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Deltona's attorney wants people who sue the city to pay its legal bill

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posted on Apr, 2 2008 @ 12:43 PM

If you take Deltona to court, be prepared to pay the city's legal bills. The new city attorney is taking a rare and aggressive stance with homeowners who sue the city.Deltona's lawyer has not only warned residents he will ask them to foot the legal bill if the city prevails, but he took the unusual step of making it known upfront -- before the case is even decided by a judge.

Officials say they are trying to discourage "frivolous" lawsuits and wasting the city's time and money.

"If they have a claim and it's a valid claim, they are going to prevail. So there is no fear of any costs," City Attorney George Trovato said.

Some residents and lawyers called this a scare tactic. This would be a very dangerous precedent. Keep in mind most Americans cant afford private attorneys. You cant fight city hall, especially by your self.

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