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How does telekinesis/psychokinesis work?

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posted on Apr, 2 2008 @ 09:37 PM
You all have heard the stories of a psychic who bent a spoon, read someone's mind, or levatated an object. You know that the KGB and CIA took psychic research seriously and have had enormous success in that field.

But anyone know the SCIENCE behind psychic ability/telekinesis?

posted on Apr, 2 2008 @ 10:10 PM
i did a realyl good thread on a woman called Ninel Kulagina a few years back on ats...i dont no were it is now but it was an awesome thread i found out allot of information on her and posted it...but here is a video of her

and also this is a good one

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posted on Apr, 3 2008 @ 05:58 AM
Yes, its quite simple really.

"Electric charges" create an "electromagnetic" field. These charges clump together to form sub-atomic particles just like magnets. These subatomic particles also hold "electromagnetic" fields around them. These subatomic particles clump together as well to form elements, just like magnets. All elements are made from the same type of force, only clumped together in different shapes and numbers (periodic table). These elements, at the atomic, and subatomic scale STILL carry this "electromagnetic" fields, so there for it is fact these elements have a field around them as well.

Your entire body is made of these elements which are then made of "electromagnetic force". You brain is made of a very very very large amount of this force. This field is not only contained within the brain itself, but it reaches out into the atomosphere are as well. Just like the magnetic field of a magnet. This force has been photographed. This is your magnetic self.

Just like radio waves from a transmitter, you transmit as well. Those transmissions travel through the air, because the air too is made of the same electromagnetic elements, and particles. Actually, because of the FACT that everything is made of this same force, this means we are all 0NE. This means techincally we would be talking to ourselves, within our own collective mind.

Most humans, while reading a book out loud, can have thoughts completly seperate from the voice reading the book. Once they silence their mouth, they can still read the book to themselves in their mind, yet still have another voice seperate from the voice that is reading. There is 2 voices, the body/mind's voice and the higher self's voice. The higher self is where all humans actually exist, and that is on the subatomic scale of energy.

When humans all share a common language, or when a group of people spend a great amount of time together, their mind's start to work exactly the same. The synapses in the minds of the entire group start to fire simular to others. This excites the air around our magnetic self, and people are sometimes able to recognize the feeling, and suddenly think about it.

When you or a loved one comes up with the same idea, or some how finishes each other sentences, it is because both of your mangetic selves are becoming simular, and you are able to recognize the "vibes" or the magnetic resonance that is transmitted from the other. This then gives your mind memory impressions of the same feeling. When you fine tune these feelings, and or make your body a more powerfull transmitter (hint hint), unimaginable things can happen. (law of attraction)

All the higher self's from all humans on this Earth are like multiple voices in Mother Earths Mind. We all, as one, create the mindset of Earth. All the thoughts we have, are Earth's thoughts. All of the planets and all of the stars have collective thoughts as well from all their elements. And all of the collective thoughts from all of every element in existance is the combined mindset of God. Thats why God knows all. Because every thought ever thought is God's.

Minerals, Plants, and Animals. They all have "electromagnetic" forces, because they are made of it. That is their spirit. Everything has spirit, because everything is made of this force. Yes this means dirt, and rocks are ALIVE. Their subatomic particles have mindsets. These mindsets are not like our own, they are just from a different dimension or perspective of life. Those subatomic particles are more interested in how they are going to react to action. Plants are alive too, yes I highly suggest you love them. They are more closely connected with mother earth, and their wishes are granted/manifested quite quickly (hint hint).

If you don't believe anything I say, well I think you should read The Emerald Tablet.

Isaac Newton's Translation

1. Tis true without lying, certain & most true.
2. That which is below is like that which is above & that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracles of one only thing.
3. And as all things have been & arose from one by the meditation of one: so all things have their birth from this one thing by adaptation.
4. The Sun is its father, the moon its mother,
5. The wind hath carried it in its belly, the earth its nurse.
6. The father of all perfection in the whole world is here.
7. Its force or power is entire if it be converted into earth.
7a. Separate thou the earth from the fire, the subtle from the gross sweetly with great industry.
8. It ascends from the earth to the heaven & again it desends to the earth and receives the force of things superior & inferior.
9. By this means you shall have the glory of the whole world & thereby all obscurity shall fly from you.
10. Its force is above all force, for it vanquishes every subtle thing & penetrates every solid thing.
11a. So was the world created.
12. From this are & do come admirable adaptations where of the means (or process) is here in this.
13. Hence I am called Hermes Trismegist, having the three parts of the philosophy of the whole world.
14. That which I have said of the operation of the Sun is accomplished & ended.

"The Sun is its father, the moon its mother, "

The Sun is the #1 source for electromagnetic radiation of all types. Actually it is the only source.

". The wind hath carried it in its belly, the earth its nurse. "

Wind, when it is blowing in your face, you feel it. You feel subatomic particles electromagneticly being repelled off of your skin's subatomic particles. This force, is in EVERYTHING.

Just look at "Newtons Cradle".

The three balls that never move in the middle, are passing a FORCE.

This force has been known before the pyramids were made, and passed down through ages. The reason the knowledge of such a force is hidden, is because of the things that it is capalbe of doing. "The Force" can have a dark side, and a light side. Yes, I know that may sound familiar because of Star Wars. May "The Force" be with you.

Bending spoons, levitating objects, all that "magic" is actually natural laws of the universe. You simply know that you are connected and 0ne, and you can just move it yourself, because it IS you.

Bending a spoon, is like bending your finger, when you know you are 0ne. You must remove all doubt: MATRIX

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posted on Apr, 3 2008 @ 09:04 AM
Ok, I partially agree, I too have read the Emerald tablets as well as many other sources. We differ on minor points, I don't believe particles are how it should be percieved, more like waves, like smoke under a light, but rather than having momentum, it just emanates from your body (Bio-electromagnetic field).

Even now, we all 'react' with the objects around us, even if we don't notice it, but imagine if we could. Imagine if you could see these BEM fields given off by all objects, and we could see our own field interacting with these objects. you could spend all day looking at a pencil, trying to make it move, but unless you understand the relationship between you and the pencil, it aint gonna happen.

For so long gravity has been believed to be the 'shaping' force of the universe, yet sooner or later, we are going to have to understand that this is a mere effect of the real cause....Electromagnetism. Once we understand and accept this, it will be a major turning point in our technological and spiritual evolution, when this is accepted truly nothing is impossible:

1/ Clairvoyance/premonition-Dimensions and time are constantly shifting frequencies, we can't perceive them (time can be percieved, but in infinite ways) as we can't 'tune' into them. Time and space is one, to see into the future or past, the frequency for that time and space is needed.

2/ Telekinesis/psychokenesis-Interaction of the EM fields, between your body and the object in question (like a magnet and metal object).

Recently discovered that certain emotions give off EM radiation, in the case of being confused, gamma rays are given off by the brain. This leads to the theory that emotions have a physical measurable effect on the environment. Beta waves have been linked to ESP activity, but they haven't actually discovered (as far as I know) what causes it yet.

"By this means you shall have the glory of the whole world & thereby all obscurity shall fly from you."

"Its force is above all force, for it vanquishes every subtle thing & penetrates every solid thing."

thanks. EMM

posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 02:23 AM

Originally posted by ElectroMagnetic Multivers
"Its force is above all force, for it vanquishes every subtle thing & penetrates every solid thing."

Funny how magnetic force has the above qualities. I don't think there is any material on Earth that can stop magnetic force from passing through.

It passes through wood, dirt, rock, glass, metal, skin, bones, everything.

posted on Apr, 6 2008 @ 04:20 PM
reply to post by thetruth777

They don't work. It would be one of the greatest prizes in science for a scientist to discover actual evidence of any sort of telekinesis, but so far they have not. No amount of new-age pseudoscientific reasoning can make that not the case.

posted on Apr, 6 2008 @ 05:46 PM

Originally posted by dave420
reply to post by thetruth777

They don't work. It would be one of the greatest prizes in science for a scientist to discover actual evidence of any sort of telekinesis, but so far they have not. No amount of new-age pseudoscientific reasoning can make that not the case.

Science isn't the end all be all of proof gathering, and it's a mistake to think it is. Any scientist worth their weight will tell you there is so much that is unknown and is worth studying. If science had all the answers then why is there so much that is still yet unexplained. There is no better teacher then life's experience, and reality is subject to the individual experiencing it. You can't discount years of study as pseudoscience just because it's a subject that you don't believe in. What is science? it's studying something to find out how it works. Nothing more, nothing less. I think these videos show how telekenesis is being studied and what they're learning about it. Doesn't seem to be a lot of sensationalism going on in them, just a video doccumentary of what they've learned.

Personally I'm glad to see that scientist somewhere are taking the paranormal seriously. This world we live in is complex at best, and it's a vain statement to say that we have anything in it figured out, even to say we know how to figure it out is not creditable.

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