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"Mission Accomplished" - Bush Didnt Lie, Greed And Rush To Abyss

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posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 11:38 AM
This threat is continue in my thoughts, what I give to good questions in two different threats past days. In first reply I give my opinion for situation in Israel, and what can be done over there to end the violence. In second threat, I give my answer to question "what is the reason for Iraq losses?"

1. Rabbi calls for hanging Arab children from trees
my reply to post by seagull

2. Syria ready for US military action
my reply to post by Karlhungis

Now I want talk about this Iraq war more, and reasons for todays loosing in it. Its a huge difficult problem, indeed, but just calling leaders as liars, and giving same time up, to that difficult situation, waiting that someone else will help us, doesnt make any better. Then you just stay part of the problem, than part of its solution.

Anti-War movements, and soldiers like me, should train them self in deep understanding of basics of wars, and finally offer better resolutions, than just calling "them" as liars, and accuse "them" from their incompetence. That is too easy resolution, and doesnt help nothing. After all, "they" are human like us, and "they" do mistakes like us all. In beginning, Lets jump 5 yrs back for a while...

"Mission Accomplished!"

In deck of Carrier what is full of cheering soldiers, great leader steps to their front, and thankfully inform them: "You did your part! And you did it better than anyone of us couldnt predict!" And that was true. He spoke to soldiers, and to their leaders, and no one couldnt ask them more that day. They had achieved all the goals, what has given them to reach.

War is made from its goals, and different interests make those goals. Who benefit from these goals, are the true masterminders of wars. There was no question at those times, between masterminders, that everything what war machine could do, had already did its best, and enemy was crushed with unique performance. Iraq was occupied, Islamic holy places was in their hands, and price of oil was going up... All new weapons was used successfully, and more orders came from government officials to produce them.

Bush didnt lie from his missions situation: It was to that day, "One Great And Total Success." But something was very wrong same time, and needs our attention now. To learn from history, we have to go deeper to that success, witch turned to quaqmire, loss of thousands of life, in coming days and years. What was badly wrong in there?

Greed To Victory, Rush To Abyss

When in days of victory, Generals gave their statements to media, and message was clear: "Everything was happened much better than anyone had courage to believe before". Someone really should give a deep though to that, "what if"? We have to remember that US Army is million man organization, with thousands of contractors, specialist, and military corporations. It needs to run thousands of diplomats, politicians, secret services and civil authority, who think its moves, and future installations.

Why was there no one, who could see and predict the danger of total success? And if there were, their warnings was ignored, and CENTCOM didnt give them place to hand their wisdom to use of commanders? In day of great victory, war was already lost: That was clear when Iraq National Museum was robbed, and there was no one in Baghdad streets, and no plan, to secure populations future. When US Forces enter to their great goal with defining success, to ports of Baghdad, without plan how to keep it, and how to withdraw, war and its goals was lost.

That was also understandable, because it wasnt soldiers duty either. Generals couldnt wait their soldiers to turn from fighters to rescuers, by over one night. I take a clip from Syrian Foreign Ministers words from couple of days: "A prudent person must make all his calculations, especially when we have to deal with an administration which knows how to strike but does not know how to withdraw" And that is answer why most mighty army in history of human kind, lost its total success.

War is more than attack, and take the goals. Winning a war, its not only dominating the space of it, its also managing the time in it. When you rule your own behaves, and order your enemy in his moves, you dominate the war. By your orders, battles begin when you want, and in place what you decide. We have to ask that important question from those leaders, why there was the rush? If no plans was taken place how to keep those goals, what was just going to get achieved, why Army still moved forward? That we have to ask from generals, and chief of staff that time!

Domination Of War Zone

Lets put us to CENTCOM in days after beginning of occupation. Mighty army was destroyed, and all human and machinery power of Iraq National Army was hiding. Thousands of soldiers surrendered to attacking forces, and battles they had to find, cause them didnt show up in places where strikes was expected. Tracks of powerful Abrams was in roads to Baghdad, and AWACS above in sky, didnt send any alarms from fighting forces ahead. Baghdad was in horizon...

It was obvious, that maybe in great city, there was still some of enemy forces hiding, and with great maybe, battles would there come rough... US Army was thirsty for enemy blood. They try to find some enemy to destroy, but history was with them those days. In this third war of Iraq, enemy was already beaten twice, and this crushing third hammer blow them to a part. (First War: Kuwait, Second War: UN Sanctions) They had no chance, and that situation should got a deep though to commander of CENTCOM. War is never easy, but maybe he think, that learnings of history was past, and new time had come with his superior warriors? It had not.

Simple question is, why they didnt stop the attack before their future was planned? If enemy was beaten, and hiding in caves, why was it so important to find those hundreds of desperate soldiers, than give room for greater causes? Was it so, that US Commanders were trained only to seek and destroy, but not rule and conquer. How greatest war machine didnt except their best outcomes, or did they fall to greed?

Peace Keeping, confirming success and keeping achieved goals

I will open a threat from Iraq wars future tomorrow. What CENTCOM should decide today, to save their goals, give future to Iraqi population, and save their soldiers earned pride as part of worlds leading Super Army.

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