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Obama, playing better ball?

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posted on Apr, 2 2008 @ 07:05 PM
The reason why i posted this was to try and understand campaigning and politicians and why we have them. I believe there should be a new system. I am just trying to see if anyone else agrees and see what would be better. The reason for this was because of all the spin that goes on and why they say what they say.

For example, I remember one of the first debates on TV and Obama said that we know pakistan is helping terrorists and it is not a question of if there is proof there is, and if it was up to him he would go after them. Sounds pretty nuetral to me right? Plus i love his ingenious persona of change. What I mean is when he had said you should not let them tell us what we can't do (other candidates) when i can tell you that i will try. Not a quote but is pretty close. This is something politicians have always used. Why is it so effective now?

Maybe it is because we do need change and it does sound good but I can't help but think he is basically saying why would i say you can't do something when i could tell you I'll try. (basically so i can get your vote) Read my lips (if you could)this happens. Although all candidates lobby its funny how hillary blew the whistle on obama with the pharmisuticals lobbying him (big suprise he wants nation wide health care). The beef I have with his persona of change is because he cannot be touched. He can say he can try anything. Basically ingenious politics at its best, so much so, that even hilary tried to steal it. They all give a spin but using it is just wrong. I dont care about the characteristics of any of the candidates or what they voted for, cause they prolly were against it at one time. I care about what they have done otherwise.

Genereally speaking Macaine has no guts which is just wierd for a republican, Hilary is known for all the wrong reasons, and Obama is a genious at politics but as such represents a person who is way too good at spinning. Plus he was brought about from two of the most notorious politicians of corruption in America. Both of my state so I know, IL govener and mayor daily. I heard of elections of picking the best of two evils but this is just not right. It has turned into such an adult popularity contest that peoples lives depend on playing a role in it. I believe there should be a one day campaign, they say everything they are about and plan on doing and thats it. No millions of dollars spent and no spin, what more could you want?

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