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Is a citizens reserve fund needed to save the economy?

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posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 03:47 PM
As the U.S. Government continues to bail out companies such as Bear Sterns while giving it's citizens chump change that will only be put back into the hands of corporations, the government prepares to give the federal reserve more power over the financies of the US. Should citizens develop their own non profit reserve fund in which each citizen strugging with day to day financies can see their debts eliminated?

Each middle and lower class citizen can donate every week into a fund which would grow over time and with that fund pay off the debts of it's contributors with a condition that they never use credit cards or take out loans as the reserve if operated correctly could lend out loans as long as the contributor continues to put into the reserve kind of like a 401k system. As the debts of the contributors are paid off, that would able the fund to finance the purchasing of land to build homes and schools as well as finance our own lobbyists to make the government and corporations hear the needs of it's citizens.

One need citizens could make is to request a minimum annual wage based on the cost of living in the country. If the prices of goods go up so does the annual wage, if taxes go up so does the annual wage. A annual wage could be established by taking a census in each state determining the cost of living and with that information establish a descent living wage all citizens can live on. With a annual wage in place that would able the reserve to expand into establishing their own factories in which we the citizens can produce our own goods bringing back the Made in the USA label. The reserve can also establish institutions to further our knowledge in such areas as, religion, spirituality, science, government and establish our own citizens owned media remember knowledge is power and ignorance is bliss and the American people have been living in bliss for too long while those with the knowledge have been able to seize power while we have been asleep at the wheel.

As the citizens fund continues to grow, citizens from around the world would establish their own reserve funds forcing governments to recognize it's citizens and change their policies accordingly. As a result all citizens reserve funds can be combined into one reserve fund then we can bring back the gold and silver standard and in time eliminate currency altogether as well as the materialism that has plagued our world and forced so many to suffer and die needlessly. Once that is done we can focus on space exploration and first contact. In essence there would be a New World Order based on love and compassion not based on fear and control.

Although Im no financial or political expert, whether you like it or not there will be a New World Order who will control it is up to us.

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