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Scientology Vs. Christianity Vs. Quaran Vs. Others

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posted on Apr, 2 2008 @ 12:15 AM
Without a doubt, the bible in it's many shapes and forms is the most known book in History. Whether it be the fictional accounts of the Holy Bible, the illogical accounts of the Koran, or the nationalists accounts of the Talmud, everyone can enjoy a little entertaining fiction every now and then - at let's face it, there are a few morals that can be learned from these books, just like we can learn from reading Aesops Fables.

Written during a time where humanity was ignorant of nearly every true scientific principle, the first part in a two part series was created. Not able to come up with a name, they called it "Book" or the Latin "Biblia." The Biblia, or Bible, is an epic tale that includes creation myths, war stories, adventure, drama, comedy, soft core pornography, homosexuality, crime, and more so, history that is completely irrelevant.

The Christian fiction is divided into a two part series: The Old Testament, and the New Testament. Most scholars agree that the Old Testament is the real original fiction, while most have come to the conclusion that the New Testament ventures so far from the original story, that it is merely a fan fiction written later on my those who really enjoyed the stories, but wanted to put their own spin on it.

Now, the main character of the Old Testament is the almight God, who created the planet (they didn't know anything about nuclear fusion, supernova, accresion disks, or planetary formation back them) in 6 days, then he rested - which is satire because God adheres to the pattern of Holy Days that people have had in place for thousands of years. He created people - again, they had no idea about evolution and had no clue as to where life could have started - so they figured it was made by something that nobody would ever see. Adam and Eve had the task of populating the world, which calls for a lot of incest. Practically speaking, this would have had to make them child molestors in order to have enough time to populate the planet before dying. We all know what happens in the real world when incest occurs. Later, we find that the Hero of the book (Every book needs a Hero) is a Jew named David. He ends up defeating a major villian who is basically a giant, named Goliath. After that, he wins the prize of being King.

The Fan fiction was written by others to put a twist on the Story. The main Character here is Jesus, who is a manipulator of humanity. He's basically the first recorded new age hippie. He preches love, peace, unity, and all the ideals that everyone and their mother know about, but it's been found highly impractical to implement onto society. He's a hypocrite to boot, as he overturns tables and chairs at temple, and tells bankers to leave and quit selling animals. He later pisses off the pagan Romans with his newagery obvious BS, because everybody knows there are infinate Gods, and you can make up whatever you feel like - but no, Jesus was telling everybody that his God was the only one. He was being obnoxious and pretty imposing, so they nailed him to a cross and he died as a criminal. The same thing would probably happen if he was actually real and alive today, except he'd be put in a mental hospital and injected full of medication.

Some time after Jesus died, Paul of Tarsus started his authorship, and even Constantine found that he really enjoyed the book. He promoted it throughout Rome, but he also rejected parts of it he didn't particularly like - like the Gnostic Gospels. Still later, King James had to add some stuff, and take other stuff own - he even put his name on his version of Fan Fiction. Some people who have translated it have added their own little easter eggs to the story, and Thomas Jefferson even made his own fan fiction, completely removing the miracles.

In short, I've read Dianetics and Scientology Literature, along with the Bibles. I'd rate my all time favorite science fiction books in this order:

1:Red Dwarf - Funniest book evar.
2:Quran - Pretty good, I like the idea of Heaven.
3:Scientology - Really funny, and does have some logical and psychology.
4:The Thing - Man, those monstors were scary.
5:Bible - Not believeable, too over the top. The first and second parts don't mesh well.

How about everyone else?

posted on Apr, 2 2008 @ 08:28 AM
well, I like your avatar! and I like your sense of humour, and yes red dwarf is THE funniest. I kind of like to think that before I step up for my seventy two virgins, I might get myself lost on a red dwarf ship, complete with cast, and just get around for a while

Truly, it probably doesn't matter which bible you read, it's all in the interpretation, your own personal take on it all. It gets me that people have changed what should be the unchangable. I'm pretty sure at the very end of the bible it states, along the lines of: "Don't change anything, this is the word of god, or I will be really, really cross with you and your family"
or something like that, simple, don't change anything or I will curse you, ok...
so, what do they do ? yep, chop,snip,little bit here,little bit there,and, right, that's better!
Wrong, it seems as though we've been conspired against for some time. How can we BELIEVE in something that no-one has seen hide nor hair for over two thousand years? "Seen jesus lately?" "oh, yes, I saw him down the pub yesterday!" No, no-one has seen jesus for a long time, virtualy, the whole of history! Man, that's a long time for "The day is coming soon", and, "I'll be back"
Great, when?
All the bibles in the world, except for that scientology, um, b/s!, are a mish-mash of each other.They are obviously revered and full of, undeniable truths, somewhere between all the bibles, lies the truth.
what you say about the old testament being the most believed and the new testament being a bit offrail, well that's because it is a book, a story with a beginning and a end. The mstery is of course the end.
The new testsment with jesus and the deciples, is really a masterpiece of historic data, what other "book" in the world has "never" been disproven?
That the one thing that I like about the bible the most. I was raised catholic, and even though I don't attend mass, or anything, I still consider myself so. In the end I've come to the conclusion that there is so much going on in the world now, whatever peace and hope you can find, take it. Even if its a scientology book.

posted on Apr, 2 2008 @ 08:46 AM
My take on it is that the universe itself is a well oiled machine with such a fine precision that ultimately it has an order and has a purpose. Therefore, any religion/faith that is inherently chaotic is immediately thrown out of the room for me. Multiple gods = Chaos. Greek mythology and others prove that. Since there is a grand order to things, it seems logical to assume that if God exists, it is a singular entity with a singular purpose. Intelligent design if you will. Now as far as finding the Grand Architect, you need to use your noggins. What books have one God, one path, one purpose. If there was multiple or chaotic ways to reach the Designer it would be counter to the observable universe in that God made the universe with a singular purpose yet God simply didnt care about how he was to be wirhsipped or even cared about anyone getting to know Him. I will stop there. I am a Christian by faith and profession, but also do not put down other folks for their beliefs. As far as the veracity of the Bible, it has proven to be accurate in many things well before science "found" them:

Levitical law states that an "unclean" person, those who have had contact with decaying flesh, blood, and other bodily fluids should wash in a mix of lye and other solutions. This was at a time when the common medical technology in Egypt said Dung was a great cure for many diseases. Dung is bacteria rich and was even used in Vietnam on the sticks that soldiers stepped on the kill them with sepsis and other things. Lye, on the other hand, is an antibacterial agent and was prmoted in Lev. by an outside entity that understand microbes, bacteria, etc. Millenia before their discovery by our "scientific" methods. Archaeology has also been able to use the Old Testament to find cities, structures, and many other things with startling accuracy. (100%) Its as if every time an archaeologist puts a spade to the ground, another doubter is silenced. Scientific facts such as the roundness of the earth, the hydrological cycle, infinite space, and much much more are all contained in the Old Testament. Keep in mind we all thought the earth was flat until quite recently. Just food for thought.

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