thesaneone
George had this guy on who a dream about the airline crash of 79' at O'hare airport where 200 and somethimg people died he had called the FAA and it was documented by the gov.

oh no! the gov't documents plane crashes? *gasp* oh whatever shall i do?
or more specifically...
the crash he was talking about.

EDIT: and anyway, i don't think anything will happen. people should not worry so much.

[Edited on 2/24/2004 by cmdrkeenkid]

posted on Feb, 25 2004 @ 09:24 AM
Interesting...but I doubt it will be this year..

Makes me wonder though...could the 2012 scare be the fact that they know a killer asteroid is on the way, and there is nothing they can do about it?

Seriously, if something was as big as the moon, and on a collision course with us...there isn't much we could do at all....

[Edited on 25-2-2004 by Gazrok]

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