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According to MSM, Russian media is censored? Quite the opposite is true!

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posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 11:45 PM
OK, I was sitting there, watching The Price is Right on CBS, and over 50% of it was commercials. All the commercials talked about was the new cool medication, or possibly a new car with "No money down and 0% interest until 2010". And all the news spat were the football scored, which celeb got married, and what McCain said in his speech.

I tell you: I am Russian, I know Russian, and I visit Russia occasionally.

And what do I do in Russia? Well, a few tourist attractions, maybe visit someone I know, but when I get home at 7 PM, I watch TV.

Tell you this: Russian news are NOT like American news. NO celebs, no football scores, and, best of all, they DON'T FEED MINDLESS PROPAGANDA!

They are almost as good as BBC!

But, this is not my main point. The main point is that, on Channel 1, ORT, the MOST popular Russian channel, I saw a commercial for an alternative cure for the common cold. An apparatus you stick in your nose, turn on, and it somehow cures clogged sinuses/soar throat with a specific frequency of EM radiation.

THAT'S RIGHT, FOLKS, A COMMERCIAL FOR ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE, RIGHT HERE ON CHANNEL 1! And I saw a few advertisements for psychic healing on ORT. You would NEVER see ads for alternative cures on corporate-controlled MSM or big pharma-controlled commercials. NEVER!

And there were TWO documentaries about psychics, KGB research into psychics, and psychic healing. In the doc, they revealed the fact that psychics can and do heal advanced forms of cancer! And they told how to contact the psychics! AND THE DOC WAS AIRED ON MAINSTREAM RUSSIAN TELEVISION!

Look, I'm not a commy defending my country. I am simply stating what I saw.

And although you see the occasional conspiracy files/secret society doc on TV, you usually see it on the less popular biography channel or sometimes history channel.

Local, popular channels ALWAYS air sports, news, reality shows, or game shows.

So, what am I saying?

That Russian media is not going Big Brother. Why does the American media bash Russian media? Because it refuses to comply to the wealthy multinational corporations. Russian media refuses to comply to Big Pharma, as I saw with my own eyes.

And ever heard of propaganda? Don't like someone, bash them. Find a scapegoat.

In light of MSM's history of lying and propaganda, and of BEING RUSSIAN AND WATCHING RUSSIAN TV, and in light of everything else I know about the multinationals and Big Brother, I can conclude that yes, mainstream media (American) does NOT like Russia or Russian media, but not because it is growing state-controlled; but rather because it is out of line with the wealthy multinationals.

I think Russia and Putin RESIST corporate tyranny, and that is why they are accuse of reverting back to Communism!

it's a tangled web, but I think I'v figured it out!


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