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Mind control protection & counter-measures for ATS folks

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posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 04:37 PM
Mind control protection & counter-measures for ATS folks

-- I’ve taken my own reply I put together (it’s not a reply from someone else) that I posted as my own comment to a reply to my original thread: “The top 3 unknown conspiracies of our lifetime” and re-posted it here as a stand-alone new thread.

For add’l info go to
a)“Reform” of an oppressive society cannot bring liberation from oppression. Replacement is necessary
-- Since the sole reason for the oppressive society is oppression and exploitation, such oppression and exploitation is bound to be re-introduced in some other form as long as the oppressive society exists.

b)While hurting physically or emotionally, our flexible human intelligence stops functioning
-- Class societies maintain oppression and exploitation to secure cooperation of groups to oppress each other by installing attitudes of racism, prejudice, discrimination, sexism, and oppression of young people between different sections of oppressed populations.

c)The basic mechanism for keeping any person in an oppressed condition is the installation upon the person of a distress pattern or recording by hurting him/her in an oppressive and invalidating way
-- When the distress pattern is re-stimulated, the first result is to be forced again into the role the person filled in the original hurt experience. The person is pushed to "accept" or "agree" to be oppressed, to accept the invalidating feelings, to be defeated in the attempt to remain human. The slave "agrees" to be a slave, the serf picks up his hoe and bows his head, the wage-worker feels inferior and "lucky to have a job." The second result occurs when, in an attempt to escape the role described above, the victim of re-stimulation seeks relief by "occupying" a different role in the re-stimulated distress recording, the role of the oppressor. The male victim may turn abuse and invalidation originally turned on him on a woman (sexism), or a white victim may turn it upon a black person (racism).

d)Oppression only operates through distress patterns
-- The person who functions as oppressor has first been oppressed then manipulated into the other end of the oppression pattern. If we help the person acting out an oppressor role to discharge that pattern, that person will cease being an oppressor and be an ally.

e) An oppressive society actively reinforces oppressive results
-- with false “theories”, propaganda, discriminatory treatment, religious pronouncements and secret societies mobilized to cooperate to invalidate and defeat of every other group.

f) Most damage done by oppression is done by its internalized form, in which victims continue to oppress themselves, oppress each other within the oppressed group, and as a group attempt to oppress other groups and members of other groups oppressed in a way their own group is oppressed.

g) After the distress experience is over
-- the distressed human spontaneously seeks aware attention of another human. If (s)he can claim and keep aware attention of the other person, a "discharge" is signalized by crying or sobbing (with tears), trembling with cold perspiration, laughter, angry noises and vigorous movement with warm perspiration (tantrum), non-repetitive, interested talking, or yawning in a different way, scratching, stretching. Discharge requires time for completion. On completion, the negative and anti-rational effects of the experience are completely eliminated.

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posted on Jul, 24 2008 @ 01:16 AM
There are many people all around us under the influence of mind control. Some are racists, some are morons, some are bright, some are fair.

However, sometimes such inane posts turn up it seems the posters must obviously be misguided or brainwashed or conditioned or under the influence.

This first post of this string describes the only methods I've ever encounted that can help someone who is lost in theories or alcohol or being an FBI cointelpro agent trying to disrupt ATS to put down the bottle and start on the road to recovery and starting to have self-esteem again.

posted on Jul, 24 2008 @ 10:07 AM
I thought the tinfoil hat was all that works.

Some people believe that wrapping the cranium with tinfoil will protect them from a variety of mind invasions from different types of evildoers. Tinfoil hats have been said to block all kinds of things from mind control waves to mind reading. The source of the mind invasions have been said to be the government, the NWO and even Aliens.

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