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Amazing StarPower (on April the 1st)

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posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 06:06 PM
So, I saw this commercial on tv all day and couldn't quite get around it.
The norwegian power company "Statkraft" claimed to have discovered a new source of power:
When stars explode, rays of gamma shoot out and Statkraft have put satelites all around earths orbit to collect the beems and sell it on earth.
In the commercial they claimed that one exploding stars' gamma had enough power to give electricity to everybody on earth for 5 years.

I thought: "this couldn't be!" If so that would mean so much for so many on earth, and the commercial was only aired on one norwegian channel.
Plus, I thought gamma-rays was made up by Marvel Comics to have a new radiation to create "the Hulk"!
I knew it was 1.april, but I kinda hoped, or something. But there were so many unlogical things, and the commercial was really Hollywood. All slick and unnatural!
After midnight I saw the Aprilfools link on a website!

Turns out they made the Aprilfools-commercial to get attention and to show the norwegian people that they focus on renewed energy and to think big and new!

I'm thinking that maybe they should start with NOT using so much money on an Aprilfools Commercial!

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