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The UFO situation in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Rim

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posted on Apr, 3 2008 @ 05:44 AM

Originally posted by misswanderer31
reply to post by internos

Hi internos.... great post regarding the kaikoura lights.... whats your take on the sighting? fake or real? or something else?

I tend to rule out the hoax for many reasons:

- reliability of the witnesses
- involvement of a TV crew
- involvement of air traffic controllers
- involvement of the Royal New Zealand Air Force
- involvement of the police
- involvement of the Centre Observatory in Wellington
if this case is not compelling, then a compelling case doesn't exists, if you ask me

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posted on Apr, 3 2008 @ 05:52 AM
reply to post by ConspiracyNut23

Hi there ConspiracyNut23

Im not sure... from what I have learnt over the years about the Maori culture and religion I havent heard of any sightings back then or appearances of beings or strange lights or aircraft woven into their beliefs or stories.... I think It is something I will have to research....

Interesting thought though. I never thought of it. hehe

posted on Apr, 3 2008 @ 06:02 AM
reply to post by Havalon

Havalon, i'm forwarding this image to one of my friends: this type of stuff is his cup of tea, and his work too:
needless to say, the most interesting facet is the apparent change of trajectory:

but this wouldn't be the first time that i see something like that, even by a meteor: but it's clear that is odd to say the least.
In my humble opinion, the best way to approach this type of stuff is to investigate on the date of the sighting in order to see if natural events occourred on that specific date, over that specific location. I'll keep you up to date.

posted on Apr, 3 2008 @ 06:12 AM
reply to post by internos

Thank you Internos, I look forward to seeing the results of that analysis.
That 'dip' in not normal it should (theoretically) be a curve, especially as the 'tail' does not diminish after the 'dip'.

An area to start with looking at the Maori myths and legends (and possible interpretations is perhaps here:

and I quote:

We are told that to Tane we owe our possession of the higher forms of knowledge. It was he who ascended from earth to the uppermost of the twelve heavens, the realm of Io, the Supreme Being, and from him obtained the three kete (baskets, receptacles) of occult knowledge, of good and of evil.


posted on Apr, 3 2008 @ 12:17 PM
reply to post by Havalon

Here's the update:

My email in-box -

The informations provided are extremely poor:
all i can say is that there's a long list of natural phenomena which can match this one:
trails, debris trails, persistent meteors trails, more other phenomena like the release of sodium clouds, or very "slow" bodies releasing persistent trails able to remain visible for ten minutes. My first take is that
it's a trail of a meteor or of a re-entering astronautic material:
its trail has not static geometries because its nature (ionized trail or smoke trail) may dissipate in many very different ways:
the factor which may affect it are atmospheric pressure, wind in quote (up to 300 km/h) and a long series of micro-conditions.
To study a series of images or/and a single winess report like in this case is always very difficult: we don't know which were the conditions at a certain altitude and besides we don't know which was the altitude.

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posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 08:19 PM
Sorry I havent posted in the thread that I started for a while! My internet connection decided to play up for a few days and I couldnt get any access. But I'm back now!. Just eading through some of these great posts, especially Inferno's posts! Wow.. now that is really great evaluation! Ever considered doing full time research?

Unfortunately I have never seen a UFO, but like many of you I would love to get the chance to view one myself. I guess Chirstchurch is a bit too boring for the likes of the UFO occupants!

And as for the Maori mythology idea, great thoughts (sorry poster, forgotten your name
) as there is plenty of theories about other ancient cultures around the world regarding UFO presence, theres a good chance that there may be something within Maori culture and mythology relating to what they had seen in our skies many hundreds of years ago. Sometimes cukltural interpretations can shed a lot of light and open doors to new ideas about what is going on.

Well, enough rambling, I'm off to do some reading up, after seeing Inferno's work, theres a lot to catch up on!


posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 09:16 PM
Was just flicking through the net and came across this case, very interesting, never heard of it before:


Multi-colored flying object paces family in Temuka, New Zealand
July 12, 1981 Location
Temuka, New Zealand

Summary: Mr. and Mrs. Thew were returning to Temuka (New Zealand) from Pleasant Point with their three daughters when a multi-coloured flying object paced them along the Waitohi Road in the early hours of the morning of July 12, 1981, approaching to within 120 yards of their car and changing colours as it went. It was estimated to be around 32ft in diameter, with a height of 15ft, and with windows around the object.

Type of Case/Report: StandardCase
Hynek Classification: CE1
Shape of Object(s): Disc
Number of Witnesses: Multiple
Special Features/Characteristics: Vehicle Encounter, Body Lights, Silent

Full Report / Article

Source: Timaru Herald (Timaru, New Zealand), 7/31/81

"UFO paced us, Temuka family says"

Staff Reporter
Temuka Herald

An hour-long late night encounter on a South Canterbury back road has convinced the Thew family of Temuka that unidentified flying objects do exist.

Mr and Mrs Ken Thew yesterday described how a multi-coloured flying object paced them along the Waitohi Road in the early hours of the morning of July 12, approaching to within 120 yards of their car and changing colours as it went.

Mr Thew, a motor mechanic, said they had always had an open mind on UFOs before their encounter, but were now convinced such phenomena existed.

Mrs Thew said they knew by the hour of the night, the manoeuvres and closeness of the object that it was not an aeroplane.

While Mrs Thew was frightened by the encounter and wanted to drive faster, her husband wanted her to pull over to the roadside to get a better view of the object.

They were returning to Temuka from Pleasant Point with their three daughters.

Mrs Thew, who was driving, said she thought the lights were a reflection on the wet windows. But after winding down the window, the couple could still clearly see the object.

They said it seemed to be approaching the car, then abruptly stopped about 200 to 300 metres away, then changed direction and began to pace the car.

"The sight itself didn't frighten me, but the car's speedo told the story of how my wife felt," Mr Thew said.

"When we opened the car window and the object came closer to the car, it was something we had never seen before.

There was no noise and it was quite apparent this was a controllable flying object."

Both Mrs Thew and her eldest daughter were intrigued by what seemed like the shape of a "... a figure eight" which seemed to be outside the object.

In movement, a fan-like tail of golden-red colour appeared to follow it, but the "tail" was not visible when it was stationary.

The object finally "shot away* towards the east.

It did not seem to move between two points, according to Mr and Mrs Thew — "suddenly it was just somewhere else."

Mr Thew said that as soon as he got home he wrote down all he could recall while the incident was still fresh in his memory.

The Thews said thai after reaching Temuka they followed the UFO, which was still changing colours to the east of the town, towards the sea.

Giving up the chase, they returned home, and the couple said when they looked up. the object was hovering above them at an altitude of about 1000ft.

Mr Thew said yesterday that although their sighting had been a fortnight ago, his wife had seen another strange light in the sky only three nights ago. "

Source :

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posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 09:54 PM
Regarding that firey trail that was seen above Halswell, Havalon, when I opened that link to "The Press" story did you notice that a police officer said that it was most likely a plane heading for Australia?

Hmmmmm.. sounds like more "weather balloon" stories eh! who has ever seen a plane with a contrail that colour and that looked like a fireball? We must have some pretty freaky looking Boeing 747s out there lol.

I find it so strange that people like the aformentioned Police Officer, are so comfortable at not looking into anything and dismissing images like this as nothing more than everyday occurances. (granted it could be a meteor, Satelite debris etc but it definately isnt a plane!

Good work on finding the image though, keep it up brudda!

posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 10:11 PM
Wow that sounds eerily like the one I saw.. though I only saw mine for about 10 seconds, but it was like a giant fire ball with a short firey tail and it was moving fast across the lower part of the sky and turned left suddenly into the clouds. I saw mine in 1986... I wonder if it was the same one? I wish I had seen more of the one I saw... hmmm... thanks for posting that story...

posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 10:21 PM
Wow, was it the same kind of situation and where was it? It'd be kinda cool if we could create a database of all the local sightings that we come across.

Had a thought the other day as well,

My best friend who is not into this kinda thing at all went totally white when I started talking about it to her. She finally told me that she has had "dreams" for years about the greys. She totally freaked when I showed her a picture of one. I'm still trying to convince her to let me interview her. Because of her "innocence" of the whole field it'd be really interesting to see if anything really happened or if she had really just dreamed it all. You just don't hear a lot of abduction stories in New Zealand at all, so maybe that'd be a worth a looksee as well.

posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 10:47 PM
My sighting happened in Whangarei before we moved to Christchurch... it was between 9 and 10pm at night. We lived on the side of a hill over looking Whangarei heads/marsden point (Onerahi area). It was an overcast night very low clouds, no stars.... but the funny thing was that I was supposed to have gone on a school trip that night to see halleys comet. Instead I got to see an unidentified flying object that looked awesome.... Im glad I stayed home! I was the only one that saw it as far as I know.

Your friends experince/dreams sound interesting. I understand how she feels though... A few years back I woke up paralysed. It was like when you wake up in the morning sometimes, half awake and half asleep but still aware of the world around you. I couldnt move. I opened my eyes and saw two figures in my room. They were both standing on the right side of my bed, one was standing close to me, about where my waist would be lying down... the other was standing on the right hand side at the foot of my bed... they wore black cloaks... they were about 4 ft tall. I couldnt see their eyes... but they were staring right at me. All I can tell you is that when I saw them I felt the most intense fear and horror that I have ever felt in my life... I have never been as sacred as I was in that moment then of anything ever than looking at those two beings next to my bed. I tried to scream and couldnt. All I could do was look at them, and then I woke up fully.. still unable to move for at least 5 - 10 minutes... I slept with the light on for about a week after that. I cant explain fully the terror I felt from seeing them. I got the distinct feeling that they didnt come in peace thats for sure. But I can understand what your friend would be feeling because it is not something that I would want to relive again and again.

I believe in God. And sometimes when Im in bad situations or something bad happens I say a little prayer to myself. When this happened I couldnt do that. It was like they had shut my mind off completely from being able to ask for help when I needed it or even scream... I think that was the strangest thing about it, how they were able to shut down my thinking/thoughts from processing even a little prayer... strange but true...

posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 10:56 PM
Wow! that would have scared the hell outta me, I have had one experience. I remember years ago when I was living with an ex girlfriend in Tauranga, I awoke feeling really groggy. I remember looking around the dimly lit room and seeing fleeting glimpses of small figures peeking from around behind the boxes we had packed in the room and from behind the large mirror that my girlfriend had. To be perfectly honest I put it to sleep haze, but it really scared me as I could hear movement as well.

As for God, I'm not a believer but I am spiritual, I try to meditate regularly as I find this gives me clarity of thought and a more definate sense of the reality that I live in. When fear steps in like that though, It is very hard to think in any coherent manner because all your concentration is put to the experience you are going through.. very scary stuff when you feel that you lose control of your thought process like that.

Just goes to prove that this whole experience (UFO/entity) doesn't just happen in America (like a rather narrow minded friend of mine has said, as he felt that Americans are too emotional etc) but it is a world wide thiing and people are all experiencing the same thing.. mass hallucination? don't think so!

posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 11:07 PM
I dont think you can isolate these kind of experiences to one country or one particular culture or race.

This is a world wide phenomena and is happening to many people around the world. It is unexplainable. And it surely indicates something that is going on that we cannot comprehend at this time or understand fully why.

As to my previous statement about not being able to scream out or even say a prayer... I have been in situations where I have been in fear and was able to get my self out by doing this. But for me the strangest thing was that this time, and with that experience I couldnt, but my fear was perhaps 100 times stronger than previous experiences so your probably right. I was probably frozen in terror. weird as it may sound.

Who knows if these are real alien beings or demonic or evil spirits playing very nasty tricks with our minds..

posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 11:26 PM
It'd be interesting to see if there has been a consensus done in New Zealand on the UFO topic.

It is also interesting to see the viewpoints from differing sects of the community, as you believe in God you feel that there is a possibility of demons and angels at play here. That would be different from my view or say, a Native American view. Myself, I cannot insert religion into the topic as god is still an unproven "theory" so I try to stay clear of any religious conotations when it comes to the UFO field. But, religious debate is for another thread and as we all know, religious debate can get veeeery messy and I gave up on that a loong time ago lol.


posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 11:57 PM
reply to post by blackhawknz

hello people im a newzealander.I remember when we were young we lived in lakecoleridge an would have been quite young at the time and mum an dad decided to go rabbit shooting.My sis an i stayed back in the car.After some time i remembered seeing flashing lights moving around this disk shaped object it then landed and a ladder type device came from it. my sis an i sat watching in silence then after a short time we seen these short alien type of creatures come out of it about 3-4 of them they looked as though they were picking things up from the ground.A we while later they entered the craft .THecraft lifted of slowly but silently then bang it was gone .My sis an told mum an dad but i think they did not no what to think .My sis an i still talk about this today .One thing i remember well was how little but strange looking they were anyway thats a very truthfull experiance i had cheers

posted on Apr, 6 2008 @ 12:01 AM
Yes, I can see your point in that... it can get messy...

but as you say it is interesting to see what people have experienced in regards to the UFO phenomena and what their beliefs are.

I had a look on UFOCUS NZ but couldnt find a list of how many alledged abductions have been recorded.

However heres some proof that UFO's are still being seen in the South Island in 2008....

Date: Saturday 12 January 2008
Time: 2.35 am approx
Place: Rangiora North, Canterbury, South Island (approx. 30 km from Christchurch).
Duration of sighting approx. 30-40 seconds. The observer (a MAF bio-security officer) was on her decking enjoying the warm evening and observing the constellations before going to bed. She was looking south and observed the Southern Cross low in the sky. The sky was clear between a thick northwest cloud bank and cloud to the east over the sea. It was a starry night. She suddenly noticed a bright light, larger than a bright star, in the area of sky she was observing just above the Southern Cross. At first she just thought it was a star until it began to move in unusual ways. The observer described it as slower than a shooting star, but brighter and faster than a satellite. The light traveled rapidly from west to east before suddenly and abruptly turning 45 degrees and heading towards the land. The object did not travel in a straight line or curve, but moved erratically – down, veered to the left, down, veered to the right etc, changing direction rapidly before being lost from view by dropping behind eastern cloud.
The observer states that she completed a course in astronomy at the University of Canterbury several years ago, and has an amateur but ongoing interest in the night sky. She commented that she has never before observed such an oddity in the sky.

Date: Thursday 24 January 2008
Time: Between 10 & 10.15 pm
Place: Oxford, North Canterbury, South Island
The sighting lasted a few seconds, but the observers watched the sky for a further 5 minutes or so. It was dusk, not completely dark.
The observers, husband and wife, were outside in the evening air when they saw a large bright light that traveled at speed in a horizontal line from SE to NW between a tree-line and the nearby mountain range. At first they thought it was a plane, but realized that the speed of the light was far in excess of a conventional aircraft, and there was no sound. It was lost from view into thin cloud near the mountains. The observers continued to watch the sky for a further five minutes or so expecting to see it emerge from the clouds again, but it did not. They considered the event to be highly unusual. There were a few stars starting to appear in the sky, but the observers stated that they were “nowhere near” the size or brightness of the anomalous light.

All credit goes to for these recorded sightings...


P.S. About abductions in NZ. If people are experiencing this kind of phenomena I dont think people are talking about it. I mean lets face it. If I told my story or you told your story to a bunch of kiwis they would thing we were completely nuts... I guess down here in NZ its not as open like the US or the UK. People tend to keep these kind of experiences to themselves for fear of mockery or degredation.

posted on Apr, 6 2008 @ 12:05 AM
reply to post by danzpost

Hi danzpost,

welcome to the thread, thanks for sharing your experience with us. I know sometimes it is not an easy thing to do.

Since that sighting have you seen anymore? what did the beings look like exactly? how tall, colour skin, and facial features you can remember?

posted on Apr, 6 2008 @ 01:33 AM
Heya Danzpost,

Cheers for sharing your experience with us. Any input is always valuable, this experience sounds extraordinary! Do you know the exact time, the weather conditions, what was going through your head at the time. All of the above information is valuable in assessing the experience, with it, we can find out whether or not more people in the area had seen something as well.

Keep posting man, sounds like a good story!

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