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The Bush Crime Family

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posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 04:59 PM
Often painted as the stuttering bumbling Buffon President Bush is not as innocent and as stupid as many portay him. That is not to say that he is inteligent no, conniving and corrupt would be a better description he is indeed a fine example of the Bush Crime Family.

The list of the Family crimes cover eveything financing the Nazis in ww2 to fraudulent elections. Dictator Bush as he is now known now has the power to invoke Marshall Law, to incarcerate any person he deems as a threat to the nation be it an old lady who attends an anti war rally to a journalist who highlights the wrongdoings of the Goverment.

These people are now unpatriotic, anti Goverment persons who commit treasonous act. And such acusations arent just levied to the little people, anyone of any standing a memeber of the Goverment are not protected by their status. Bush, surrounded by yes men/women answerable to no one has engaged the country in illegal wars for personal proffit and greed. Companies and individuals loyal to the Bush Crime Family are richly rewarded with massive contracts, personal payoffs and all at the tax payers expense.

Whilst families grieve for lost ones these parasites are feeding off the dead. Yet there is more to come, more war, internment camps, a complete removal of individual rights liberty and freedom. More war for more profit, the laws are already in place to take care of the dissenters and anyone who does not fit the mould. That will be ethnic groups, Muslims, etc, Gays & Lesbians, inteligensia, political activists etc.

The people are being prepared for all this to come, tasering of men, women and children, abuse of rights, preventing people from travelling, people mad scape goats and held up for public vilification, traitors etc. The people are actively encouraged to spy on their neighbours and to report anything suspicious, soon it will be spy on your friends work colleagues and members of your own family. The incarceration or people the torture of suspects is being perfected in foreign prisons and other secret locations. These practices will then be used against the population, military courts will become the norm.

This is all happening now and its being orchestrated from the top, soon President Bush will become Fuhrer Bush, many dont or wont believe this yet all these things are happening right now and nobody can deny that they are not. yet the evidence is ther, Grandapa Bush financing the Nazis down to Jeb rigging the Florida elections this is all known and it is not hidden. For such a family to be so involved in criminal activities cannot be by accident but must be by design.

Its almost a forgone conclusion that the next election will be rigged, touch screen voting is so easy to defraud and with the Bush crims in control how can anybody be suprised or disbelieving. But what of the American people why are they like the rabbit caught in the headlamps why have they not responded to the destruction of their constitution. How can the President get away with calling it just a dam peice of paper.

Well some Americans are responding but not enough, the tried and tested tactics to scare the people, keep them in fear is working well. From Ruby Rideg to 9/11 the US goverment has been killing its own people and all seen on prime TV. No jsut being stopped on the road can get you tasered for questioning authority as can if you speak out at a meeting. This is all being done to cower and control the people. To make them subservient to the sTate and not the other way round.

These are not ramdom unconnected events all are connected and again orchestrated from the top. As the pressure ratches up and the bogus WOT is used as a reason to justify the Goverments actions there will be a rapid increase in these tactics used against the people. Peopel are already getting used to se sing the Police armed to the teeth on the streets but not to protect the people. No they are there to coherse the people, to bully and intimidate, again the continuing breaking down of the individual to render them a pawn to be abused and used by the state.

More war, the draft reintroduced, another larger 9/11 event to finally convince any doubters that the US is indeed under attack and the ned for draconian measures will be welcomed by a compliant population, who indiferent to the suffering of others will not care till it is them in a camp or a torture cell.

History does repeat itself and what happened in Germany, Russia and Italy is now happening in the US, the standard blueprint is being used just as before with the same results. With the Bush crime family at the helm reaping the power and profit of their corrupt actions the people and the country will pay the supreme price.

What is required is a country wide revolt of the people, a march on Washington to arrest the perps and parasites behind all this, Bush, the family the cronnies that help them the company directors making obscene personal gain fronm the deaths and destruction of others. All should be rounded up and tried for crimes against humanity, the people of the US and the Constitution.

They should face long very long jail terms and in the worst cases the death penalty. This would be a warning to any Goverment and its backers that to crush or control the people will be met with positive action and the rights and freedoms of the individual. If it takes a revolution to do this then so be it.


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