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2012 and Revelation

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posted on Apr, 2 2008 @ 11:22 AM
6th of June 2012 the morningstar passes between the sun and the earth. This is known as a clear morning star and happens approxemately every 120 years. The morningstar "gives birth" to kings and prophets and great persons in this alignment.

What's special with the venus transit of 2012 is that it happens in the year of the Waterdragon. And for the first time since the book was written there is such a morningstar alignment in the year of the water dragon.

In Rev the morningstar is the woman dressed in the sun with twelve stars around her head. The waterdragon is the red dragon spewing water after the woman.

In addition we know that the Maya calendar starts over in 2012. Chinese, Mesopotamian, Hebrew and Maya astrology all agree on 2012 being of great significance

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