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American debt crisis - 5 options for America - Pay the bill or declare national bankruptcy?

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posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 01:41 AM
America is debt ridden and sinking fast. Most people are too stupid to understand what is happening or even care. All they know is that they can't pay thier own bills. You made your bed now sleep in it.

So here are your options now America.

A) Raise interest rates to 24% to lure in new foriegn investors. (Outcome: Economy comes to a standstill)

B) Raise taxes to 50% to support higher interest payments on existing debt. (Outcome: Economy comes to a standstill)

C) Watch as hyper-inflation takes ahold and it takes $100,000 to buy a loaf of bread. (Outcome: Economy comes to a standstill)

D) Willful deniability - Keep everything off the books and deny that there is a debt at all. (Outcome delayed: Eventual outcome is that the economy comes to a standstill, unless facist leaders suppress public knowledge indefinatly. Result: Loss of trust in leadership and a loss of freedom.)

If you deny the debt, why don't you just deny jesus while you are at it.

E) National bankrupcy - Complete central banking failure erases all debt. (Outcome: Chaos, probable fractionalization of the union and freedom from overwhelming debt. Roll the dice on a frest start - Out of chaos order - ORDO AB CHAO)

Why are there 12 regional federal reserve banks unless it was the intent of the central european bankers that we end up fractionalized as a nation of ideals?

If fractionilaztion of the USA was indeed the intent when they created the bank in 1913 (Reference: Int'l bankers attempting to destroy America - NWO - 9/11 - Federal Reserve - Smoking gun )then they knew that the 12 regional banks (12 disciples - 12 tribes of israel) would end up lording over the land after the central bank itself was destroyed.

Please vote for your favorite outcome to the present national emergency and state why.


Extra credit - Option F is to remain ignorant. Probable outcome?

[edit on 1-4-2008 by In nothing we trust]


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